Adoptables 02 (InfraredTurbine) - adopted -

02 of this series, here’s a smarty, found in a park. Apparently it was brought here after some people wanted to hurt it (even some fluffy wanted to). It may look like a bad smarty, but I know deep inside that someone has the patient to give him what he deserves: A loving home and a good ending… right ?

Following the same concept as the previous one, You can commission an ending for him for $26
After that, you can decide his fate, all in details, colors and background ^^

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!


Sure smarty why don’t ya look forwards ~ ( time to play my favorite game kick the smarty )


wanna give those chubby cheeks such a pinching they’ll be too swollen for him to eat much anyway


First of all, love this art.

Secondly, I would argue that a good ending for a bad smartie is a swift and relatively painless death. A jaw kick followed by a skull stomp would do the trick.

Of course, a horrendously painful and drawn-out death is always an option.

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reserved for Pastry knight. Sending payment shortly.

Want to take this guy.

Like a a fully foot in mouth kick, jaw shattered, nose broken, teeth flying everywhere, corners of the mouth torn and bleeding.

He can keep the dry chewy crust. Not that he can eat it.


The urge to kick this dickhead in his chin and break all his fucking teeth is stronger than I was expecting.


just look at them, they need to experience a swift and perfunctory attitude readjustment

Yeah… I’d either kick this little shit and/or stomp the food I gave him into the ground. Or, you know, take the food back and make him watch me throw it in the grabage can, letting him go hungry.

You’re relying on the generosity of the one you’re asking for food you little piece of shit. You don’t get to demand things from them and insult them after they just tried to help you by giving you food.

Sorry Box time! It would continue until they break

Chanting: " He gotta go! (He gotta go!) " X5 :laughing:

Give him a good hard kick in the ribs. When he’s knocked windless on the ground, and begins crying and chirping, taunt him: “What do you mean you’re ‘onwie a wittle babbeh’? Big stwong smawty can’t gibe no hoofies to meanie dummeh hoofie hooman?”

Sure, someone MAY be able to give the love he deserves…
…but will they get to him before he talks himself into a hole he can’t get out of (figuratively or literally)?

If I had the money I would commission this guy getting the American History X treatment.

Simply step on his lower back , and let him go from there