A Yard Attack and a Truth Revealed Chapter Seven: A Truth Revealed Part One (by blibber3)

As I was about to answer I notice the time. May as well swing by the Fluffy Hospital and see how Arabica and Iron are doing as well as take Hershey home. "We’ll continue this when I get back, but before I forget, I need you to come with me for a bit," I tell him. " B-bu smawty-fweind towd da twuth…" "I know but I need to make sure of something. Another thing, how are you around pointy-wingy fluffies?" "Dey wook a wittw siwwy bu’ nu hab scawdies." he replied. I put him in a carrier and take him with me to the Fluffy Hospital.

(At the hospital)

“Hey doc, how are they doing?” I ask. “Oh, they’re both doing okay now that Iron regained consciousness. All three of them are in good spirits for the most part. Iron will have a bit of mood sometimes though when he sees that his leg is gone but it clears up when he sees Arabica and Hershey. What’s with the one in the carrier anyway?”

“About that, can you do a DNA comparison on this guy here (I hold up the carrier) and compare it to Arabica’s? I have a hunch about something but need to be sure.” I ask, hoping that it’s not too much to ask. "He would have to stay overnight though. All of the doctors in that department are booked today. We are gonna need his name though…" He tells me. Guess he’s getting a new name sooner than I think. “How about Cheddar, that ok with you?” I ask the unicorn in the carrier. "Cheddaw hab nyu namesies? Cheddaw WUB namesies!" He confirms. "All right, Cheddar it is and his file is ready. Come on Cheddar, you’re staying the night here," the doctor says while taking the carrier from me. Time to go see my fluffies. Bet they miss me.

(At Arabica’s and Iron’s hospital room)

Okay, time to brighten their day. "Hey you three, why so down?" I say. “DADDEH!” the three of the reply and hug me when I get close (I have to be extra careful with Arabica due to her injuries). “Miss 'ou su muchies! Wewe 'ou gu?” Arabica asks me. “Well, I had to take care of those mean fluffies that hurt the three of you. In fact I got something special planned for the one who hurt Iron. But to make sure, Iron, that was your former smarty that attacked you?” I ask him. “Yus it is, daddeh. He vewy dummeh.” He confirms. I spend the next few hours having fun and making all three of them happy.

Eventually though, Arabica and Iron decide to take a nap and you see Hershey sleeping already. I pick her up gently but still wakes her up. "Wai no sweepie daddeh? Nee’ sweepie by mummah and (yawn) daddeh…" She mumbles before going back to sleep. “We gotta get you home Hershey.” I walk out of the room to take her home when I see their doctor. "Good thing I caught you. An appointment canceled so we were able to do the test you requested early. The DNA markers from Cheddar match roughly 50% of Arabica’s DNA markers so biologically he is her father." He tells me.

Sometimes I hate being right and sometimes I love it. I guess I now have to break the news to the family. I wonder how Arabica will take the news.



Sweet now she has two DADDEHs


Wow it is her father :+1: same as all of us wonder how arabica feels when it was revealed.

Hope Iron recovers.

I do felt curious what horror awaits for shitty eggplant. :smiling_imp: