A Potential Reconciliation - H83r Opinion Piece

Another unwarranted sequence of paragraphs dedicated to the aisles between abuse content and hugbox. I’m going to try to bridge the gap for once, instead of approaching the matter from the stance of, “It would be nice if one form of content suddenly wasn’t a part of the foundation of this following”. Hopefully this does more to unite the readers as opposed to the usual devolution that accompanies this topic, but here is a preemptive response to the naysayers for the spirit of the occasion.

“If you don’t like it, leave it alone.”

This rule of thumb clearly does not work despite it being the perfect solution to any conflict of opinion that would arise here. The root cause for this I find is that, for whatever quirk of psychology responsible, users don’t think “I don’t like that,” and leave offending content. Instead they engage with aforementioned content and put themselves at odds with those said content appeals to. I’ve noticed it happening at an uptick compared to the usual rate of squabbling in the comments section.

There is nothing that can be done within the mechanics of the community to alleviate this. There are no subdivisions of categories to make, no tropes to abandon, or filtering rules to write into existence.

The last recourse then, has to be a human element. Let’s try to understand each other instead of arbitrarily making assumptions and using the ignore function.

I realize how ironic and hypocritical that may read as coming from myself. I am self-aware enough to recognize this, address it, and commit to adjusting course. With the aim to humble myself, it is my goal to demonstrate willingness to be an example of tangible action, rather than pointless conjecture and well-wishes.

Plan Of Action

I invite readers of this topic to state where they stand in accordance to which genre they align with and if they so wish to expound, why so. Any additional details are welcome as well.

For Example

Up to now, I wished to keep my enlistment status in the US Military unknown, with a few exceptions. For the sake of context and clarity, I will state it openly. I know of a few other service members involved with the community: a retired airman, a sailor, and a marine. As for myself, I am a soldier. I will follow their precedent. Perhaps we will have a guardian in the fold one day to complete our DoD representation. Edit: I realize I forgot the Coast Guard. Hello, Puddle Pirates.

As for why I am here, I was on deployment during 2020. Bored soldiers are a timeless and universal creed, though we must go to war with our brothers in spirit for the banners they fly and the goals of our leaders. In my boredom, I came across fluffies because of Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed, like Reddit, is cancer except for Unsolved and Zefrank. And Ryan and Shane broke off from Buzzfeed a while ago –

So, fluffies.

In short, Buzzfeed reacted to fluffies as any ignorant purse-clutcher does. And that made me say to myself, “Aw yeah. Hurt those shitty things.” To not name names, there seems to be a belief that existing headcanon is what sways people to abuse or hugbox. In my case, that simply was not true. But Buzzfeed never acknowledged the hugbox side so take this as you will.

“Of course the baby-killer is an abuser,” said the hypothetical strawman in the audience. But I didn’t join in on making content with the intention to add to the abuse. My first pieces were neutral and sadbox.

But then I had frequent encounters with a certain kind of Redditor on the Subreddit and found that imagining fluffies dying and leading lives of agony conferred some great schadenfreude. The more undeserving the fluffy and the more unusual the abuse, the better, in my opinion.

As already written, at the beginning when I was a fluffy spectator, I had no inclination for hugbox. That remains true to this day. That said, I don’t have an aversion to it, either. I don’t care what anyone relates to in this community. I find that I leave cynical and subversive commentary on the few hugbox posts I look at, but I don’t mean to belittle the creator or the piece. Those are just my unfiltered thoughts in a space that aims to praise and fawn over imaginary creatures. My bad. I am aware that this is bad taste and take measures to lessen it, unless bantering with my usual compatriots. @Booperino @I_might_be_weasel @Stwumpo @infraredturbine

Lastly, I have a certain view of freedom of expression. That being said, I do believe in accountability as well. Act like an asshole and get treated like an asshole.

I hope this will aid future interactions between older and newer users in the future.

If not, we can just keep calling each other names, make generalizing statements, and block anyone who thinks differently to our views and preferences.

Anyway, I’m writing this during some BS mandatory briefing that military personnel are all too familiar with so I’ll see what becomes of this later.


I think some of you know I’m a hugboxer (shocking i know!) and i discovered fluffys probly from youtube comments somewhere that mentioned in detail about it, wasnt even the subject of the vid but was enough to create that morbid curiosity and i was a bit shocked disturbed by the abuse stuff, but then while browsing i found carps work and how there was a whole segment of the fandom all about seeing the critters happy, and i think that resonated with me

im a loner, basically a hikikomori/shut in, my only friends are online and every “friend” i had irl i broke ties once i finished high school/college. My whole school life was comprised of bullying and teasing from said “friends” which made me not want to talk to others or express myself for fear of being reprimanded. and when i saw the fluffys, creatures which, in most part, received punishments way above it made logical sense, and who would cry and scream in pain, i think i might have “snapped” and decided to put my foot down and become a creator of content… ok i sound cringy and extreme lol

but yeah, i sympathize too much with fluffys when they are victims for no reason other than existing, and i feel happy seeing them happy, and i feel happy making others happy by my drawings, so it became a win win for me.

im not a fan of the abuse side, but i do admit i kinda feed on the spite i feel for some of the stories and characters (nothing against the creators tho, they all pretty nice far as i known them), and i feel its a side that is needed for the other to exist and vice versa.

So yeah this is why i do what i do lol


I guess you can say I’m Omnibox, give me all dat good shit. I got in for sadbox and dropped out for a long while because burnout/other shit to do. I like cute hugbox posts, I like abuse post, bleakbox, sadbox, and even some wierdbox to mix it up. (maybe not anthro) I got in through the 4chan/mlp and moved to the booru, then nudged into this site.

The one thing that has been a constant is Hugbox vs Abuse. Every hugbox post has a comment about killing and every abuse post has a comment about saving a fluffy. Its all well and good to say you should ignore stuff you don’t like (and for the most part I agree) but it is tough when you post a happy foal drinking milk and the comment notifications keep you updated on the conversation in the comments discussing the finer ways sneaking rat poison into a fluffy’s tit.

I guess what I’m saying is you gotta be a little tougher if you post hugbox to have a good time. Ask people to take to conversation someplace else if you don’t like it. For abusers you need to at least respect the wishes of a hugboxer on their post. Take your anger out on fluffies, not people.


I started writing abuse because I felt it was the easiest way to include conflict whilst still learning about the lore of Fluffies. I still think abuse is my strongest work but I don’t mind dabbling in Hugbox or sadbox or even moronbox from time to time.

Personally I like the opportunity to try different styles and I don’t begrudge anyone who only sticks to one. But when people take their preferred style to be their whole personality, that’s when things need to calm down. Had one guy tell me I should’ve tortured chirpies in a Hugbox story then acted like a dick when they were called out for not reading the genre


Oddly enough I do actually follow that rule.
If I don’t like something i just don’t click on it and do not engage with it
Same with if I have nothing to say about it.
Considering how much I comment I clearly have a lot to say.

Unfortunately that does not always work.
The other party has to be willing to compromise and willing to either make amends, or make a conscious effort to avoid each other and to snipe.

Yeah and that wil cause alienation, little fiefdoms and if one blocks everybody they wil become an island.
I prefer to work things out if possible.

As far as the hugbox, abuse container, every box goes.
I generally go with anything though i don’t really gell with bleak box.


Hmm, on my end…

I found fluffies from a blog post talking about how they found the fluffybooru, haha. They talked about how horrid the site’s contents were, but also how much worse it’d be if the art was competent. So I got curious about how bad it could really be (in either regard), and checked it out.

(It was pretty bad in both regards. Lots of beginner-level fluffs, a little like stumbling onto a site dedicated to stick figure gore.)

But anyway, I thought the fluffies themselves just looked … cute and fun to draw. So I couldn’t resist giving it a try, posted it anonymously, and people reacted super positively so I made an account and just sorta kept drawing stuff for them.

In terms of boxes, I’m absolutely a moronboxer/weirdboxer. I do like some hugbox stuff and more light-core abuse(the kind where you don’t need to pressure-wash your house afterward), but for me the biggest appeal is the silly and funny. Fluffies are basically dumb cartoon characters, but not many people take advantage of that! To me it feels like a waste to treat them like serious plagues/monsters or sleepy little angels, they look like quadrupedal Lemmings (the game ones) and have about as much self-preservation.

If you like drawing hugbox or abuse, well, that’s fine. Stuff I don’t wanna see ever (like baby enfing), I’ll avoid and mute the tags for. (Which is way easier here than on the booru.) But sometimes people start putting suggestions for abusive follow-ups on art that’s clearly not meant for it, which is kind of like going on an abuse pic and writing a short story of your OC killing the abuser with laser eyes and rescuing the abuse victim/s. I’m not sure who that’s appealing to other than your own fix-fic/un-fix-fic desires?

In my case, I remember that more than once people would comment on my pics how they’d kill/cripple the fluffy for its stupidity/lies/etc, while others would fuss back and try to fix-fic the un-fix-fics. It was very silly, but if I didn’t find that stuff so funny or if people didn’t fuss back, I would probably have just stopped drawing because… If I don’t wanna do abuse, and all people want is abuse, what point’s there in staying?

So basically, sometimes, people have to read the mood and not try to twist a hugboxer into an abuser or vice versa. Ain’t gonna work.


Because hugbox is known for torturing foals.

I think that sort of thing is not as bad over here
There is an unwritten rule that abuse comments are frowned upon under hugbox.
This place is a bit uneven at times but its not a snake pit like the booru was.
Or the schreeching edgelords that Reddit is

Omnibox is a good term though.
imma steal dat.


My man, I know the feeling. A six year contract (I know I know) in a shithole base dealing with people with much the same mentality and intelligence of fluffies, reading this stuff was a nice way to blow off steam much needed catharsis. I used to be put off by fluffy stuff back in the day but after a few years of getting jaded I saw the appeal.


Thankfully this place is not that abuse heavy or that nagging at least not from what I noticed.
The booru was a abuse skewed wretched hive of scum and villiany but if you can survive that like Carpdime did.
Then you wil thrive here.

I bounce between abuse and hugbox with my own art
And can’t really do moron or weirdbox for some reason, but i do like seeing the inventiveness on display.

Don’t know anymore how i stumbled upon the booru in 2018, but I did.
Found the booru dead.
Found this place.
And here we are now talking about and drawing little rat horsies.


I agree, this is the thing that really gets me. I’m just a simple commenter and art should be built on collaboration, but sometimes you just have to let the art stand on it’s own, if it pissed you off so bad that you feel the NEED to fix it then that’s a good thing and a sign that you SHOULDEN’T “fix” it. Take my opinion with a grain of salt though


I’ll try my hand at this. Please note that I generally hate taking about myself, I feel like giving an honest opinion of myself can come of as conceded when in actually I am very self-critical most of the time.

Me as a person, I’m a smart, analytical person and have an extremely high EQ. I’m highly empathetic and a problem solver so it has made for a great combination. Unfortunately, I’m also agoraphobic, highly depressed and suffer from panic attacks. I’m great at making friends because I want to help them by my nature, but I’ve found most people move off and drift away after getting that help. This has made me closed off from being open about myself as a way of protecting myself. Over the past few years things progressively got worse and I became a loner, depressed that I never lived up to my potential.

Fluffies were something I stumbled upon a few months back while watching a The Click videos. Eventually, I sought out the reddit, even made an account for the first time and then decided to more to the site instead (all in). I started consuming all the content I could, trying to figure out what I liked and why.

I found myself despising most abusers in stories, there are some exceptions with one’s that had highly developed characters that actually had reasons for their actions. Sadbox broke my heart, and while I loved hugbox, it was often too one dimensional and sickly sweet. I found my home in neutralbox, it was often more complex and explored a variety of situations and emotions.

I eventually ever motivated to contribute to the community, both things I hadn’t felt in years (motivated and being open to contribute that is). I’ve never been an artist and I considered my writing mediocre at best, so I went with writing. For the first time in my life I enjoyed writing, it was honestly therapeutic.

I decided there that while I would touch on several different boxes ut would only be to enhance my hugbox moments. My genre I align with is neutralbox that heavily leans hugbox. I want it to feel relatable and real, to address things that are important to me, while looking for ways to solve problems to have a relatively happy resolution.

That is what makes me happy.


Myself, I got into this after watching some dubs on YouTube. And they were the most disturbing thing I had seen in a long time, which I don’t feel often due to numbness to extreme internet content.

And that is also why I gravitate towards sad content. Plus, I like the dystopian sci fi element of fluffies. Where people’s pets can talk and are smart enough to communicate, but are treated as toys that people have no qualm about replacing if they break.


No. I agree there.
Wether positive or negative as long as art gets a strong emotional response from you.
It means it has done its job as a piece of art.
You got something from it.

Discuss it all you want, both good and bad but don’t try to "fix"it or un do it.
That robs it of its emotional impact.


As long as the internet exists, there will be people screaming “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE!!!” It’s the third certainty in life, next to death and taxes.


I don’t even remember where I first heard of fluffies. Some forum or something. But to me it was just Tom and Jerry style cartoonish abuse paired with the extreme hatred adults have for things like Barney the Dinosaur and Peppa Pig.

I didn’t really get the hugbox stuff at first, but after a while, I see it as a natural extension of the community. A sort of palate cleanser after all the over-the-top suffering.



It’s not about putting an end to disagreements. If every problem could be solved by a topic like this, I wouldn’t be in the army.

It’s to possibly prevent baseless accusations and attacks like this.


I consider hugbox to be the natural state of fluffies
…now put down the pitchforks
in “muh headcanon” fluffies are toys, so them getting huggies and wub and all the other hugbox is how they are supposed to be.
But real life is not so kind which is where abuse comes in.

And off course HTF style absurdity.


Yeah well, we will never be able to do that.
But at least we can aspire to either try and do better or agree to disagree and avoid each other.
Even if it’s just on here.


It’s better than nothing at all.


It’s the best we can do.