A Reasonable Response (by recreationalsadist)

Sunny was a fluffy. She was a yellow and white pegasus fluffy. She was also a soon-mummah.

Sure she was living in an alley and her special-friend wasn’t back yet, but life was good.

Because she’d have her babbehs soon. She had so much love to give them!

Sunny would have so many pretty babbehs and give them huggies and milkies!

They’d be the best babbehs ever because they were her babbehs!

Sunny was so caught up in her fantasies of babbehs that she didn’t notice the human next to her.

The human tried talking to her, then gently nudged her with his boot.

Finally Sunny noticed him.

“Hewwo nice mistah! Am Soon-Mummah! Wiww habe babbehs soon! Da pwettiest babbehs, wiww gibe dem aww da bestest miwkies and huggies and be bestest mummah fow dem!”

The man nudged Sunny harder in the side.

“Pwease nu du dat, am Soon-Mummah, dat am bad fow tummeh-babbehs.”

The man kept escalating the forced of his nudges until he finally was kicking her hard in the side.


But it was too late, the kicks caused Sunny to miscarry. She rapidly deflated as blood, amniotic fluid, and unformed foals burst out of her special-place while she screamed in anguish and pain.


Now deflated enough to get her hooves on the ground Sunny scooted around and trotted over to the gory remains of what had been her pregnancy, now a horrid mushy mess.

Sunny tried desperately to scoop up and hug the fetal remains to make her babbehs all better, but the semi-liquid debris slipping off her hooves as she cried ugly tears.

“Huuuhuuuuuhuuuuu, nununu Mummah can gibe huggies, make ebwyting bettew, pwease nu!”

The man walked up behind Sunny and then shoved her face into the mess. The scent of booboo juice and fowebeh-sweepies babbehs was all Sunny could smell and it made her retch and sob.

Then the man pulled a spray bottle full of “Forever-Clinging Scent of Dead Fluffy Foals” and sprayed it onto Sunny. Now she’d forever smell like dead foals, even if she was somehow washed.

Then the man pulled out a syringe full of “Everything Tastes Like Dead Foals Forever” taste-formula and injected it into Sunny’s tongue. Now everything she ate would taste like dead foals.

Just as that was happening Sunny’s special-friend trotted into the alley with a partially-full container of spaghetti that had been thrown in the trash he had found. He dropped it as he entered the alley.

“Speciaw-Fwiend! Bwing yu skettis fow make bestest miwkies fow tummeh-babbehs, wub yu su m-”

The human walked up to Sunny’s special-friend and stomped on all his legs until they came off.

Then he injected Carolina Reaper pepper juice into the fluffy’s testicles and dropped fleas on him.

Sunny looked up with a tear and gore-soaked face at the human who had caused her such pain.


The human shrugged.

“Eh, whatever.”

Then he walked off and continued his day, leaving the fluffies to die slowly and in horrible pain.


Personally I think it would’ve been crueller to leave her mate alone, if she stunk of dead kids then he’d want nothing to do with her and would likely kick her out into the cold, lonely, horrible world where nobody would ever love her again.

But that’s just me.


But then her special-friend might kill her and end her suffering sooner.
By breaking his legs the human’s ensured he won’t be able to hurt her and instead will only be able to see what’s happened and smell the dead foals.

So it’ll be her special-friend yelling at her until he dies, then she’s stuck on her own.

But feel free to use the dead foal spray idea if you want, IDK if it’s already been done.


I will gladly use the spray

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I honestly thought this was gonna be because she was in the way and refusing to move or something… :frowning:

Just your average wandering fluffy torture chemist

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Very good science, most excellent science.

Better than being an influencer.

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Was actually slightly, if pleasantly, surprised he did not film the torture on his phone.

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