A Random Very Specific Fluffy Idea

I tried to determine whether this was the place to do it, it didn’t seem like it would go into Shitposts, but I wasn’t 100% sure.

Anyway… I was thinking about two things; there is a chain of stores known as Wawa, in America, and I was just thinking of a fluffies as food angle where they learned that Wawa was making fluffy burgers and sandwiches and all that and some owner stops and the fluffy goes “Nu! Wawa bad fow fwuffy!”.

I also thought of the psychological angle and the silly drowning stuff that the owner would go into the store and come back out only to find the fluffy has drowned because… Wawa.

I don’t know, it was kind of random, but I thought it could be funny though it’s a little obscure.


I dunno about the psychological angel and the drowning stuff.
I’m just amused by the pun.


“Wawa am bad fow fwuffy bu’ fwuffy… am Wawa?” drowns


Well I’ve seen a fair bit of content where even the thought of wawa means they drown. I even read a nice little story a while ago where Sea Fluffies are initially fine because they don’t recognize that the “see” is wawa, but once they do… Game over.

This story: https://fluffy-community.com/t/sea-fluffys-secret-by-singularity/36262

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Oh, I know.
Ive been lurking on the booru since 2018.

Imagine how it must be for fluffies named Water\Wawa.

@SqueakyFriend has a fluffy named Wawa …but he aint normal.


Yeah, must be tough.

I swear to god this joke was made many years ago on the Booru, to the point of someone actually drawing a fluffy pony freaking out because its owner was carrying it into a Wawa store added to the picture from reference.



Wawaburger? Is this Whataburger?

No, the chain is literally called Wawa and has locations on the East Coast.