A Very Bad Day... (Part 3) [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Donna stepped back from the kitchen, gun at the ready, hearing the doorknob turning slightly…

After a few moments of the door knob jiggling… Silence.

It stopped…

Donna waited for a few moments, until hearing a window shatter from another room, and the sudden screams of Fluffies…

These screams were coming from the inside…

As Lexi adjusted herself to the sudden window entry, she raised her head to see that mortified faces of Fluffies…

As she got up, she felt something pressing against her stomach. As she looked at the mess under her, the other Fluffies began to scream, seeing the crushed bodies of Gwen and Brandy…

As Lexi got up, her mind began to tighten, the screeching got more and more louder, quickly causing Lexi to lose her temper.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” She yelled, running to the closest Fluffy she could see.

Crush only stood their as the Scary woman rushed him, not even considering the fact his life was about to end. Crush close his eyes, Kahlua somewhere else in the room screaming even harder at her special friend’s impending demise.

“NU! NU HUWT SPESHUW FWEND! PWEASE!” Kahlua cried, as Lexi reeled back her arm.

But… The attack never came. The only feeling Crush had, was a swift hit to his side, pushing him to the right. As he looked up at what had hit him, the fear in his eyes turned to sadness. Cooler had tackled Crush out of the way, and taken the attack from Lexi instead, the cleaver, cleanly cut thru the former toughie like butter, the blade had cut thru Cooler’s head, the blade slicing in between the eyes and chopping off a good portion of Cooler’s muzzle. As the cleaver was pulled from the padded floor, Crush began to cry, wanting to comfort his brother, but to afraid to try and risk being attacked.

Lexi turned to the next closes thing, one of the Nurse Mares, Hera, was trying to comfort Onyx and Trotter. Lexi rushed her, ripping her from the comforting hug she was giving to the two mortified Fluffies. “STUPID FUCKING SHIT-RAT!” Lexi yelled tossing Hera into the air, and cleaving her in two, the cleaver cleanly cutting thru the poor Cow-Fluffy’s waist. As Hera’s halves fell to the floor, Onyx and Trotter both stopped crying, their eyes filled with tears as the poor nurse mare’s final moment, was her reaching out to them, only to be met with leather boot, crushing her head.

As Lexi picked up her foot from the caved in head of poor Hera, she began to hear running coming from the hallway, getting closer with every moment she wasted.

Giving up on the Cleaver, she tossed it, missing poor Jolene by a hair. Lexi had given up on the weapon, and simply resorted to stomping, going absolutely feral.

‘In for a Penny, In for a Pound…’

She looked around and met the emotionless face of Chuck, who was guarding his foals who had ran to him as Lexi threw the weapon. Raising her foot high above the poor stallion, fully intending on ending Chuck’s life. “Little fucking-” Lexi began. She but was cut short by the Safe-Room door swinging open, Donna, gun in hand, aimed, and fired three shots into the direction of Lexi…

All three hit.

One in the arm. One in her leg. One in her stomach.

Lexi stood their for a moment, feeling the pain and warmth spread over her body, blood staining her Belieber shirt.

Lexi looks to Donna, and, thru the Neon Pink and Green hair, the early 2000’s grunge get up, she realizes how stupid this whole endeavor was…

“… Fuck…” Lexi says, dropping to her knees, then fully falling to the floor.

Donna takes a breath… And exhales… As she looks down at Clint’s poor herd… She begins to cry, hearing the distant sounds of sirens coming closer and closer. Donna’s only comfort, is given to her, thru the crying and scared hugs of the survivors of the Massacre…

Clint came home to a very confusing scene. Donna, the Surviving Outside Fluffies, Ms. Lian, the surviving Inside Fluffies, all sitting on the curb outside his home, along with a strange baby-blue addition…

Clint ran past the police that had sectioned off his home as a crime scene, hugging Donna as tightly as he could. Clint looked up from the hug to see a bloody Lexi being hauled out of Clint’s home, Lexi’s parents in tears, yelling at the cops about how this was somehow Donna’s fault, or Clint’s in someway…

“Sug… I-I’m so sorry… There was a few casualties… She got into the Safe-Room…” Donna said, tears streaming down her eyes as she spoke.

“A-are you okay?” Clint asked, looking over Donna. “Yeah Sug… I’m fine… But your pets… Well they need some love… Want some help?” Donna asks, grabbing Clint’s hand.

“I-…I’d like that a lot… Uh-Ms. Lian, why are you out here?” Clint said, changing the subject while Ms. Lian watched holding Jade.

“Well, i was just minding my own business, when all of a sudden i hear knocking at the front door, and i see two adult Fluffies, and a lotta babies! They told me that they were yours, and that their was a Monster Human in your house, so, by that logic, someone broke in and wanted to steal, or kill your Fluffies, so I called the cops about… 20 minutes ago.” Ms. Lian said, stroking Jade.

Just as Donna and Clint were about to thank her, Lexi’s father rushed over, clocking Clint in the face, to very little effect. “YOUR GONNA FUCKING PAY FOR THIS O’CONNOR, THAT’S MY FUCKING DAU-” Was all he could say before being subdued by police. Lexi’s Mother, crying hysterically and begging the cops to release him.

“I won’t press charges for that. And a part of me is sorry that your daughter got shot. But SHE broke into my house, SHE killed my pets. And god knows what she would have done to Donna if she wasn’t carrying.” Clint said, rubbing his cheek. As Lexi’s father was restrained, Clint was given a chance to look over the bodies.

With Donna at his side, Clint led the Outside Fluffies and the Indoor Herd back into the house. Their in the living room were eight bodies all sprawled out in the kitchen floor. Clint ID’d each one, noting how each of them had been horrendously killed and maimed…

Clint looked over at Gwen’s smashed body… Her legs bent, her body broken… As soon as Clint realized it, he covered her up with a kitchen towel, watching her present family gather around behind him.

“D-daddeh… Why Mummah s-sweepies wike dat?” Oingo said, letting Trotter and Onyx hug him tightly.

“Daddeh… Wet Chuck teww Oingo… Take cawe ob odah fwuffies… Pwease?” Chuck said, his voice somber, and cold.

“I-… Okay… Sure Chuck.” Clint said, guiding the remaning Fluffies all back outside for a brief moment.

“D-daddeh… W-whewe Bwandy… W-whewe Bwandy?!” Oingo said, raising his voice louder. Chuck lowered his head, and pointed to the Brandy who laid next to Gwen, her body, crushed ever worse than her mothers, her face all but bloody and ruined.

“N-nu… NununununNUNUNUNUNU!” Oingo rambled, rushing over to the body of his Sister, only to be stopped by his Father.

“Nu Oingo… Bwandy am nu otay… Nu gud tu wook at… Bwandy an’ Mummah Gwen went fowebah-sweepies togetha’… Dat am g-gud ting… Dey-… Dey togetha” Chuck said, pulling Oingo in for a deep hug. Oingo looked on from the shoulders of his father, at the two still bodies of his sister and mother, both taken while he was away…

“W-why… W-w-w-…” Oingo said, slowly breaking into tears, the loss, weighing heavily on him. Chuck, Onyx and Trotter all grouped up and hugged, being the only remaining family Oingo had left…

After a few moments of hugging, Clint brought back the fluffies to morn the deaths of their friends. Before letting them see the gruesome states of their friends and famly, Clint covered each with towels, leaving Donna to talk and distract the Fluffies.

Jolene and the Foals mourned the death of Hera, Crush and Kahlua’s Family mourned Cooler, and took on the responsibility of telling Chili about his Adopted Father’s passing, the news, nearly breaking the poor young Colt.

Volt and Mambo simply hugged their sisters, just happy that they were still together…

Argus, and Gravy, ran over to hug Oingo at the first chance, crying and begging him to not cry, all to great ineffective results.

Clint and Donna looked over each of the remaining Fluffies, seeing that the Shuffle, while badly injured were still alive, their faces, still beaten and bloodied, were still holding onto so much hope that Clint would come back. The Remaining Outside Fluffies were Marika, Oliver, Rosie, the miscellaneous foals that were left behind, Victoria, Sweetie, Cotton and Candy… The remaining Inside Fluffies were Chuck, Trotter and Onyx, Kahlua and her foals, Crush, Jolene…

Along with the Fluffies Clint had taken to the park, Clint had about 27 Fluffies left out of the original 35 or so who had called Clint’s home theirs… Along with the new Blue addition.

Clint sat on the curb of his home, his Fluffies, his Girlfriend, and his neighbor, Ms. Lian, all their to comfort him.

Clint cried that day… Holding a Small stick in his hand… Oingo on his lap, crying silently…

Today was supposed to be such a good day…



I wanna fucking punch that dumb dad!

Clint should have press charges and he got cctv all around the house as proof.

Glad Donna is alright but the carnage done by that psycho bitch :grimacing:

Man this is so saddening glad Ms Lin added callin the cops too.

Great story a bit sad :cry: for now


Lexi needs to be tried as an adult for the shit she did. You did such a good job with this story, I’m interested to know what happens next


there is an epilogue, don’t you worry




its okay, compared to the mighty Clint, he was but a weak fool, so pity was given

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Oof. Man, that aftermath and the grief. Really well written.

Glad Donna’s a decent shot. I was worried that might’ve gone a little sideways for a minute there.

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Clint should still press charges, he might struggle with breaking and entering since his door was open - although that should still count - but destruction of property is cut and dry.

Show Lexi that her actions have consequences and she can’t rely on her enabling parents


Ah don’t worry, this wont be the last time she fucks up…


Oh fuck she’s gonna try it again??? She’s nuts!

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Maybe, but for now, she is nothing to worry about!

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This still breaks my heart every time I read it. :cry::broken_heart: