A Munstah in Fluffy's Clothing Ch.3 (by: Biorb_McBiorb)

Your name is Clint. And You Fluffy Oingo just beat Lucky to death.

You don’t really understand why he did it, but that would be explained soon enough. For now you needed to know what led to the beating.

In the safe-room you have a very large TV, its a nice one too. But what the Fluffies don’t know is that you put a Small Camera under it. The footage goes to your Laptop, where you can look and see what the Fluffies have done for the day. Most of the time, it nothing, but right now you needed to figure out what happened. You could go back and visit the security camera footage in a little bit.

You had set Oingo, Mambo and the Feral Foal on the Kitchen counter. Oingo was asleep for a little bit but his crying out for you drew your attention away from Lucky and Cooler. You went over to meet him.

And you simply asked. “Oingo… What happened to Lucky.”

Oingo began to tear up and softly huu’d out the sad story. “W-weww… Oingo w-was pwayin’ wiff bestes’ fwend Mambo, a-a-and, new fwuffie fwend. An’ den miss Lucky gabe huwties to Oingo’s neckie, an’sniff an’ she dwopped fwuffy on fwuffy’s backies… d-d-den when bestes’ fwend Mambo a-an’ new fwuffie fwend twied to g-get hewp, miss wucky gib owwies tu them! huuhuu.”

As Oingo explained the story you began to understand more and more. “OK buddy, it’s ok. Well, it’s not ‘OK’, You hurt Lucky really badly.”

“Did… Did fwuffy gib foweba sweepies tu m-miss W-Wucky?” Oingo asked, still very scared of what he ha done.

You realize something before answering. Yes you don’t want to tell him the truth, but if you didn’t he would never learn to his anger in check. You always knew he was going to be a very strong fluffy, but you didn’t want him to lose control.

“I’m sorry buddy. But yeah, you did…” As you tell poor Oingo what he had done, he began to cry and huu while still being hugged by Mambo and the Feral Foal who also chirped and cried trying to calm Oingo down. He was a mess, but before you could try and turn this into a learning experience, Mambo, the Sensitive Fluffy, looked at you.

Mambo looked at you. His eyes weren’t asque. they stared right at you.

“Peep! P-peep!”

what you heard next though caused you the most surprise.

“P-neep! p-… nee- pwe… p-pwease daddeh! N-nu be meanie to Oingo!”

You are Oingo, and you had stopped crying. You were staring in disbelief at your Bestes’ fwend Mambo!

He… He spoke! He wasn’t acting like a Chirpy Babbeh! Mummah Gwen always said that Mambo was a Sensitibe Babbeh, and that he would never really be able to eat kibble nummies, or talkies! But… But he just did!

“N-ni-nicest f-fwend Oingo wa-was onwy twyin’ t-to he-hewp babbeh Mambo a-an’ Fwuffie babbeh!” You saw Mambo puff his cheeks up! “I-if ‘ou be meanie to bestes’ fwend Oingo, o-o-ow fwuffy’s othah new fwend den Mambo hate 'ou fowebew!” As you saw your once chirpy friend you could see he was crying! You had such a mix of emotions you have never really felt before! You were sad for Miss Lucky, you were Mad at what she tried to do! You were su happy that your best friend was able to talkies!

When you looked to see what Daddeh Clint would say, you saw him just staring at Mambo! “I… You… M-Mambo you just talked!”

“Peep! M-m-Mambo w-wobes bestes’ fwend Oingo, an’ Mambo wobes Fwuffie Babbeh! p-p-pwease nu be a-angwy at Oingo! peep!”

“B-bestes’ fwend! 'ou… 'ou just tawkies!” You exclaimed.

“M-mambo nu wan’ to see bestes’ fwend Oingo get sowwy stick ow-ow get s-sowwy bocks! Pwease d-daddeh p-pwease! Oingo got huwties fiwst! Meanie m-miss Wucky den gib owwies tu Babbeh an’ M-Mambo!”

Your name is Clint.

One of your Fluffies just killed another.

And another just spoke its first words after you assumed he would never speak.

Now you have too many things to deal with at once.

“listen. OK one thing at at time. Oingo, What you did was bad, but you were just protecting your friends, so, you’ll only get four sorry stick hits.” Oingo huu’d in response. “O-otay daddeh, Oingo undewstan”

Mambo looked horrified, and was about to try and plead with you, but before he could say anything you interrupted him. “Mambo, im very happy you are talking! It give me uh… Lots of heart happies! But what Oingo did was bad, but he did that bad thing for a good reason. So he still needs to be punished, OK?” Mambo puffed his cheeks up again and stuffed his face into Oingo’s Fluff, he was crying and chirping and kept repeating “buh Oingo gud fwuffy!”

“And you…” you looked down at the feral foal, realizing you never gave him a name. He was a Unicorn. His mane was just coming in, Deep red, like his mom, and he had a Light Tan Fluff. “You’ll be Gravy from now on.”

Gravy looked up at you and produced a smile through the tears that streamed his face. “chiwp! Nu… nu huwties! chiwp” Oh dear god these three were going to put you in a sugar coma from how sweet they were.

You looked back at Cooler and the carrier that held the now passed Lucky. You came over to Where Cooler was, leaving the foals who were still trying to console each other, while also trying to celebrate Gravy’s new name. Cooler had been staring at the body this entire time. “Are you OK Cooler? You’ve been staring at Lucky for a Lil while.”

Cooler looked up at you with no emotion in his eyes. “Speiaw fweind Wucky was bad Fwuffie… wight? Den… den why does Coowah hab su many heawt huwties?”

“Because you really loved her buddy. Listen-” You said as you sat down on the floor. “This was my fault. I messed up and didn’t know how she would react with Trotter, Brandy and Gwen. I’m sorry Cooler.” Cooler came up close to you, tears beginning to well up. “Can… Can Coowah tawk to Oingo?”

“Sure Buddy, just know he has heart hurties for what he did, OK?” You picked up Cooler and brought him over to the three foals, setting him down on the counter.

“Mistah Coowew! Oingo su sowwy! nu did wan’ to gib owwies tu miss Wucky!” Oingo said, being followed by his two friends.

“Coowah know Oingo. Coowah am dah one who made ‘ou go sweepies aftah ‘ou gib owwies tu Wucky. Wucky did bad thin’ twyin’ to gib foweba sweepies tu ‘ou sibwings an’ mummah. Fwuffy accept ‘ou sowwy. Buh… Coowah just nee’ time 'way fwom 'ou, sowwy.”

Your Name is Oingo.

Mister Cooler jut accepted your sorry, but still wanted to stay away from you.

That made you sad. but Daddeh was now taking Cooler back to the safe-room.

He didn’t take Mambo, Gravy and you back to the Safe-room though. He took you to a room called the sorry room. He said this is where Meanie Fluffies go.

He set you down on a cold place! Mambo and Gravy gave you huggies to make you feel better. It was nice.

Daddeh came back with Shewi, She was a Sorry Stick that Daddeh used on bad fluffies. Mambo made scared wawa when he saw it. Gravy never saw it before so he didn’t understand.

Daddeh Said that Mambo had to get a Sorry stick hurtie too! “NU DADDEH, PWEASE! Gib… g-gib Mambo’s sowwy stick huwties to Oingo!” You plead. Daddeh looked at you and you saw wawa in his see-pwaces! Was he sad too?

“Im sory Oingo, but no. Mambo broke a rule. And what happens to rule breakers?”

“Dey… dey g-get dah s-sowwy stick…” You didn’t want Mambo to get hurt. But you didn’t want to argue with Daddeh Clint. You looked at Mambo, he was still there, his eyes were still facing forward. You went over and hugged him. “It otay’ Mambo, when we gu back tu dah safe-woom we’ww pway wiff bwockies an’ wook at dah tee-bee!” Mambo looked at Oingo, and hugged him back.

You went first. and your poopie place hurt so much! Hit after hit would make you tense up and screech out in pain! you felt Sheri crack thru the air and finally stop. “Ok Oingo, you’re done.” You were so happy to hear that, you waddled back over to Gravy, who was crying and gave you a great big hug when you got to him.

Mambo went next. You saw Daddeh raise Sheri up! and then bring it down. The swat met Mambo’s rump. and he shot up and screeched running over to you and Gravy. He was crying, and you felt so bad.

Daddeh came over to you and your friends. He cleaned up Mambo with a “Wet-Wipe” whatever that was. Mambo said it felt nice! He checked you for bad poopies, as well as Gravy, and once he saw you all were cleaned, he picked you all up gave you all a big hug! It felt su nice!

Daddeh brought you back to the safe-room. Your mummah was so worried about you, especially when she found out you got sorry stick hurties, she hugged you and gave you kisses too! You introduced Gravy to Your mummah, she gave him a big hug too! Mambo was greeted by Volt, Agate and Smoke. They were so suprised to hear him talk! You hoped Mambo would be able to talk for a while.

You saw Mister Cooler sit back in his Nestie. He looked as. You hope he would feel better soon.

After a long day of playing blockies and looking at the Teebee, dawk time came. You had sleep pictures about what happened, you were so happy you made a new friend, but you had the worst heat hurties at the part when you had Miss Lucky’s body under yours. you had boo-boo juice on your hoofsies. You didn’t like that at all.

You decided that you didn’t want to give hurties to anyone.

No more Hurties.

Then you and every other Fluffy woke up at the screech that came From Nu-Mummah Kahlua’s Nestie!



Tough but fair, probably the best way to go about things. Hopefully Cooler can get himself a better mate soon and break out of his funk.

Let’s pray the new kids give everyone something new to put their focus to and nothing bad will come of it.

Why do I feel like this isn’t gonna go smoothly?


New babies coming :scream:

Well that settled that bitch and hope Cooler will get over it , its sad Clint will have to double check on every fluffy he will adopt.


I was all about it until Clint punished Oingo for a clear case of self defense.

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