a Skettiland trapper short: the designer ferals. (Creeper)

Earl looked over the newly expanded fluffy corral, having just finished strapping down the last fluffy mare in a stockade. It was one of many though out the acre of area, adjacent to it were the old pens with all the males sorted by color in their own pens. for the last few days the stallions food had been spiked with hormones to the point that they were nearly enfing each other and the mares had been given a full dose of fertility drugs. all were destined for skinning and meat processing and only needed the one litter out of all of them. Jimmie had put in for a huge order of foals for a nummy nummy babbeh and run babbeh run tournament at his arcade and was paying good money for at least 250, the sigh up list was long. over by the gate control Jake Jr. waited for the signal and when Earl gave the thumbs up he pulled the lever and all the gates slid open with a rainbow stampede of drug fueled blue balled fluffy studs running to pop their cherries. Earl, Jake, Candice, Clara and Mark wandered through the colorful marsh of fluff pulling the clusters they had formed apart and parking them in front of an unoccupied mare. More than one had gotten their little dicks stuck in the hole of the milk crate cages trying to reach the mares mouths, scratching themselves up quite a bit in the process. despite the pain they were so drugged up they continued once placed in front of a mare. once everything was sorted and every stud had a mare Earl excused himself and want to check on the designer fluffies in the breeder barn.

the dams in the stockades had all been swapped out with the designer mare, the ones that were already pregnant were allowed to come to term just to see the results and were not disappointed. After that they were all given the breeding mare reset like the others and were now being put through their test pairing for making preferred colors and patterns. this would require very selective inbreeding. the alpha pair had six subsequent generations of grown offspring with grand and great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren still only weanlings in the mix. up on the one of the counters a white shiny, sparkly alicorn stallion stood in a breeding stockade without a head cage and a poop vac hose in his ass. Earl walked in and pulled out his phone and hit the voice recorder app and synced it to his ear piece.

“Journal entry 15 on the designer fluffs color tests, primary stud is still the first generation son from the alpha pair. designate DA1’s seed has been used to impregnate one sibling from two other litters each, 2 children and 1 grandchild to breed white alicorns. all mares in the these tests are also white alicorns or close enough shades.”

moving to the counter where the Fluffy strapped in place pleaded with him in vain.

Pwease nice mistah nu mowe bad speciaw huggies…hu hu. nu wike

“Shut up you dumb little shit or I’ll tape your mouth shut again! I’m in the middle of recording. (Ahem).”

Earl picked up a small control box off the table with a cord and electric ball probe attached to it.

“Enfie toy or not i am not jerking this little fucker off again so i reached out to the vet watching Odin and he let me have an old prostate taser. they used 'em on small animals who’s owners wanted to breed one last time but were too old to get it up anymore. the following samples collected will be used to breed mares 8, 6,7,5,and 9. setting the probe to guinea pig and lubing the enfie toy with double XL collection vial. I’m not repeating that mistake. yuck.”

Pwease nu huwtie stick nice mistah! pwomise be gud fwuffy!- starting to pee a little.

Earl stuffed a ball in the alicorn’s mouth then wrapped a few layers around his muzzle. Stuffing the probe into DA1’s ass he angled it around until he found the sweet spot and pressed the thumb trigger. the alicorn went ridged, tail straight up and eyes wide and beady, instantly he got hard and Earl jammed the toy in place. seconds later the fluffy came harder than he ever had before, nearly filling the vial to the top. when Earl let up the DA1 collapsed sobbing through the gag face fluff soaking with tears.

“Damn son that was impressive. Looks like we’ll be doing mares 14 and 19 as well, Gonna be using this little beauty from now on.” Pulling out the probe.

Biggest poopies!- called out a mare in a stockade.-Babbehs… Comin!

“Well looks like number 16 just popped. Lets see what we got today.” wandering to the pen’s knee high fence.

he watched as Nana 1 and Nana 3 calmly put their front hooves on 16’s sides and gently pushed making the first three pop out quickly. Nana 4 began licking the foals clean then suddenly stopped and looked to Earl sadly.

Babbehs foweva sweepies, Boss.

“Hmm… first gen inbreeding is not looking promising so far.”

After a few moments and a few more “hoofie pushies” from the nurse mares four more came tumbling out. the mare began to clean, stopped again and looked sadly to Earl.

“Don’t say it I already know.” He sighed before she could speak. “Any more coming?”

Poooooopieeeeeessss! Hnnnnnnnn!

These next moments stretched on with the mare now shrieking so loud it was like nails on a chalkboard through a megaphone. the nurses pushed hard and the last five came tumbling out with a splash of afterbirth over them all. the three mares gathered around the last foals, cleaning and sniffing them when they all stopped and shrieked in unison.


the three ran blindly from the basket and now Earl was confused, their training and resets erased any monster baby fears hey might have. Peering in closer to the basket he noticed a wiggling red mass with small black lifeless dot eyes and a simple smile.


Hopping over the fence Earl snatched up the newborn jellenheimer and ran for the opposing counter on the other side of the barn. After a bit of struggling, a lot of swearing and Earl pulling his taser out out his belt he finally got the damn thing in a custom container built to contain such things. for awhile.

“Continuing notes; terminate all first gen pregnancies immediately and keep human personnel on duty for the remaining test pregnancies. end final log.” pulling his phone out his pocket he hit speed dial 4. “…Hey Jimmie? Yeah, do you want another jellenheimer?”

Coming soon… GlennVille High.




Yah Jerk him