A Munstah in Fluffy's Clothing Ch.4 (by: Biorb_McBiorb)

Your Name is Kahlua, and your about to have your Babbehs!

This wasn’t your first litter, you had three foals before. Bailey, Your blue babbeh and your runy babbeh… You missed your babbehs.

But right now all that mattered was that you needed to do was make sure your babbehs were going to come out safely. This wasn’t your first litter. No you originally had 3 before you met nice Daddeh Clint. But by the time he showed up and took you home, you were down to just Bailey. You knew she had lost much too. But now? Now she was going to be a big Sister! You had so many thoughts rushing thru your little brown fluff covered head!

But now you weren’t alone. You had the Best Special Friend ever, Crush. You Had Bailey. You even had Friends Like Gwen, who were there to help you out. You were so happy.

“What shouwd fwuffy do Speshuw Fwend?” your Special Friend asked. He was such a protective fluffy, you thought. You knew he was going to be a great Daddeh for both of your foals.

As you were so concentrated with making Babbehs you couldn’t really answer Crush. Thankfully One of the Nurse Friends, Hera, answered for you. “Cwush, go get daddeh cwint, shouwd be hewe fo’ dis.”

You saw Crush go over to the Safe-Room door and watched as he slammed into it once, yelling out for Daddeh Clint. Crush didn’t have to slam into the door again though. Daddeh Clint was there! He had “Tow-ews” And Miwkies, in things called Bottles. Thinking about your new Babbehs as you pushed made you think about your Old Babbehs.

Daddeh looked so happy! He kept stroking you as you pushed. A mix of coo’s and screeches wailed out into the safe-room. Crush, Daddeh, Hera, Gwen. They were all there! You wondered where Bailey was. You looked around till you saw her with The other Babbehs. She was keeping them away from you! She always was such a great babbeh, you remember how she was with her blue babbeh brother…

You remember your old babbehs being born. The struggle, The everyday challenge of finding nummies. You Remember Your Blue Babbeh was a Splorin Babbeh. You… You remember what happened to him… And you remember your nu-smeww-pretty Babbeh. He was su Small, He looked Just like your old Special Friend. You remember what you had to do to him. You remember how bad you felt.

You remember the taste.

“huuuhuuuu… Kahwuwa miss Ow-SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” haff haff “B-BIGGEST POOPIES!”

You Pushed so hard, you thought you would have gone forever sleepies!

But you didn’t! You heard Babbehs! One After another, with each push! “Kahwua! 'Ou hab fouw new babbehs!” Hera said, to your joy. “w-wet fwuffy see dem!” Your cried out in joy looking over your babbehs! They were all so beautiful!

You First babbeh was red, and a pointy Babbeh! Your red babbeh was a Colt! He peeped so loudly and was already moving around!

Your second, a Filly, was brown just like you! She had such a long pointy part. You were wondering why it hurt so much. When you got her she was gave your weggie such a nice hug!

Your third Looked just like your Special friend! A Earthie! and another Filly! She was also moving around so much! You had two Splorin Babbehs!

Your fourth one Looked just like you! But… But he… He didn’t move… You nuged him hoping he would wake up and join his siblings.

But he didn’t.

That gave you the worst heart hurties… You began to cry as you realized you had lost another babbeh before they even had a chance to play, or get milkies… You Looked up at your special friend, tears running down your muzzle. He too began to cry and rushed to hug you. You had three beautiful babbehs, and they all had a big sister to look after them. you were so happy. But you were so sad. Maybe it was for the best. He had that nu-pwetty-smell.

You remember your runty babbeh.

You missed him a lot, even more now.

Your Name is Clint. And you just witnessed the miracle of childbirth.

Honestly? Not a fan!

But you still hugged Kahlua and Crush all the same. You were so proud of them. “So? Any ideas for Names yet?”

Kahlua Looked at you, with tears in her eyes. “Yes Daddeh! Been thinkin’ about namesies fo’ babbehs! aww fwee of them!”

“Fwee?” You looked down recounting each of them. “But… Kahlua, you have four babies?” You said setting down the new parents.

“D-Daddeh… One… One of dah babbehs went foweba sweepies inside Speshuw Fwend Kahwua…” Crush said, holding back tears.

“Oh.” you hadn’t thought of the possibility of one of them not making it thru the Birth. “W-well… I think he still deserves a name, Don’[t you?” The question Made Kahlua smile. “Yes… K-Kahwua think d-dey aww shouwd h-hab namesies.” Kahlua Picked up each one, and in no particulate order began to name the babies.

The first was the Red one. Kahlua had liked the idea of yours suggested. Maroon.

The second was the one who looked Like Crush. You decided to stick with the orange soda theme you had going, but tweaked it a bit, She was named Fantina , sort of like Fanta.

The third was the Brown Unicorn, and boy was she packing a Saber for a horn! You decided to throw out the option of Jackie. The seemed to like it enough, so Jackie it was.

Then. The fourth… a Dead-Ringer for Kahlua, Collor and all. Kahlua decided the name. “Coco.” Kahlua said with a melancholy smile. “That’s a great name sweetheart. Listen… I’m Going to take Coco, and Give her a burial. I-Its a Hoomin thing. It’s a way for us to visit our family, even if they go forever sleepies.” You explained to the grieving mother. “c…can Kahwua gu wiff Daddeh?” She asked.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Kahkua. But not because i want to make you even sadder. Bu t because you have three other Chirpy Babies to take care of. And you still have Bailey. They need you, right?”

“O-Otay Daddeh huu-huu…” Kahlua cried. Crush however looked at You, and was about to ask the same question, But you already planned to take him with you, so when he asked, you said yes. A mother should never bury her son, you thought to yourself.

Before you took the two, Kahlua hugged The Baby once more. “Mummah Kahwua wobes 'ou babbeh Coco, K-Kahwua wished 'ou had chance to pway wiff 'ou bwuddas and sissys, ow youw big sissy…” Ending her final goodbye with a teary eyed nod to her oldest, Bailey. She came over, Hugged her Mother, then hugged her sister without uttering a word, tears forming in her eyes.

As You picked up Coco from Bailey’s hoofs, she ran over and hugged her mother, trying not to smother her three new siblings, who were pleasantly suckling on Kahlua’s teats. Maroon and Fantina on hers, Jackie on Heras.

You opened the door to the safe-room, letting Crush outside. You looked and saw him receiving a hug from his brother Cooler, and his best friend, Chuck. Gwen, Jolene and the other Foals, were all creating a big hug pile, just trying to comfort the poor mother.

Crush and You walked out of the safe-room. Leaving the door open. In case Cooler or Chuck decided to come out with you.

Your name is Crush. And you have had a very long, and sad day. Your were a father, You had four beautiful babbehs, but… One never woke up.

Your Daddeh Clint said that he was taking you to do something called a “Buw-iaw.” He had said that it was something other Hoomins did, so they could always talk to forever sleepies hoomins. You didn’t understand it, but you were glad you had a chance to talk to your Babbeh Coco.

After helping Daddeh with diggin’ a hole. Daddeh put Coco into a nice bwankie, covering her whole body. then He placed your Babbeh into the hole. Covered it with the dirt that you both dug up. and put a thing into the grown, just above the babbehs’s head. He called it a Cwoss. And that it was customary to do things like that. Thats how he did that to His Daddeh, and His Mummah he told you. That made you sad. but you were glad you got to share something like this with your Daddeh. You looked down at the Cross, and you cried.

You cried your heart out, you felt like it was your fault, maybe you did something wrong? Your daddeh picked you up and gave you a big hug. he told you he was proud of you. That he knew you were going to be a good Daddeh. Your hug was interuppted when you caught the smell of another fluffy. One that you never met before.

Then you heard a familiar sound. One you haven’t heard since Dumeh Smarty Pedo!

“Dis am Smawty wand nao! Weabe ow get sowwy poopies!”

You just couldn’t have one nice moment today, could you?

Your name is Clint, and a Feral Herd just came into your back yard. Where you had just laid Coco to rest. And he was claiming it as his.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

“Crush. Go back inside, and tell Chuck and Cooler to come outside with you. OK?” You told the confused Fluffy Father. And he complied, he waddled back to the porch, going back inside thru the open door.

“So, You, Smarty. Any of you have names?”

“Hmph! Smawty am named Smawty! toughies am toughies, an’ dah Mawe am Smawty’s Speshuw Fwend! Nao go 'way ow ewse get fowebah sweepies dummeh Hoomin!” the Shit-rat responded.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

Good, all Feral. No need to treat them with the usual niceties. Your eyes darted over the herd. It was small, four Fluffies and two foals. The Smarty was Yellow with a Black Mane, and a Pegasus. The Toughies were a Earthie, Brown with a Red mane, and a Pegasus, Tan with a Yellow Mane. The Mare didn’t seem to care that you were talking. She began to let her babies partake in milk. She was Light Blue, with a Light Yellow mane, Her first foal was Yellow, like his dad, he was greedily feasting on his mothers milk, Looking way to plump. The other? A light pink, and was being forced to dance for his mother’s entertainment. He was crying, begging for milk, for anything.

You let the Ferals roam around till Crush got back with Cooler and Chuck. And bot it took almost every ounce of patience after you saw the Smarty try to dig up Coco. But before you could jump on the fucker. You heard a familiar Noise, 3 sets of Hooves from behind you.

You almost didn’t see Crush, he was a Orange blur as he rushed the Smarty, shoving him on his back. Smashing his hooves into the Smarties ribs, over and over again.

“SCREEEEE-EEEEEEEEEEE, Toughies! H-Help Smarty!” Was all the Smarty could utter out beforeCrush decided to move upwards to Smarty’s Face. The Toughies had begun to charge at Crush, but were met by Cooler and Chuck. they slamed into the Confused Toughies and began beating into each other.

Then you heard it. Something you really didn’t want to hear. Something that you weren’t expectig to heard.


“Why Daddeh wettin’ nu-daddeh Cwush a-an Coowah an Chuck huwtin’ othah Fwuffies?” You turned you head to meet two tiny Foals. Two of YOUR Foals.

It was Smoke and Agate. They must have wandered out of the safe-room and followed the noise. Before you could Explain what was going on, The Toughie that was fighting Cooler had shaken him off, and looked towards you and the babies.

He booked it, You didn’t even hear the fucker’s hooves over you trying to explain to the two that it was just a game. It wasn’t until the Feral had made its way to the first step of the porch, that You heard it.

“Daddeh! Wook out!” It was Cooler. You saw the toughie, and time slowed down.

You could see it going for Agate. You were fucking panicking, until you felt a calm.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

You saw the Toughie go to bite Agate. You had reached his neck by the time he had closed his mouth over Agate’s leg. Enough to warrant a tiny, innocent screech from Agate. You saw the leg begin to bleed.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

You squeezed. you could feel the things windpipe. its spine. you could feel the jelly-like makeup of this fuckers neck. all the blood stopping at the head. He looked like a fucking cartoon. He had stopped biting down and started screaming with the foals leg in his mouth.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

Agate cried out in pain as the Feral had let his maw off of her leg. The poor lass, you never played favorites, adleast you tried too, but if you did, she would be yours. You were pissed now, yet you were calm. You looked down and saw Agate, the bite had drew blood. Agate was crying, and running for her Sister Smoke.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

You didn’t care if your Fluffies saw you now. You loved them, but you had reached the tipping point. You looked at the Toughie. You loosened his grip, letting him catch his breath. albeit fora second before you interrupted his cried and please for mercy


“BOYS” You yelled out, catching every fluffies attention. Without a word you pointed down at Agate. Chuck Noticed the Boo-boo juice first, and felt Anger. Cooler noticed the Sad Wawas frist, and felt Horrible. Crush Noticed Agate’s sister Smoke first, and he felt Ashamed.


Boys… Are we going to let these Fluffies hurt our Family- no our Herd?!” You Took the Tpughie by the jaw in one hand. In the other you grasped the Feral’s muzzle, with your palm covering his nostrils, fingers reaching into the upper side of his mouth. Chuck understood what You said and went on the offensive slamming into the Toughie knocking him on his side while he was distracted. Cooler, through tears, looked to see the Mare and her best babbeh making a break for the Fence, Leaving the poor dancing babbeh behind, and made a mad dash to stop her. Crush had hoped up on his Hind legs, raring up to stamp down on the Smarty’s netters.


You heard the Fluffy gasp and gargle trying to breath through his mouth. With one look to Agate and Smoke, you told them the simple command. “Close you eyes, until i say so OK?”

Your name is Smoke. Your sister was just bitten by a Meanie Toughie, She had Boo Boo-Juice coming out of her weggie! but your Big Daddeh Clint caught him! He was the best!

As you hugged your sister tight, and gave her as much love as you could, He told you to close your see-places, and not to open them until he said so. So you nuzzled your sister, and told her to close her eyes. Once you saw her close them, you hugged her, and you closed yours as well.

You heard so much when you closed your eyes. You heard fighting, But something nearby had caught your ears. it was a squeal and a scream, then the sound of tearing! Then the screaming stopped. But then you heard a really wet sound, like someone threw wet nummies onto the floor!

then you smelled something… Something bad. something new, Metallic, whatever that was. but you had smelled it on your sister and you knew it was a bad smell. you didn’t like this smell.

It was Boo Boo Juice. And it smelled like a lot had shown up. You began to worry about your sister, was it coming from her? No it was a bit further away.

You knew you weren’t supposed to open you see-places, but you were just so curious! After all, You and your sister were Splorin’ Babbehs! So…

You looked.

And you saw your Big Daddeh holding the top and bottom halves of a Fluffy that were once connected. You saw Boo-Boo Juice. You saw Tummey Skettis.

You really wished you had kept your see-places closed.

You wished you had listened.


Seriously Smoke :man_facepalming: your daddy told you to close your eyes!

Man these ferals are shit bunch digging the dead, the fuck! And biting into Agate’s leg :grimacing:

There will be blood! A mare and her fat foal bestesh! :smiling_imp:


I saw Maroon the red unicorn and I got scared this was gonna turn into an unofficial prequel.

Shame about Coco but a better birth than I expected. Now the herd has a drive to beat back these fucking ferals, though it seems that might not be the best idea.