A shitty deal (carniviousduck)


It’s the expressions for me.


Take turns.

Brown has experience, its on it to teach green.

Though it occurs to me a rental service of “Poopy Proctors” is viable. Get an unwanted color of a sturdy but weak breed, give them a little backpack full of outward pointing shock deliverers plus attach one to each front hoof so they can nonlethally pubish but can’t be mounted, and make it their job to teach good litterbox behaviors in the same manner of a prison guard.

Hell, maybe teach them to drag their litterbox outside to dump in the compost. Pain and judgement from the immovable Fluffy with freakin tasers attached to its hooves is a hell of a motivator to learn.


Nice in theory, but it sounds like a surefire way to make a smarty for the “proctor” fluffy i mean

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Eh, a Smarty-friend. Or just not a Hellgremlin.

Hell, even if it is, you just need it to be capable of bullying the other Fluffy into doing what its supposed to without being harmed or causing lasting harm. Get a sturdy but weak one.


Thank you, I needed that

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Jesus Christ.

I heard this picture.

When it’s said that fluffies sound like small children, it’s for this kind of dialogue.


Well yes if you HATE FUN

It’s maniacally brilliant/cruel to take two off colors and then say only one wil be a LP.

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If you want a vision of the future, imagine one turd passing back and forth between the fluffies.

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I mean, in theory the fun is in establishing a stable hierarchy where a patient but firm Fluffy in bad colors is virtually unable to be harmed by entitled Fluffies who it will then proceed to deliver mild electric shocks to until they begin doing chores, breaking their social order and putting in place discipline.

Its one thing to kill or maim. Its another to force a prince to dig latrines and listen to the start of tantrums get punctuated by little shrieks as Proctor Fluffy doesn’t care about demands or tears, only results.

“Dummeh Poopeh, yu-ZZZZT”

“Fwuffy gib yu Soww-ZZZZT”


“Huu huu, why gib pwetty Fwuff-ZZZZT”

“Nuu wan cawwy wittew ba-ZZZZT”

“Am onwy bestes-ZZZZT”

“Pwease nu mo-ZZZZT”



“Nuuu huuhuu huuu-ZZZZT”


Perhaps if one gave them miniature powdered wigs, frilly cravats, & embroidered silk jackets. But I fear entering @LostDauphin territory.

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Look whoever it ends up being is fine as long as they know they’re only there due to their own failure

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Both of them. They can eat eachothers shit.

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I think the dookie-narwhal should get the position due to having experience since adolescence, and that’s the extensive resumé for subpar job openings that we want.


My evil self is actually collecting the Smarty while they have a crisis over the role. None are going to be the litter pal, the Smarty is. :smiling_imp:

Yeah sorry kid but you seem like you already know how to do this so open wide

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They can Both be litter pals! Get the stumper.