A Milly Story. [IsItTru]

Clint yawns and stretches as he pulls his work gloves off of his sweat-soaked hands. His tank-top clung to his body as more perspirations soaks the surface of his tanned skin. Another blistering summer day in the Arizona heat. He takes another beer from a cooler full of ice sitting in the shade beneath the canopy shading his deck before cracking it open and chugging it on the spot. It was only 10am, but the heat had reached nearly 100F (38C). Weather reports playing on his nearby radio claim it’s only going to get hotter as the day goes on as a massive heatwave washes over the quiet street Clint’s home resided on.

“Lord save me, the Devil’s really got a grip in the air today. Damn good thing I decided to fix that ol’ swamp cooler!”

Clint grins and takes the final beer from his cooler, cracking and taking a few slugs before picking up his cooler of half melted ice and walking to the side of his house where his swamp cooler currently sat.

He finishes his beer before opening the top panel of the Cooler, dumping the melted ice-water inside before sealing it again. The remaining ice that hadn’t melted yet crashes and shatters loudly inside the whirring AC unit, followed by a sound Clint wasn’t expecting today-



Clint would have jumped back in surprise if the 6 yard beers he drank before 10am weren’t keeping him nice and buzzed. He simply watches with curiosity as a rather plump looking purple fluffy smacks it’s head on the underside of the swamp cooler before waddling away as fast as it can manage and squeezing itself below Clint’s deck.

“What in the hell…?”

A dirty drop of sweat rolling into his eye reminds Clint of the intense heat slowly growing around him. He cups his hand over his eyes as the sun slowly raises higher into the sky, glancing at his deck one last time before shaking his head and heading inside. He’d been working on his yard and his garden since 5 this morning, and he needed more beer.


Sunlight gently glides through off-white blinds, landing over a soundly sleeping Fluffy. Milly is a pastel purple Alicorn fluffy mare with a lighter purple mane and tail. Her wings and horn matched her fluff color, but they had a glittering effect to them as if someone had dumped an entire bottle of it on her. The sunlight catches the glittering of her wings in just the right way to cause a cascade of beautiful colors to dance around her safe room much like a reflective prism.

She feels the warmth of the morning sun gently graze her closed see-places, causing her eyelids to gently flutter open. She yawns and stretches, flapping her wings and swishing her long silky tail causing the reflecting light to dance like a kaleidoscope over the walls around her. Her first thought is of the litter box, and she’s already up and moving toward it before she’s even totally awake. She takes her usual squat, making good-poopies and covering them with the soft smell-pretty sand that filled her litter box.

A littler girl pokes her head in 10 minutes later, happily skipping into Milly’s saferoom and placing down a bowl of Hasbio brand “Breakfast Sketties” next to Milly’s cute little water fountain that she drank from. She says something about a trip or something, but Milly is too busy scarfing down her bestest bright-time sketties to understand what or really care. She feels a tiny little kiss on top of her fluffy head and happily smiles before swallowing another big bite of sketties. Before she can look up from her bowl though, her little mummah has already left the safe room and locked it tight.

Milly didn’t mind though, she simply finishes her breakfast and takes a few laps of water before planting herself on a little fluffy perch in front of a large foam-lined TV mounted into the wall. It was time for one of her favorite things- Fluff TV! Maybe later she’d play in her soft climby-tower, or stack some of her many pretty blockies with one of her many bestest stuffy-friends, or maybe she’d just play a fun chasing game with one of her pretty soft rubber balls! Truth be told, Milly had many more toys than any one fluffy could truly need. She was spoiled, and she knew it.

“Gud’ jobbies bestes’ fwien! We foun’ dah wittew’ box an’ hewped dah’ pwincess make bestes’-poopies! Come pway wit’ us again tomowwow’ fow mow’ bestes’ funsies an’ adventew!”

“Yay!! Miwwy hewp dah’ pwincess! Miwwy am dah’ bestes fwuff-tectif’ ebah!”

Milly happily laps her front hoofs together as credits roll over a scene of a group of fluffies happily dancing and playing together in front of a large inflatable castle. She loved the Princess Fluffy show, it was one of her favorites! She happily giggles and makes fun little dancies with the fluffies on TV as the show fades to black before being replaced with a commercial for Hasbio brand “Fluffy Litter”. Milly’s tummeh suddenly begins to feel heavy and a familiar pressure behind her poopie-place demands her attention.

“Miwwy nee’ make good-poopies! Miwwy be wight’ back Tewwy-Fwiends!”

She happily jumps to her hooves and waddles as fast as she can toward the corner of her saferoom that her litter box sat in. She quickly climbs over the lip of the box, making sure to avoid her covered poopies from earlier that morning as she picks a fresh area of litter to do her business in. She scrunches her snout as the putrid smell of shit and piss begins tickling the inside of her nose. She finishes her shotgun spray of putrid liquid fluffy shit into the litter, taking a few extra seconds to make sure everything was covered before happily climbing out and back toward the TV.

Before reaching it however, she fails to notice the large remote sitting on the floor in front of her as she suddenly finds herself tripping and tumbling over it straight to the floor. She instinctively flails her hoofies and frantically flaps her wings as she tumbles over the remote before landing on the soft not-fluff beneath her with a thump.




She isn’t hurt, the soft carpet beneath her catching the brunt of her fall. In her panic however, she managed to slam a random combination of buttons on the remote that caused the parental locks on the TV to turn off. Milly flops back onto her haunches, reaching her hoofies around her snout to give her smell place huggies. The Parental Lock notification fades from the TV just as she regains her composure. She shakes the few remaining stars from her vision before returning to her sitting perch in front of the TV. This time however, a show she didn’t recognize begins flashing on the screen.

“Mummah’s wuv’ Babbehs! Wuv babbehs big an’ smaww! Mummahs hab’ wots’ah babbehs, an’ wuv dem’ aww!”

Milly tilts her head to the side as Hasbio’s internal programming slowly begins to trigger from deep within her brain. A popular, but controversial, show called “BABBEHS!” now played full blast before Milly’s eyes. Her owners had installed a parental lock on her TV that blocked any kind of programming featuring foals or babby fluffies in hopes that they could keep Milly from asking for children when she came of age. Up until today, it had worked.

Milly is absolutely enamored by the video clips of the many pretty foals dancing and playing to tuneless mother fluffy singing in the back round. Something was beginning to stir in her heart, and a small flame seemed to ignite. She continues watching the program for the next hour, completely forgetting about anything except for babbehs. She doesn’t even notice as the hands on the smiling clock above her door strike 12pm, signaling noon with a soft chime. A few minutes later, the program ends and her little-mummah enters the room with a bowl of Hasbio brand “Sketti-kibble”. A kibble that was flavored and shaped to look like tiny bowls of Hasbio brand “sketties”.

“Milly my cute little filly! Lunch time! Watcha’ watching?”

Milly’s head whips around so fast that it hurts her neck. She doesn’t waste a second, jumping to her hoofies and running straight to her little-mummahs feet. She looks upward toward little-mummahs smiling expression, giving her the cutest poutiest face she can manage.

“Mummah, Miwwy wan’ babbehs!”


The grandfather clock perched in the back of Clint’s kitchen lets out another loud series of chimes, signaling another hour passing. Clint stirs slightly from his slumped position in his chair, beer cans littering the floor around him as he snores from deep within his drunken sleep. The sun had set and the heat had finally dropped enough for him to go back outside, if he wasn’t currently out cold that is. Shade cast by the many tall trees in his backyard slowly grow and assimilate with the shadows growing around them, turning the world around them from a warm dusk sky into a deep blue hue.

Milly sits curled up beneath Clint’s wooden deck, hugging her tail tightly to her body as she begins to shiver. The wooden deck that had been protecting her from Mister Sun’s harsh rays now only served as a natural freezer as it began to lock the cold heavy air tightly around Milly’s body. Sure, the hot summer days were a nightmare to a creature covered in a dense, thick layer of insulating fluff; but everything changed the moment the sun disappeared beneath the horizon.

Milly curls even tighter as her breath begins to form dense clouds of grey mist with every labored breath. The temperature began to drop dramatically, covering the world around the wooden deck in a thin layer of frost. Milly’s teeth begin chattering as her shivering worsens. Her eyes begin to sting as she feels her saddie-wawas freezing to her cheek-fluff just beneath her see-places.

“P-p-pwease… M-m-mist-t-t-ah’ sun… Bwing b-b-back… W-w-wawmies… C-c-cowd-d-dies… B-b-bad fow… S-s-soon M-m-mummah…”

A wild animal howls somewhere off in the far distance, scaring Milly back into silence as she tries her best to hug the cold hurties away. Clint grumbles in his sleep before pulling a nearby blanket from the floor and wrapping himself tightly within it. He smiles contently in his sleep before snoring once again fills the air around him.


“You…KNEW she was in the baby faze… Yet you STILL ALLOWED HER TO GO OUTSIDE?!”

Milly’s ears drop flat against her head as she tries hiding her self behind her hoofies. She quietly sobbed to herself as her daddeh’s loud angry voice echoed through the closed saferoom door. Her nose burned from the smell of shit and blood that currently stained her once pretty purple fluff. Sure, it was her bad poopies, but it wasn’t her booboo-juice.
She begins to violently shake in fear as images begain flashing behind her closed eyes.

Going outside to play in the pretty flowers. Finding the small hole dug beneath the fence. Meeting her special friend; The nicest, most handsome dark orange and green stallion she had ever seen, their time together and the bestest special-huggies ever.

Her heart lurches thinking about her special-friend. His name was Jack. He was a large, unnaturally muscular Pegasus stallion with Muted orange fluff. His mane and tail were a dark forest green color, and his horn a dark shade of black. He was an ex toughie that had escaped from his meanie-smartie and his heard after they killed his younger alicorn brother for being a “munstah-fwuffy”.

“Miwwy am sowwy Jack! Nu’ mean tu’ gif wonges’-sweepies… Huuhuu am wostes’ speshew-fwien… huuhuu am wostes’ soon-mummah…huuhuu-”

Milly’s daddeh had found them just after finishing the act. She wails harder as the image of her special-friends head being twisted to an unnatural angle by her daddeh. The sickening crunch and the horrible gurgling sounds Jack made after still played crystal clear deep within her head. Though she sat in silence, it was the loudest noise she had ever experienced. This wasn’t what truly hurt the most though. It was what her daddeh said and made her do after the horrible sounds. Though he isn’t there anymore, Milly still hears his words echoed inside her head.

“Milly, what the fuck is going on here?!”

Milly can only stare in terrified silence. Jack jumps to his hoofies in a flash, his toughie instincts taking over as Milly’s daddehs voice booms above them. He puffs his chest out and sucks as much air into his cheeks as he can before taking a stance like a wall.


Milly’s daddeh grabs a fist-full of jacks matted green mane and violently hoists him into the air, the hair audibly taring from his soft fluffy skin as he’s lifted to to eye-level with Milly’s daddeh.

“What the fuck is this Milly?”

His gaze stays locked with Jacks as he waits for Milly’s response. When he’s met with silence, he grips Jacks mane even tighter. The strain begins taring the flesh that Jack’s mane was growing from, causing a small stream of blood to begin dripping from his scalp.
Jack can only screech out in pain.

“I asked you a question, Milly. ANSWER ME!”

Milly forces herself to speak as the sting of her special friend’s cries ring out in her tiny ears.


Milly openly weeps and sobs, forcing her plea of mercy out as quickly as she can to save her special friend. She could hear Jack crying from way up where her daddeh now held him, but she was powerless to stop him. All she could do was beg and release wave after wave of scardie-poopies all over he rump and hind-fluff.

Her daddeh never breaks his gaze on Jack.

“Give me one good reason not to throw you in my furnace, shit rat. One. Good. Fucking. Reason.”

Every word was like another knife straight into Jacks heaving chest. He couldn’t process what was going on, and he could feel warm boo-boo juice streaming down over his face. He only knew one thing at this moment. He needed to protect his special-friend from this monster at any cost. Without another word, Jack locks eyes with Milly’s daddeh and curls his body slightly upward. He scrunches his nose and pushes as hard as he can down toward his poopie-place.

Milly’s daddeh simply watches Jack make a funny face, almost like he was constipated.

“Well? Anything to say shit ra-”


The most vile, putrid smelling, disgustingly gooey and chunky stream of shit ejects from Jacks poopie place, splattering and covering Milly’s daddeh’s entire front side from the chest down. The worstest bad-poopies Jack had ever given anything in his entire life. It seemed to be extra acidic as well, seemingly bleaching the color from every inch of clothing it now covered. The stream felt as though Milly’s daddeh was holding a small power washer, and he could only stand there in stunned silence as Jack continued to cover him in shit.

Milly’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as the reality of what happened dawned on her. She opens her mouth to cry out to Jack, but he beats her to it.



Milly feels a fresh warm puddle of scardie-peepees pool beneath her as she watches her daddeh violently twist Jack’s head nearly 180* on his shoulders. She hides her see-places behind her dirty hoofies, but she can’t block out the sound of Jack’s twitching body hitting the ground in front of her with a sickening thud. The orange stallion begins seizing as gurgles of blood and saliva bubble from deep within his throat and out of his mouth. Milly slowly peaks out from behind her trembling hoofies, her heart dropping straight into her gut as she does.


She’s about to rush to Jacks side, but stops dead in her tracks as her Daddeh addresses her.

“Kill him Milly.”

Milly almost trips over her own hoofies as she stares up at her daddeh with red tear-stained eyes. She tries to stammer out a question before being interrupted by her daddeh.


“Kill him, Milly. Right now.”


“Kill him right now Milly, or so help me god I swear you’ll be joining him.”

Her daddeh’s tone was firm. Unmistakable. She had to give her special friend forever sleepies or else that’s what her daddeh would do to her. Milly’s brain can’t process anything. She can’t speak. She can’t even move. She simply stares down at Jack, who’s fear filled eyes she could swear were trying to tell her not to do it. She only moves when she notices her daddeh slowly beginning to loom over her, getting closer and closer with every second that creeps by.

"Otay… Daddeh… Gif’ speshew-fwien fowebah-sweepies… HUUUHUU MIWWY SOWWY JACKIE!! MIWWY WUV OU’!! HUUUHUUU-"

Milly wails loudly as she rears up onto her two back leggies, reaching her hoofies as high into the air as she can reach. As she comes down, her eyes meet Jacks for a split second one last time. His gaze filled with fear. Desperation. Confusion. He twitches and gurgles in an attempt to stop his impending demise, but it’s already too late. As he gurgles out one final desperate plea, Milly’s hoofs come crashing down onto his tiny skull with a stomach turning SCWELCH-SNAP.

His skull caves beneath the weight of Milly’s strike and his neck finally breaks through with a sharp snapping sound. Milly can only wimper to herself as jacks booboo- juice covers and stains her hoofies and face, dripping down into her eyes and over her nose and mouth. She slowly turns toward her daddeh who simply stood there in silence. After a few moments to let the situation sink in, her daddeh picks her up roughly by the scruff in her neck and brings her inside before throwing her into her saferoom and slamming the door behind him.

Milly felt numb. Her hurties seemed to disappear as her entire body seemed to slowly shut down. Her expression is one of stoic sadness, and she doesn’t even react when her daddeh re-enters her saferoom and lifts her painfully by the scruff on her neck. Her body remains limp as she feels herself being carried outside before she’s suddenly dropped onto the cold hard concrete. Her daddeh gives her a good kick in the ass to assert his point, sending Milly flying 10 feet through the air before landing next to an ally filled with garbage cans.

She couldn’t wait around for her monster daddy to come back. She had to escape. She had to do as her special-friend commanded of her and run far away to find a safe place for her future offspring. She had to survive. She shakily picks herself up, pain surging from the base of her tail up her spine from her now broken tail. She climbs to her hoofies, putting one in front of the other, slowly limping down the ally and as far away as possible.


Milly shivers violently from the cold as the first few beams of sunlight begin to peak through the gabs in the wood above the deck. The frost above her had melted into a small puddle, and the cold air was slowly beginning to warm around her. It was early in the morning, another day greeted her with open leggies. She hurt all over, and only wanted everything to finally end. The darkness slowly begain to creep up into her mind, and she was ready to accept it, until she feels a sudden light tapping and stirring from deep within her tummeh.

“Mummah… Mummah wiww pwotect’ ou tummeh’ babbehs… Wiww wuv aww hew’ babbehs, jus’ wike speshew-fwien Jackie… Huuhuu…”


I’ve never seen a mare forced to kill her mate like this. Nice change from the norm, and great descriptions!


I’ve seen it a few times. @Baron_Trump had the story where the mare was trapped with her paralyzed special friend and ended up resenting him as a monster and I don’t remember if she ended up killing him to stop him from making scary noises or not.

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Yeah…that’s one on Milly’s owner fault. They knew she was baby crazed, yet didn’t think to make sure she couldn’t be knock up by any means. Hell Milly should have been neutered from the start if she was going to be a family pet.

BTW, @DummehBabbeh & @ezpete, the story was called Jellybean’s Tale


Ty, ty!