Abuse with live bait. (by: artist-kun)


Actually, i know why.

Its because of the satisfaction, because a bad fluffie got what it deserved!


Yep, While it’s entertaining to hurt innocent fluffies that did nothing wrong only wanting love. There something fun about clobbering scumbag fluffies.


Added the mare doesn’t want to be enf, and that look of that shitrat’s face is worth bashin it.


Effin’ peachy keen! This is so wonderful on so many levels! :hugs:

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Truly a very useful bait to fight feral fluffies.


What it did wrong was want love.


No teeth doesn’t stop you from swallowing




Knowing fluffies they’d choke on anything that is available for ferals

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Like poopies? The one consistent thing about these shitrats is how creamy their poop looks.


From what I’ve seen it’s the one thing that fluffies can eat without teeth other than milk, as ferals and some house fluffies will often force ‘poopie babbehs’ to eat it when they won’t allow them to get milk or care.

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Fluffy shit is wildly inconsistent in portrayal.

Logically speaking, the canon that they are a chimera of different creatures, liquid shit (with small pellets) factories who must eat constantly, weaponize their feces, and are omnivores (specifically from human genes) who can survive on grass alone suggests they have god tier breakdown but are shit tier, no pun intended, absorbers of nutrients and can subsist on absolutely anything that isn’t poison. Plus in early canon they were immune to infection and most diseases.


Portrayals show them starving to death despite eating grass, having solid shit, dying of diarrhea, becoming sick from malnutrition on a diverse diet, being unable to eat processed foods and meats, getting diabetes, and dying from eating shit.

The very fact they are human-tier omnivores who are immune to infection and absorb almost nothing means a Fluffy eating shit is doing almost exactly as well as the one getting food, just unhappy about it.
They shouldn’t get septic issues if they don’t get infections, they shouldn’t be able to get diarrhea because they have it 24/7.

Like everything else, Fluffy anatomy is purely plot armor. They could survive on feces alone and be the single strongest Fluffy in the herd since its the only one not starving to the point it can crush the emaciated Smarty if he tried to vent anger, or it will die slowly and miserably for a week from just smelling feces for an hour.

Again, logically speaking the fecalvores should be perfectly healthy and potentially the healthiest. Even unweaned Foals, so long as they are getting the feces of nursing Foals rather than adults.


You got me there XD The bastard wanted “love”

Beating up fluffies is fun regardless of method.

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Hahahaha yeah that’s also a way to make the mare pregnant. When she give birth sell the foals ans make money.

Hmmm… The owner let it first happen so he/she can beat a wild fluffy. That’s partly he get what he deserves.

I reckon the baseball bat to the face will do it tbh, not sure hunger is gonna be a factor :shrug: