A Soon-Mummah in for a surprise (by recreationalsadist)

Blossom was a fluffy.

A pegasus fluffy.

She had purple and white fluff.

She was also a soon-mummah.

“Bwossom am soon-mummah, nu can wait fow babbehs tu come! Gunna be bestest mummah!”

Blossom was swollen so big her hooves couldn’t touch the ground. She was nearly spherical.

“Am su excited fow babbehs! Dey gunna be bestest, pwettiest babbehs ebeh! Bwossom wiww gibe dem aww da wub and huggies and miwkies and dey gwow up big and stwong fow Bwossom!”

Blossom knew she’d give birth soon. Her daddeh had told her it would happen this bright-time, and that giving birth was painless and easy and would actually feel really good to do and that’s how it was for all female mammals. Blossom’s babbehs would be the prettiest wingy-fluffies like her and fly out of her special-place and then do good dancies for her before she gave them milkies and all the huggies and love they could ever want. Because she was the bestest mummah ever!

Another mare had told Blossom that giving birth hurt and babbehs needed to be taken care of before they could do dancies, but Blossom’s daddeh had called her a “lying cu-…bad fluffy” and taken her out of the room. This had been followed by a fluffy mare’s screams and the sound of something meaty being slammed repeatedly against a wall, but Blossom’s daddeh had told her it was fine and he just taught the mare not to be bad and Blossom believed him.

After all Blossom’s daddeh would never ever lie to her. She trusted him too much for that.

Blossom felt a stirring in her special-place and knew her babbehs would be coming soon.


Blossom’s agony was made all the more pronounced by the fact that her daddeh had lied.

Also he’d glued her special-place shut and given her pain-enhancing drugs.


What is the point

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The suffering.


I can accept this