A SkettiLand Halloween Special; Night of the were-fluffies. (Creeper)

Sara was on her third fifth of Jack Daniels that day and it was getting late, the sun had set an hour ago and she was starting to have trouble holding her human form together. And at this point she was almost starting to not give a damn anymore as she staggered down the sidewalk and into the liquor store. She tried to pay with an old hacked credit card but it apparently had been reported and cancelled. On the way out a few tendrils crept out of her near floor length hair and snagged a few bottles of dark rum, hiding them away in her hair. Wandering her way to Glennville park she sat on a bench and cracked open the first bottle and knocking back a big swig of it she saw a man approaching her. It was probably the booze but at the moment he didn’t look half bad to her at the moment but she wasn’t in any mood to be around anyone.

“High there… Uh, you look kinda down. Having a rough one I’m assuming. Mind if I sit here?”

-Yeah, I do. Buzz off, dick.-

“Aw c’mon now, I just wanted to sit and have a drink with ya.” Reaching for the bottle.

As soon as his fingers touched to neck of the bottle while Sara was taking another swig she bit down on his hand hard enough to make him bleed slightly.

“AAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAHHHHH!! What the fuck you bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you!?”

Cocking back his uninjured hand to slap her she stood up and gut punched him in the gut hard enough to send him staggering back on his ass. Scrambling to his feet he staggered off half hunched over the whole way holding his stomach with both hands, cussing her out between gasps. She flipped him off while knocking back the bottle again and wandering off into the park looking for anywhere quieter when the flashes hit again bringing her to one knee. Images of a young Earl Coleson learning how to strip a circuit board under his mother’s instruction and praise for grasping the steps so easily then she was back to reality again. The tears welled in her eyes as she started chugging away trying to drown it out, banging her head into a tree a few times then someone said something behind her.


-Whah? hhhooo thfuck 'r y- HOLY!-

Being a meta mutant meant she was used to weird, hell, she was the poster child and dictionary definition of the word itself. But this was a whole new definition, it was a large naked solid green fluffed anthro fluffy stallion with an extremely crazed look on his face.


-Th’ fuck you’d come from?! Yyyyou need t’get outta here fore sssome human sees ya… Ffffuck I’m hammered. izzzz there two of ya?-

the strange anthro suddenly lunged at her, tackling her into the tree trying to take a bite out of her shoulder nashing his teeth like a deranged animal. A right uppercut from a giant lobster claw sent the anthro tumbling back, trying to get back up her was quickly frightened off by what he saw. Sara’s other arm was already changing into long bony scythe like blade while her tendrils stretched out in all directions showing off their razor hooked tips. The anthro quickly turned tail and ran leaving a splotchy brown and yellow trail behind and Sara plopped down unable to keep her balance any more and her weapons shrank back into hands. She picked up the broken bottles by the necks watching the last few drops fall to the grass, tossing both in frustration she leaned back against the tree, blacking out in a drunken stupor.

Morning came with bright sunny rays in the sky and an intensely wicked hangover for the little green monochrome fluffy slumped against a tree. Shielding he eyes from the sun with one hoof she looked around making sure there were no humans around shifted into her human guise and slowly got up leaning heavily on the tree. She was sure she had puked a few times over night, her mouth sure tasted like it, food and water were desperately in need despite the pit in her stomach so she was off to pick some pockets before breakfast. One freshly stolen wallet later she sat in the local greasy spoon drinking a thick milkshake and slowly grazing away at a plate of sausage links smothered in maple syrup. The TV over the counter was playing the news at noon and something disturbing was going down, several reports of a crazed green anthro running around the city late last night attacking people. That part made her stop chewing and look up at the TV, having made an anthro was a big enough crime as is so the cops would definitely involved but this would also get Earl’s attention. The another flash hit even harder this time.

Little Earl was only six when he came up running to his mother crying, having burned his finger on his mother’s soldering iron. he buried his face into her arms and sitting on her lap she fished an ice cube from her iced tea and held it to his finger giving him a kiss on top of his head. She then started teaching him the things on her work desk he shouldn’t touch without supervision.

Earl was maybe twelve in this one and his smart mouth had gotten himself on the wrong side of the school bully who had his back to a brick wall of said school and the bully’s fist around his neck. Cocking his fist back to give him another black eye that was when his high school-er cousin Jake showed up punching him in the side of the head from behind then throwing him in a choke hold.

“Damn it, Earl. If yer gonna keep running yer mouth… Hold still asshole!.. Then yer gonna need to learn to take care of yer self! Now make a fist and you, if you some much as kick him back I’ll break yer leg ya little prick. Now hold still!”

Sara dropped her fork clutching the sides of her head groaning while trying to force the images out when a small ceramic clatter made he look up. the waitress had put a cup of coffee down in front of her then pulled a flask from her apron and gave it a small shake. She nodded and the waitress poured some brown liquor in the coffee and she took the whole thing down in one go, thank god for the generous functioning alcoholics. After a few refills she paid her tab and decided to find a place to lay low for awhile but not before stocking up on more booze. Maybe one of the old safe-houses left behind by PETETA after Earl and his crew killed them all. Something she blamed now on herself after she gave them the cocktail that turned the fluffy “Lemondrop” into a viral breeding plague. Thankfully nobody had changed the locks on the apartment so she could squat here a few days and drink away the time. Shutting the curtains for her bloodshot eyes sake he got a gallon of water from the fridge and chugged half of it down with a fistful of aspirin before she got back to punishing her liver.

It was the screams that woke Sara from her latest drunken black out causing her to roll off her bed and to the window to see what was going on downstairs. the streetlights pierced the darkness below, several women ran in the same direction and a dozen anthros chasing after them shouting…


-Oh hell no, not on my watch.- Jumping out the window.

Landing hard on her side on the fire escape suddenly finding it incredibly hard to shape shift at all, taking immense concentration just to sprout a pair of wings and try to fly off again. Only managing to glide down to the streets she turned her fingers into razor sharp talons and gave chase after the anthros. The anthros had surrounded the women at the end of the block having run into even more anthros headed in the other direction chasing women of their own. Sara caught up in seconds sprouting a sharp talon at the pollex (last bending joint) of each wing she pierced the skulls of two from behind while ripping the throat out of a third. That brought all the attention to her, some ran but the bulk of them turned their lustful advances to her. Ripping the face off the closest one while kicking another in the balls so hard they popped like grapes and the rest fled when she stomped his head in, save one. This one was ready to square off with her as three long slender tendrils slithered from his tail and he lunged for her, two tendrils piercing her wings the third wrapping around her throat. It was the shock of what she saw that allowed the anthro to even land a hit but her hesitation was fleeting and easily tore through them with her claws. closing the gap between them in a blink she tore out his throat leaving only the weeping women too terrified to run anymore, one bleeding from a wound on her hand. A wound that was starting to sprout green fluff as the girls looked at it in horror the last one screaming and running away while her infected friend quickly started to change before Sara’s eyes. Now was a perfectly inopportune time for another memory flash to hit bringing her to her knees as police sirens began closing in. Shaking it off the woman had almost completely change, compulsively stripping as the change progressed while begging Sara for help growing more incoherent by the second. The sheriff’s cruiser skidded to a halt in the street next to her and sheriff Brody stepped out gun already drawn and put a round clean through the woman’s head. Looking down at the bodies surrounding her they had all reverted back to human forms and Sara could feel her own form returning to its human shape. What was going on with her powers she wondered loosing herself in thought and mildly confused panic.

“YOU! What the hell are you and why shouldn’t I blow your head off?!” Sheriff Brody screamed at Sara.

-Huh? uhhh… I’m not sure anymore…-

Sheriff tilted her head to the side slightly while digging her phone out of her pocket she flipped through it for a second looking back at and forth at it and Sara.

“Its you…” Backing towards the cruiser’s trunk.

Eyes locked on Sara she popped the trunk open with one hand and pulled her rail-gun, dropping her gun as she did to get both hands on the rifle and fired. The first shot was off hitting the front end of a parked car making a basketball sized dent in the side as the shot went clean through the engine block leaving a tiny hole. Steadying her aim sheriff Brody fired again with Sara hauling ass out of there, blowing off an already shriveled wing. Ducking down the nearest alley another shot sent a dumpster rolling into her path cutting her off then she felt her left elbow just explode and she screamed clutching a bloody stump.

“That was for my brother you freak! Now hold still and I’ll make this quick!” sighting in right between Sara’s eyes.

Like a bizarre deuce ex machina a new group of anthros rushed sheriff Brody with their incessantly drawn out proclamations of enfies and sketties. In the time it took her to take down and execute them it had given Sara time to hop over the dumpster and out the opposite end of the alley.

What the hell was going on with her her body? That same question repeated over and over in Sara’s mind. If anything she should be turning back into a fluffy not a human and it didn’t take much for her to figure out she was the cause of these anthros running amuck but, why now? She’s never been contagious before so this was something new even to her, til she did though she’d better start watching anything that came out of her. Still having enough control but taking a lot of serious focus and effort managed to regrow her arm but now she was starving. maybe that was it, constant shape shifting and regeneration burn up major calories and could easily eat enough to feed five people normally but lately her diet’s been booze and snacks. It was time for a different kind of bender tonight, these infectious anthros were drawing unwanted attention and needed to be dealt with quickly. Now, where was the closest place with an all you can eat buffet?

The infectious anthros were now running rampant through the streets some chasing people other being chased by angry people in trucks blasting away with shotguns. cars were on fire, store windows smashed, dead bodies everywhere, this wasn’t something she could make go away but she still had to clean up her mess. Finding a fast food burger joint she helped herself to the food under the heat lamps gulping down fistfuls of french fries and burgers, her jaw unhinging like a snakes to swallow it all almost whole. Just as she was starting to feel better again there was a near silent click and whoosh and her left arm was blown off again at the elbow. Sheriff Brody had found her again she bolted out the back door smashing a random anthro in the face and throwing another behind her to use as a meat shield and he popped like a balloon. But there was nowhere to run the entire parking lot was overrun with anthros closing in hungry and horny, so Sara charged the crowd more concerned about Brody’s riffle. Fighting her way through the crowd who was exploding all around her in the distance the roar of a big block engine with no muffler was screaming its way down the street. What she saw next was the weirdest thing she saw yet. A six oversized wheeled VW beetle completely armored up with no windows at all save for several tiny camera holes around the sides, ripping through the horde and right for Sara. Blood and bodies flew in every direction and Sara barely managed to get out of the way in time, still having trouble shape shifting at all but managed a giant lobster claw as a new left arm. Another ill timed memory flash hit and the mindless anthros piled on, some trying to take a bite out of her others trying to mount her as the car spun around and revved so loud it scared most of the anthos off. The only ones left were the ones trying to eat or hump Sara, too distracted or stupid to care but if she didn’t do anything soon she’d be roadkill. The cars tires skidded in place before it hauled straight for her and with two anthros on her back she jumped straight up latching onto the hood bucking the anthros off. Her claw latched onto chunky armor trying to keep a firm grip as the car careened down the road and into Glennville park. Skidding to a halt the car spun in place around and around flinging Sara off then stopped facing her down revving its engine in a threatening manner.

-Coleson! I know you’re in there! Kinda small battle wagon you made. Couldn’t afford a real mad Max car?-

“You’re a monster, Sara.” Earls voice echoed from a speaker. “Every time I run into you one way or another you’re trying to kill me or this town. I’m the exterminator and it’s time to put you down.”

Monster. There was that word again. Her whole life just trying to belong, then trying to get fluffies the same rights as other animals then just revenge for all the injustices she suffered. And every time, it blew up in her face and she was called monster again and again. Every. Single. Time. With a racing heart and boiling blood she finally felt that familiar feeling of her body easily shifting and contorting more like a soupy clay than solid flesh.

-You want a fucking monster, Coleson? Then I’ll give you one!-

Extra solid red eyes split open on Sara’s face as her body grew into a bear sized green fluffed crab while two massive sets of bug wings grew in place. As the tendrils started sprouting from her back her neck stretched out while her face becoming a contorted razor toothed fluffy’s face with her right arm becoming a scythe like blade. Letting out a shrill roar she jumped at the car wings buzzing carrying her through the air when a small port opened and a cannon sized barrel slid out. The blast from said cannon was enough to push the car back a good foot and the shot itself blew off Sara’s lobster claw but she still landed on the hood digging her scythe deep into the armor as a new claw was already growing in.

-I’m gonna peel you open like a can of spam!-

the deafening roar of the car’s engines echoed through the night as it tore up the earth below it, headed right for a playground’s heavy duty jungle gym. Taking to the air at the last second she hovered overhead but the car stopped just short of crashing but there was no safety in the sky either. She didn’t hear the shot but she sure as shit felt it rip right through her ass end, the sheriff had caught up with them and was taking pot shots from the edge of the park. Falling to the grass on the way down she spotted the familiar silhouette of Earl’s standing next to her, that meant the car was just another drone. Ignoring the car she knew where her real target was but the car wasn’t having that. Where the doors should have been the panels popped off and folded in becoming giant clamps on heavy piston powered arms. It didn’t even turn around it just barreled at Sara at full speed as she made a break for Earl, catching up with her in less than a second latching on with bone crushing force. She was picked up over the top and slammed back down on the side with the cannon pinning her down. She slipped free contorting her body like putty just as the car fired again leaving a wide crater in the ground. Solidifying under the car she lifted it up with much strain and effort, it was way heavier than it looked and flipped it on its roof but she forgot she was now in front of the cannon again. The blast made the world turn white and rang so loud it drowned every thing else out and when the world started to trickle back in she found a massive hole in her torso. The car had righted itself with the blast and was turning around to finish her off with another but she was dead set on ending this her way. The hail of shots from sheriff Brody’s rifle kept her on the defensive as the car prepared another shot then suddenly started to jerk and move erratically in random directions and firing a round into the sky. Looking over to Earl and the sheriff a roaming group of anthros had swarmed the two and were struggling to to take so many down, the perfect opportunity. First she grew an even larger claw and pinched the cannon barrel shut and ripped all three of the left side tires. When the next random shot fired the barrel mushroomed out and the whole body bulged outward and the engine went silent. Wasting no time she went straight for the sheriff slicing her and her rifle in half from the shoulder to hip then crushed Earl’s metal arm lifting him up by it and slamming him onto a parked car’s hood. His face was hidden under the billfold of his dirty old hat but she could easily see the green fluff starting to sprout from his remaining arm, but through all this he was laughing. Laughing! Then he looked up, other than his giant mustache his face was completely changed and a mess of tentacles erupted from his stump, coiling around and fusing with her claw.

-The fuck is this!? Get off me! Let GO!-

Swinging Earl around like a rag doll into the clamoring horde but they seemed to turn to liquid on impact as more swarmed her and melded into her flesh.

-C’mon Sara, I’m already in your head let’s finish the job! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!-

Thrashing and flailing in every direction she beat her wings with all her might but was firmly glued to the pavement. Frantically looking for any means of escape she could only see a sea of green fluff quickly closing in on her, from the looks of it the whole town had been turned. Then there was the drone car. It was somehow still working, balancing itself on it’s wheels with its arms and slowly walking its way to her, crushing the melting anthros under claw. It slipped and fell over into the writhing mass but instead of trying to get back up it made a loud electronic whine that started a digital beeping that could only mean one thing, it was gonna blow.

-Now we are one!- Earl started laughing again his head sprouting from a slithering stalk.

The beeping got louder and faster and after a few tense seconds, BOOOOOOM!!!


Sara shot up in her bed screaming bloody murder in her fluffy body, sweating booze from every pore, breath ragged and rapid, her gaze shot right then left and saw him. There was a strange naked man sleeping with his back to her, somehow still sleeping through her screaming fit she quickly shifted back to her human form then reached over and rolled him over.

“Morning beautiful.” Said Earl with a smile.


Sara shot up in her bed screaming bloody murder in her fluffy body, sweating booze from every pore, breath ragged and rapid, her gaze shot right then left and saw him and the hangover hit her. the man next to her had made the him jump awake and fall off the bed.

-(Groan) I hate that fucking trope! Alright Sara, don’t wake up again. For whatever happens, whoever it is. Don’t. Wake. Up again.-

The man on the floor groaned over his own hangover with his eyes shut hard giving Sara an extra minute or two to slowly shift back to her human form and inch over to his side of the bed. It was… the guy from the park? It was starting to come back to her now, she never bit him, she let him sit with her and split the bottle with him. They got to slurred talking, he was ducking the law like she was, him from some deal he made with a splicer to get his own antho and the cops busted him. She can’t remember how much she spilled about herself but she remembered how cute she thought he was then a sloppy kiss and…

-Oh shit we didn’t. Did we?-

Looking around the sides of the bed for any evidence of a condom but came up empty so she rolled over and checked herself down south. Son of bitch they did and now a new rush a manic thoughts ran through her aching brain.

-Thirty years. Thirty years of keeping stupid horny stallions away an I get my cherry popped by a human… Oh my fucking head… no more (gag!) drinking… I’ll be okay… Human’s can’t get a meta pregnant… Can they?-


:astonished:…oh shot…Sara…:man_facepalming:

But damn! That dream is wayyy trippin it almost got me that Earl and Brody died…but seeing Brody with a railgun nice and badass :+1: