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General Fluffy story/art/game conversation.
Most memes, and conversation that doesn’t involve fluffies should go in shitposting.
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I don’t feel like community posts should be muted by default. There may be some posts there that people should see, and if they are muted, people won’t even get the chance to see them unless they are following the author (the history of the fandom, for example). Stuff like questions and polls also need attention, but many people won’t even realise these posts exist.

It took me 22 days to realize community posts are muted and that’s only because I made them. I’m not the brightest person, but there will definitely be more people who miss stuff because of this


You do have a point.
I muted them because I was expecting a LOT more memes.
(you have no idea how many memes I delete from the subreddit each week)
I’ll change that default for a while.
And for anyone that does not want to see the community posts, they can change the setting for themselves at


Apparently we just needed time to get bold enough.



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