A much needed break part 2 by (that1hugboxer)

You are Kato Omiata a member of the harper valley Hazmat unit . You and your team have been dispatched to the vanderholt farm in response to the discovery of a Máo-Máo on the property. Level A Hazmat suits are required for such an emergency . You arrive on site and are cleared for entry .

The Máo-Máo completely unaware of your intentions. Approaches you.
“Gweeting ov the abundance an pwospewity! Am new govment sanctioned cawetakah?”
“Yes we are . Please take us to your friends and family so that we can give them all good homes.”

“Máo-Máo am wacking the bwessing of many comwades.”

You pick up the Máo-Máo with a claw attached to a long pole and place the in a metal barrel , you then fill the barrel with undiluted lye water up to the Máo-Máo’s neck .The Máo-Máo’s screams reverberate as you seal the barrel . (Switch perspective to the Máo-Máo in the barrel)
“Nu! Nu!!! Máo-Máo am joyous one! Máo-Máo Wead wittwe wed booksie ov appwoved cwevewness !!! Máo-Máo onwy wan good sowshal credit!
Zhā! Zhā! “ the flesh slowly melts from your bones over the course of several hours until finally you let out a final hoarse “Zhā…” your body remains entombed within the metal barrel as it is transported offsite then tossed into a pit with hundreds of other barrels and the pit filled with concrete.(switch perspective back to Kato Omiata)

“Looks like the little dreg was telling the truth. There was not a single other Máo-Máo on that property.”

You enter the decontamination chamber and get scrubbed down then change into some fresh clothes afterwards. As you let out a sigh of relief, another emergency is called in.
You take a deep breath , look at yourself in the mirror one final time.
“We Meuuve”

Note: (“We Meuuve”) is Nigerian slang for “life goes on” . It’s a phrase popularized in 2020 by Vee Adeyele on the reality tv show BBNaija When her lover tried blocking the door to keep her from leaving During an argument , she responded with “meuuve from the door” . “We meuuve” is often used to bookend a sad personal story showing that they have moved on with their life. I understand that this is a little strange given the context of my story but it’s the closest thing I could find to fit the English equivalent of “back to the grind” )


You just made something worse than a fluffy… Good job :+1:


This is terrifying, and I love it. Also, thank you for teaching us a new phrase! I’d like to visit Nigeria someday, and the more I know about the country, the better. :sparkling_heart:

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I have something special planned involving these dreg fluffs

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Gosh darn, man. Class A Hazmat, why’d you need those to get ride of knockoff fruffies? You make it sound like they’re made of cancerogenic materials. :ahahaha:


Power puff girls narrator voice:



And mercury

These were the ingredients chosen

To create the perfect off brand fluffy

But mister Fang accidentally

Added an extra ingredient to the concoction–


Thus, The Máo-Máo were born

Using their ultra-super toxic powers

These bootlegs

Have dedicated their lives to destroying the human population

And the forces of Hasbio

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