Adoptables CLOSED (roguesoul)

Tried my hand at adoptables, they’re free, just comment who you want below, and if I heart it your free to take them and do, well whatever you want with them- just let me know what you do with them.
Fruit Punch- Adopted by ChartreuseShroom
Oreo- Adopted by Blorb-Blorb
Aquamarina- Adopted by Pinkyfluffy
Frappe- Adopted by AMDk7
Cotton Candy- Adopted by Thatmotherfluffer


They all look so pettable.
I got a veritable fucking fleet of adopted fluffies already, but i am really tempted by Frappe since i have no alicorns.
As usual no ideas, but those will come to me.

I’m kinda in love with Fruit Punch if it would be alright to take her? Such lovely colors

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OREO please

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Well if nobody want’s Frappe, I’ll take her.

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Any fluffy items left to adopt?

Aquamarina ( the green one )

Cotton Candy and Aquamarina are still up

Can I have cotton candy

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Can i adopr AQUAMARINA?

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