A realistic human picks up a fluffy part 5 (By L.A Vaught)

you run into the living room
Creamsicle despite being blind is now furiously stopping on the hind leg of one of her foals
not only that but the leg of her “bestest babbeh’
fuck this
you rush in and grab her while the foal still peeps in pain
you rip the tape off causing an even louder skree
“Look what you fucking did?”
she’s too busy crying over her own pain to notice
you groan and throw rougher than usual into a box you know she can’t escape from
now for the foal
you kinda feel bad for naming it clone as it wheeks and peeps in utter pain totally confused why it’s mom at best just crippled it for life
it’s new name is pom pom
you grab the baby back to the kitchen and immediately look up fluffy first aid
ok, most of this is for theme eating poison
fluffy injured limb
and it’s all amputation
you remember hearing somewhere that fluffs were meant to be able to be amputated with ease
which come to think of it is kinda fucked
“Sorry little guy…”
you genuinely hate doing this
after all it’s not its fault that it got preferential treatment
you doubt it’s even aware of that as it cries out
you grab the sharpest knife possible
afterwards you wet a rag in milk so it has something to suck on
you try to make a clean cut as the thing shrieks in fear and pain
you feel really really horrible
even if this had to be done
god this takes way too long as blood continues to flow as your knife cleaves the pliable infant flesh in two
ok, next step
and disinfectant
jeeze that’s a lot of blood
and the severed leg is still twitching
honestly that’s interesting
you make a mental note to save the leg if it’s still twitching
you hear another agonized chirp as you continue to try and clean the bleeding wound before wrapping it tightly with gauze
it takes about five minutes to calm down and even then it’s still furiously suckling the milk rag
Creamsicle is now whining in her box about how she’s a good fluffy and doesn’t deserve this
yeah right
you grab the rest and put them back into the tubberware with their sibling hoping that hugs while unable to make everything better will alleviate the pain
for around a a half hour you watch em nuzzle up against pom pom as you play the Mummah song.
not a fan but they need it
after Pom pom calms down you walk over to the box containing Creamsicle
“Cweamsikwe gud fwuffy!” she screams as you take her in the box to the kitchen
you lift up Pom pom to her box highlighting the fact that he’s now an amputee
“Look what you did to your bestest baby!”
Creamsicle gasps and recoils
maybe this is the shock she needs
maybe this’ll be the watershed moment where she develops that empathy fluffies are supposed to be famous for
“Daddeh… daddeh.”
you were hoping she’d break down and apologize
yeah, probably should’ve had lower expectations
luckily you shake the box and she tumbles spraying the box but not you with shit
shove the box in the bathroom with the lights off
you can still hear her crying about how it doesn’t smell pretty
time to go to fluffmart
you carry the foals around with you in a tote bag.
first thing formula and bottles, four bottles shitton of formula
you might be able to make mummah kibble but not formula
oh shit deal on milking machine
really good deal
you can now put back some of the formula
now for comfort?
they’re social animals and need more than to just be kept alive
you doubt toys would do it, especially not for poor Pom Pom
nor a new bed
you ask a bored looking employee in her early 20s at most the best way to raise traumatized and rejected foals
she suggests Euthanasia
fuck no
after that she suggests a Bedtime Buddy
you want to know what that is but she just sorta points in you in the direction and insists on it
is it like a stuffed animal?
and why does the section sound like fluffies?
adult ones?
must be really popular
then when you walk into the aisle you are greeted with a very surprising sight
around a dozen flatter than normal but healthy looking fluffies dozing on pillows
they seem really calm as you read the description
apparently they’re bred to be calm and well behaved, and are mainly exist to help fluffies and humans sleep soundly. It also states that they have no foal rejection.
you take the foals out of the totebag to show them as if asking ‘what do you think?’
most of them seem unmoved and continue to happily doze on their pillows, cute little snores and little bits of drool coming out of their mouths
yawn Hewwo Babbehs… hewwo mistuh, nee be’time buddy?”
you turn towards the source of the sleepy voice to see a chubby dark purple unicorn mare with an even blunter horn that most
“Uhh yeah I actually do, for these babies.”
she smiles and despite her chill demeanor you can tell that she’s looking at the foals with pure affection
“Coo Chamomiwwe wub babbehs! But wai babbehs nu hab yawn mummah?”
she asks hugging her matching purple pillow gently for emphasis
“She didn’t love em.”
Chamomille gasps
“Wai Mummah nu wub Babbehs? Dat am Meanie mummah!”
she seems a lot more agitated by this development though this is by Bedtime Buddy Standards
“I know it’s pretty messed up.” You tell her and she nods
“If Chamomiwwe mummah Babbehs get aww da wub!”
this might actually work
like really well
plus you’ve already sank enough into em, might as well go this far
“Hey Chamomille how’d you want to be these babies new mommy?”


I love the bedtime buddies. Seem like chill dudes. One of the few ideas in the fluffy world that DOESNT seem needlessly cruel and/or fucking pointless. As always, you are an excellent writer!


Like those? Pointing at litterpals


No, they’re genetically engineered to be that way. Litter pals only make sense to me as a punishment or abuse tactic not something that’d be sold in stores. Unless they’re fluffies who are specifically designed to digest shit, in which case you could potentially have an infinite train of litter pals.


Is PomPom missing just one rear leg or two?


One, mainly to illustrate how horrible Creamsicle is. I want her to be shitty but mainly because she had a really selfish and narcisstic idea of what having kids would be like and if they don’t match that fantasy then they can just die for ruining it for all she cares. It’s why she wants the poopies dead and not as ass licking slaves.


I’d say to punish her would be to shave off some fluff without going straight to “MURDER EVVERYTHING” edgyness that some jump to. I mean if shes that awful then punishment is the best bet.


Most common litterpals are just common bad colored fluffies pillowed and put in boxes until they die


But why? Why would those be sold? Like it’s already pre abused.


I’m guessing they do that to squeeze out every penny they can out of fluffies from rich people who won’t bother with cleaning a litterbox and don’t want to hire someone to take care of it

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Theres no need to justify it dude just say kts a good way to write abuse and have it make some minutiae of sense


Not gonna lie, I laughed reading this just now cause I just wrote about a nap time friend called ‘Memory Foalms’.


Bed time buddies have kids. One of 4 is another bed time buddy where the others are normal fluffy babbies.

Mother: “Dat am bed babbeh.”
Father: “speshuw fwend am wite. Dat am bewy bed babbeh.”


That’s the only sense I see on them, for miserable fluffies there we have the alley ones already and the only way it could make sense in a headcannon


really looking forward to part 6

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I love that the sleepy sounding bedtime buddy fluffy is named Chamomile lol.

I like the way the Bedtime Buddies seem. Creamsickle seems like a waste of space and energy. I’d toss her after that mess.