Adopt interest check? (By Spacesheep)

Would anyone be interested in these adopts if I sold em for like 5 bucks? I’m trying to get money for a very special fluffy I will be buying from a friend that some of you may know (will be keeping information about this a secret for now for the fun of it!) And I remembered these adopts I never finished! I will color them digitally if people are interested, and I’d also accept pre-claims if there’s one you really want even without seeing the colors! I’d also be open to making custom fluffy adopts if anyone is interested or I can also take fluffy commissions so just let me know if you’re interested!
Mega Fluffer Mommeh and Babbeh were pre-claimed!


How do you accept payment…? PayPal or…?

PayPal mainly although I can also accept cashapp!

I’d love to buy this pair off of you then! Message me privately and we’ll exchange information.

Oh golly gosh some of these are oh so cute!!

Goddamnit, that goofy grin and the cheeks and the socks! I must have him. DM me and I can PayPal you. Lol.

Somehow I missed this notification! Messaging now,