A "special" order (Crazy_Kitzo)

Here’s a sadbox/abuse comic because yes.


this seems familiar,
I don’t why?

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Certain activist groups attempted to introduce a “humane” litterpal from Fluffies bred from litterpals and given no source of enjoyment or happiness, believing that if the litterpal never knew what it was missing, the awful confines of its existence wouldn’t hurt as much.

This proposal fell through when it was revealed that for many buyers, a litterpal just wasn’t right unless it truly suffered


I don’t think we’d have unemployed people if fluffies existed. Or at least bored people.

Also I’m really glad the store lets them play with blocks before having their legs removed. It’s common sense but many seem not to.


Okay this is fucking hilarious. I loved it XD

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I imagine that the second a litterpal witnesses it’s meal ticket playing or eating skettis for the first time will trigger the suffering spiral

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