Abusers are like animals?

the vast majority of abuse story don’t have enough of a plot to judge motive of the abuser , in general both hug and abuse stories are to the extreme of their respective scales neither of which are good people.

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A few. Different takes for each one. Pardon the stack of links.


Systemic Abuse for profit committed by a system of veterinarians, Fluffy welfare advocates, and rehabbers, including by Hugboxers.

A man learns to live with Fluffy Feral Herds, resisting the urge to Abuse or Hugbox them and just coexists.

An otherwise peaceful man sees their suffering as a means of dealing with his own emotions by ritualizing severe Abuse.

A Hugboxer who treats them like any other animal indulges in psychological sadism that treats them more as humans when she can justify it to herself as helping between her actual charity work, as a means of stress relief.

Insecure teenage boy is excited to torment Fluffies but is just kind of stupid and bad at everything.

The world of Fluffies just being a shitty place, where many humans are treated similarly.

A man with the patience of a saint dealing with ones that may deserve some actual punishment.

A dragon treating humans the way humans treat Fluffies, using Fluffies the way an Abuser may treat one well to make the otherFluffy feel worse.

Fluffy is Abused then saved from Abuse for equally pointless reasons.

Fluffies get some legal protections by association because living Barbie dolls are created and it made people uncomfortable.

Guy who is a light Abuser/bully of humans and Fluffies (part of a series, unfinished).


Thank you! This is great list!

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To be fair, that is mostly my soft spot for cripples, bastards and broken things.

I prefer to write abuse because I find it more narratively satisfying to have an obstacle for Fluffies to overcome and then utterly fail because they’re Fluffies. But even if a character starts out life as “fuck you, that’s why”, I feel the need to explain more about them because the why of abuse is often more interesting than the how.

Josef and Crimson started out as thoughtless monsters before I expanded on them, chances are my current monster Victoria will get some elaborate flashback at some point too


Where do I start on story?

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The Full Timeline can be found here, there’s a list at the start that details the release order which is the order I’d recommend since the Mongola Saga was built up with each new story rather than a cohesive whole.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them as best I can.


Thank you.

Is that what he was trying to say? Hmm, I feel like there may have been a breakdown in communication somewhere along the line—though for the life of me I just can’t put my finger on what it might be.

Yes. I am asking about story. Google translate could have help?

Indeed, the rather lackluster grammar doesn’t help, I had to read it twice myself.

However, I will also point out that if I, a non native english speaker and obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, still managed to figure it out, it should be reasonable that others would do the same.

In short, failure to understand someone might not always be their fault alone, so avoiding snarky comments about their skills may or may not make you look smarter. Or at least more polite.


Friendly word of advice: Google Translate is shit. I use DeepL instead, maybe you should try it out too.

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Will try, thank you.

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Yes. Just learning English has he or she. I am she because woman.
Should remain on machine translate?

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If you’re not confident in your english, feel free to use a translator to help yourself!

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I had tried to not use one, but I guess I better use one. (Used translate now)

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I agree with everything you just said. :smiley:

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