A soon-mummah question

hi first time poster here, I’ve been a fan of fluffies for a bit as they helped me through some rough times with much needed catharsis.

Ive been recently wanting to get into writing stuff or maybe drawing some works to add to the collection and I came across a concept id like to explore but would also like the get a general sense of what people would feel.

That question is: what if you prevent a soon-mummah from giving birth, ultimately she will die due to infection but as I enjoy the psychological side of media I’d like to explore how in the mares final moments she reacts to not being able to have give birth. how would you guys feel it would react?

if my brain works I might continue this into a series of psychological abuse done by some amateur shmuck abuser

Lemme know what you think on this question :slight_smile:



I don’t want to give the comic where it was used, so you wouldn’t feel like it was already in the Simpsons. Instead I am just gonna say that the mare would be under a big stress because babbehs nu come and she is a worstes mummah


There’s a comic to this question do you have it? Also what about simpsons


Basically the joke is that it is impossible to come up with everything new because it was already in the Simpson
Oh, and since you want to look at it


Even though it’s been done before, you should go ahead with it.


Ahhh wooosh went over my head

This comic was the one that made me think about it

The mare in this case is treated like more abuse but I wanted to maybe write about an idea that the babies “aren’t ready” and need to “go back inside” and the gullible mate believes her “nice mummah” human m, but thank you for your thought on it I’ll write em down :slight_smile:


Understandable, will definitely read

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Hehe thank you :slight_smile:

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It would be an interesting concept. I’d like to see the physical aspects of this experience as well. See which devices work the best in keeping the babbehes in. Like is a cork more efficient than superglue? I’d really like to see what you got. :+1:


Fluffies often seem to have a very poor sense of their own bodies. They aren’t even aware of what birth is unless they’ve experienced it once and aren’t especially dim.

Fluffies are capable of coming to realizations on their own, but they can also be trapped in a perpetual state of stupidity.

Suppose an owner tells the mare that if they “don’t hold onto their babies for a few more forevers, they’ll come out bad.” The mare could strain herself right up until she ruptures something and the dead brood slides out. Her last moments could be her thinking she’s just taking a quick nap before she meets the babies. It could be a fully conscious grasp of the situation resulting in a perceived failure or betrayal.

She might fight her owner. She might buy what they tell her wholesale. She might pretend to believe while believing that “Daddy is just being silly because he’s not a soon mummah himself” and try to induce her own labor.

There are a number of ways to play it and pretty much all of them offer something interesting.


Wow! You have just joined and you are all ready a pro!


hmm interesting with the variant between soon mummah and an older one, I might explore the more soon mummah side cause their lack of understanding with the situation could leave her more vulnerable to this style of psychological manipulation, however I’d like to see how an older fluffy fairs with it too.

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bro I love your art style it’s like simple cute and really sells the like dark nature of it all

Such a cute thing going through torment I love it


with some of the other stuff I’ve read I think once the mare has finished her contractions her foals are sealed inside cause she can’t push them out after labour (which would require a c section, which I don’t think we haven’t seen unless magenta demon finishes their smarty party and we might get one)

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I think she is just going to stick her hand in there and get the foal out

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Actually, we have.
JizzCoveredCrocs had it just recently in her comic about a [super shapeshifter Jellen with meta awareness]. She doesn’t post here due to frustrations with the site image posting.

Jellen is glum because she no longer feels like the protagonist, thinking she has been supplanted by the author’s avatar character. She returns home to find one of her owner’s Fluffies with two Babbehs stuck in her while the Smarty panics and pleads for help. Pic result. She then kitbashed it with a Jellen, resurrecting the stillborn and Derping the Jellen to be its sibling.

(I skipped some pages to show the healed wound)


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The reaction to this is really helpful thank you for posting this my friend

I never got the jellenheimer stuff but there was a really interesting like story about a fluffy with dissociative indentity disorder that had a awesome gif of a jelly

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Jellens are whatever you want them to be. The things people usually make them are fun. They look creepy.
That’s about it.

The mare’s reaction could go several ways, depending on her personality. She may try to talk to them, beg for them to come out. The longer it goes on, the more frantic and despaired her begging will be. A more dynamic development would be a not-so-good mare that starts blaming her foals for being bad babbehs, hurting their mother and not listening to her. At first she will demand them to come out, but eventually her attitude will break and she will start begging. Another possibility is a mare that will start blaming herself for being a bad mother and will be depressed and asking for her foals’ forgiveness the whole time.

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