"A Very Special Episode with Cherry and Berry" Fluff-TV Special (Personman)

You’re a writer/producer for Fluff-TV’s second highest rated program, “Fluffy Life with Cherry and Berry”. Got the word down the line that the studio wants a few more specials for “Fluffy Pony Day” a holiday Hasbio made up with some other companies, like FluffCo and Fluffy Mart for marketing. Will consist of sales on fluffies themselves, new toys, and on your end, new programs. Not going to be as easy as the highest rated show’s specials though, “Babies!” can just edit to a theme, like “Best of Dancing Babies!”, “Mummah Song Special!”, other shit your fluffy has seen a million times, but will watch endlessly regardless; “Dancing!” is the same way. However, your show, along with “Mr. Spiner’s Fluffy Neighborhood” are highly rated among sterilized fluffies, so they’re expecting specials. The folks in the writing room came up with an idea for a very special episode for disabled fluffies. Boss thought it was a good idea, plus, would encourage owners of disabled fluffies to watch or buy, and expose their fluffies to the endless advertising stream that pays the bills around here.

Fluffy ponies are legally biotoys, which just means they’re artificial animals without any legal protections that natural animals have. So abusing a fluffy pony isn’t illegal per se, but it is definitely seen as a shitty thing to do. Suspected abusers will be screened and barred from Fluffy Marts, and good shelters. If someone comes in and buys a couple foals every week, they will be flagged in the Fluff Mart system, and barred from fluffy pony adoption. Some shelters don’t care, but not much you can do about that. A few fluffy pony humane groups exist, and they try to shut down these shelters, you think one has ad space on some of the Fluff-TV shows. Can’t remember which ones, just that they’re not allowed to show suffering fluffies though, just happy people in their shirts taking care of happy fluffies, because depicting sad or abused fluffies would not do well with your target audience.

Feelers were sent out to find a disabled fluffy pony who would do well on set. Set features can be adjusted for that fluffy as needed, but the fluffy needs to be able to work well on set, or at least well enough to make an hour long special with Cherry and Berry. The only caveat is that the disabled fluffy can’t be kept with Cherry and Berry, you want them to meet that fluffy on set for your enforced method acting. You’re confident that Cherry and Berry won’t freak out, after all, fluffy ponies are full of love for humans and other fluffy ponies. As long as the fluffy is friendly and wants to play with them, they’ll be fine with it. Get a few applicants, start narrowing down the list a bit, take the “finalists” to the “FAQ Fluffy Asked Questions” set for acclimation to set life, as well as taking this opportunity to include them in the disabled fluffy video. The one that deals with life on set, and works with the crew the best will be the special guest star.

Camera opens on Cherry and Berry sitting on their bed in their set safe room. “Tonight on a vewy speshow episowde of Fwuffy Wife wit Chewwy an Bewwy’’ Both fluffies say in unison. They are really good at that by now. Used to take half an hour to get them to say something aside from their opening and closing lines in unison. The camera pans over the stock footage house as the title drops and theme plays. Opening on Cherry and Berry, they give their opening line, then the safe room door opens to Katie. “Hewwo Miss Katie!” the fluffies say.

“Hello Cherry and Berry. I have a fluffy friend here with me,and he really wants to meet you. Do you want to meet him?”
“Yes, wan meet new fwuffy!” Cherry says

“Wuv meetin new fwiends” Berry says, hugging himself.

“Great, well here he is!” Katie says as she opens the set door wide to let a fluffy pony enter. He is an earthie with lime green fluff and a sky blue mane. As he enters, his back half is shown, he is wearing a harness, similar to what Cherry and Berry wear when they go on walks on a leash, but his is connected to a set of wheels supporting his back end. His tail is but a nub, with small flecks of sky blue fluff. He smiles and waves at Cherry and Berry as he runs over to them.

“Hewwo new fwiends, am Weswey, am so cited to meet you!” the new fluffy says as he gets close to the fluffies. Cherry and Berry instantly hug Wesley, giggling, saying “Wuv huggies wif new fwiend!”

After the hugs end, Berry walks around Wesley and asks “New fwiend Weswey, why you hab wheewies on you?” He says while looking at the shiny solid stainless steel wheels with grey rubber tires. “Soo shiny” he mutters in every take, so you just include it.

“Weswey need dese wheewies to move round wike otha fwuffies. Weswey’s back weggies no wowk.” he says as he turns for his new friends.

“Oh nu!” Cherry says as she goes over to hug Wesley. “Wiww huggies make weggies betta?”

“Nu, weggies gone…” Wesley says, sadly. “Weswey wose weggies wong time go, when stiww cowt. Weswey was out of safe woom when his daddeh was at wowk, an he was wunning and pwaying, but den he bump into a table” Cherry and Berry gasp, both listening intently to his story. “Somethin big faww on Weswey an his weggies an tail get stuck. Gif biggest huwties too!” Cherry and Berry instinctively hug Wesley as he mentions hurties. Weswey cwy and cwy, but den daddeh come home!” Cherry and Berry continue to hug him, but cheer when he mentions his owner returning. “Daddeh was scawed for Weswey, he took the big thing off Weswey and took Weswey to vet office.” You talked with his owner before shooting, this part of the story was just icing on the cake. Would reinforce that leaving the safe room without an owner is dangerous, and could hurt a fluffy.

“Vet scawy…” Cherry mumbles.

Wesley smiled “Vet no scawy, vet hewp Weswey. Weswey don wememba much of dat, but daddeh and vet make Weswey all sweppy and he nu huwt no more. When Weswey wake up, weggies and tail gone! Gave him heart huwties.” Cherry and Berry hug him again. “Daddeh say that weggies bwoke bad fwom big thing on dem all day, but the vet had a way for Weswey to wawk again!”

Wesley touches one of the wheels with his front hooves. “Vet gib Weswey new wheewies to hewp wawk. He put Weswey in wheewie hawness and hewp Weswey up, then Weswey know what do!”

“Was it hawd to wawk with wheewies?” Cherry asked.

“Was hawd at fiwst.” Wesley says “Daddeh said it wike when babbehs leawnin to wawk, and it just took pwactice like wif Weswey’s fwuffy twicks. Now, Weswey can wun an pway an do stuff wit otha fwuffies.”

Berry perked up at the last part and grabbed a FluffCo Fluffy Safe Ball. “Weswey wan pway baww wif fwuffies?” he said as he passed the ball to Wesley.

“Weswey wuv baww!” he replies as he passed the ball to Cherry. The passing ball game continued for a few minutes of finished footage, then they kicked the ball and ran after that. Eventually, Wesley played with blocks, played hide and seek, and tag with Cherry and Berry in their safe room. His owner, Mr. Butlertron, said that Wesley didn’t get to play with other fluffies too much because he has to work a lot and Wesley is his only fluffy. Wesley later joined Cherry and Berry with their dances, ate spaghetti with them, and did general fluffy pony things.

As the special ended Cherry and Berry both gave Wesley big hugs “Wuv new fwiend, Weswey” Berry says

“Weswey just wike any otha fwuffy wif his wheewies” Cherry says, hugging him tightly. You wouldn’t know how hard it was to get her to say that sentence. Wanted to show other fluffies that a disabled fluffy can be just like the rest, and they weren’t scary. Cherry said it first, which is why we used her take. The fluffies were fine with Wesley after the initial curiosity of his wheelchair harness was satisfied, again, they’re all loving, and were happy to have a new friend to play with. Just really needed one of them to say that to encourage any disabled fluffies in the audience.

Cherry and Berry wave as Wesley exits the set. Katie enters “So, did you two have fun with your new friend today?”

“Yeah wuv meeting new fwiend!” Cherry says as she hugs Katie’s leg.

“Weswey pway bestest games, gib good huggies!” Berry says. Then the safe room lights dim and their night light turns on, so they prepare their closing lines. Cherry and Berry know how the routine goes, and we knock out that last part quickly.

Thus concludes our very special episode. Was aired to test audiences, mostly consisting of the disabled fluffies who didn’t quite make the cut to guest star on the episode. Reactions from them were mostly positive. Again, not every fluffy is missing their hind legs like Wesley was, but hopefully it will help recently disabled fluffies adjust, seeing a fluffy like them on TV. Maybe it won’t, who knows? Fluffies themselves tend to be fine with disabled fluffies. They will ask questions if the disability is obvious to them, but if the fluffy is willing to play nice with them, they’ll forget about it. Again, this reaction will vary depending on the individual fluffy and their disability. Although victims of abuse tend to have more psychological trauma, and they will take longer to get over that, if they can. Sadly, huggies don’t fix everything, but that doesn’t stop fluffies from trying.

Still have to make more specials, even an anthology of previous content like “Cherry and Berry are Best Friends 2” won’t fill the requirements for the Fluffy Pony Day sale. Maybe you can see if another crossover with Brent Spiner will be a two for one as far as the requirements go. Even if it isn’t, can still do some lines in the breakroom with Brent, that always helps during a long day.


But can they do a pillow fluff episode? Seems like it would be a challenge


Showbiz: Never work with children or animals.

FluffTV: Hold my beer!


Not sure, would have to think about that. A pillowed fluffy is most certainly a victim of abuse, whether that be industrial in the case of milkbags and the like, or just someone wanting to abuse their fluffy, maybe a misguided attempt to make their fluffy easier to take care of and less accident prone. Although a pillowed fluffy would require more care, would have to keep them entertained, fed, take them to the litterbox, clean them, check for bedsores, and deal with the mental torment they caused. If you’re going to pillow a fluffy to make it easier to take care of, then maybe you shouldn’t get a pet, biotoy or not.

Fluffies groom themselves like cats, lots of licking and such, thus bathing isn’t really an issue unless they get stuck in something messy like mud or shit. Plus, this helps them keep clean with their fear of water. A litterbox tends to be cleanish, because they bury their shits, although with as much as a fluffy pony shits, their litter needs to be changed often. Self cleaning litterboxes only go so far.

Not sure about a pillowed fluffy, and unless it was a case like Muffin’s Tumbly, born without legs, so it wouldn’t have the memory of having legs, I don’t think the network would want to do an episode. After all, Fluff-TV is all about showing happy fluffies. The most negative emotions depicted are sadness from misunderstandings that are quickly resolved with an apology and huggies.

Fluffies are all loving and just want huggies and pway, so I’m sure they’d accept a pillowed fluffy easily. Just concerned about how a pillowfluff would act for the camera. Can’t have one saying “Whewe weggies? Pwease make weggies come back.” all the time and have it be usable footage.

Will have to think about it.


The ad revenue alone makes it worth it. Fluffies, like small children, don’t realize they’re being sold to, so for them, an advertisement can be just as entertaining as the show. This combined with a fluffy pony’s ability to go on and on and on about something they like makes for sales of overpriced, but fluffy safe toys.

Low effort shows like “Babies!” are basically money printing machines after they have a critical mass of footage. They can even sell fluffies who aged out, or became unsuitable for “Babies” for a premium at affiliated stores. Someone’s going to pay extra to get that cute burgundy coated, blue maned dancie babbeh they saw on “Babies!”. Also encourages fertile mares to want babies, which leads to sales of foal specific products, or at the very least higher quality fluffy food to ensure the mare’s getting proper nutrition so she has a less likely chance of having runts.

The problem comes with sterilized mares, who can become despondent after asking for babies only to be told they can’t have them. Thus more higher concept shows like "Fluffy Life with Cherry and Berry exist, to entertain your fluffies without getting them to want foals.

Bob Barker was right, “Help control the fluffy pony population, have your fluffy pony spayed or neutered!”


There’s the story about the cyborg Fluffy Circuit, where the disabled Fluffies help take care of the former Milkbag who is happy to nurse abandoned and crippled Foals because its her choice to, as a bit of inspiration maybe. The Fluffies with prosthetics help her in and out of a rickshaw-like cart and carry her where the humans taught her she needs to be at the various points of the day. She in turn acts as a kind of motherly rolemodel, her assurances they aren’t ugly monsters being believable to the cyberFluffies.


Wouldn’t, at a certain point, those shows would hit the rerun status, where the network feels safe canceling them and just recycling footage and timefilling with them by only shooting a small new segment every once in a while? The creators would get the boot of course, making ratings envy mire of an existential fear.

Also, how would they respond to cheap cartoons?

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By this point, the repetitive shows like “Babies!” or “Dancing!” are mostly working with a backlog of footage. New segments are shot, but it’s mostly just “Oh shit, we should do a seasonal specific segment” sort of thing. Or maybe adding new footage of things like dancie babbehs for example. That’s the beauty of “Babies!”, it doesn’t require much effort once it’s done, but getting enough footage to hit that critical mass was an issue, because any fights, sadness, crying, anything that isn’t cute babies being cute, can’t be used. It does require new cast members regularly, because a fluffy is only a foal for a few weeks, and not every one of them can tolerate set life.

“Dancing!” does spend more time shooting new material, but that’s more because of new songs to add to the soundtrack CD’s/downloads that your fluffy will ask for constantly, and play non stop. Also features enough Christmas themed episodes and music to fill up their timeslots throughout the month of December. Can only imagine the PTSD the crew gets whenever they hear one of their songs, must be like former retail workers hearing one of the 15-20 songs that played on loop at their old jobs.

I have cheap cartoon ideas in the works, been thinking about whether fluffy audience would like the cartoon fluffies or seeing real fluffies on TV more. Also have to watch for fluffies directly emulating what they see on TV, so that does limit cartoons a bit. Fluffies are tougher than they look and have good hearts, but they are really stupid, and accidents are the number one cause of death of domestic fluffies, number two is environmental related deaths.


They could use cartoons as higher level safety PSAs. Use the ability to control the reality and show dangerous situations without the extra layer of reality like showing no blood or crying, or to do things a Fluffy actor would be almost impossible to get through. You don’t even need a Fluffy to do voiceover half the time, C&B can narrate over it. Or have a human voice actor for lines a Fluffy would have difficulty with. You could even switch from animated segments to live action ones, since the audience would think both are real.

Also probably cheaper than shooting on-site in some cases.


I sense someone with good knowledge of the entertainment industry. That makes these even more entertaining to read.

Getting childlike talent to say their line ‘spontaneously’… hoo boy, I can just bet that was a nightmare.


I have very limited entertainment experience, was a stagehand at a local news station for like a year. I just remember when we did a children’s segment and all the takes it took to get the kids to say their lines properly and not be making faces, picking their noses, and such. Standard school picture day stuff that got worse the more there were. Quit doing large group stuff then, easier to get the footage we wanted when they were one on one or in small groups. Number one rule I learned about working with children is be patient, but also be prepared to scrap a lot of footage, because there’s no guarantee, especially with random kids from a charity event, or a girl scout wanting to talk about cookies with her mom.

Also would pre record the adopt a pet of the week segments after one of the cats vomited on the anchor’s blouse on a live segment. She rolled with it, after all, cats do vomit, just a fact of life. The director decided to pre record them after that.

Other than that, I’ve read some stories of child actors, and what to expect. Heard the nightmares that are stage moms, so I decided to have the fluffies owned by the studio, with a handler on staff to act as mummah/daddeh. A few handlers, so they’d have someone there at night to check on them if something on their real safe room’s camera looked weird.


I actually have a pillow fluff character who can still “run” with the help of special “shoes” on her leg nubs and only gets depressed about her lack of legs when you take away her shoes or ask her how she lost her legs. I’d imagine a character like that would be a good fit for the show. Well that or one of those pillow fluffs that get fitted with what is essentially a go-cart they can control.