Adoptables 01 (InfraredTurbine)

Sup Ya’ll


I was testing out some brushes earlier and this foal here (Charlie) happened
I didn’t want to leave it in the galery, so I thought of maybe making it an adoptable kinda like
Selfish choices, until the next SC drops next month.
Not gonna be a series, but if people likes it, I may do more, based on what people prefers to see

I wouldn’t call it an adoptable actually, since I wanna sell and ending for it.
How does it work: You can buy and ending for it, describe in details how you want his fate to be, and I’ll be drawing it, with background, details, all of it :v

His name is Charlie, it was abandoned in a park, inside a picnic chest. His mother decided she was gonna buy a better colored foal, pink and blue with white sparkles in its mane. But wait, this “poopie babbeh” here would be extremely sad, since his mummah got another foal, a much better foal than him, so why not just… abbandon it in a park ? Poor foal… His only crime was being born with wrong colors.

If you wanna buy an ending for him, I’m selling it for 25$. You can pick its ending in colors, background and it all ^^

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!


He must now give licky cleanies to the park latrines everyday.


Seems fair to me :shrug:


Concuerdo con ese final?


The image has nothing to do with the theme of “adoption”, it’s the wrong tag. We need an #adoptables tag.


Poor little foal.

I would definitely take it home and see if it’s got a good personality for breeding.


Usually down for some good carnage. But if the fluffy is mostly ok then its feels unworented , it would be funny if some dose pick him up and dyes his color’s just for shenanigans

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How does adopting work?

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I’ll give ya a dollar for him.

I normally charge 30$ for fluffies, but for adoptables would be 25$

How selfish of him! HIM POO EAT NUM NUM! :gotsketties:

An adoptables tag would be very handy to clarify between characters up for adoption and work about adoption for sure