Adopting a Good Toughie Friend 10 [FINALE] (by: Biorb_McBiorb) {aka me!}

“Hewwo? Jawwito? can 'ou heaw fwuffy? Coowah misses 'ou su much. Coowah knows that ‘ou wewe onwy doin’ what dat meanie Pedo towd 'ou, buh just su 'ou know… Dat mistah who gabe 'ou foweba sweepies? weww, he took us and gave us a housie! we aww wibe dewe nao!” Cooler was talking to the sky, not five feet from where his brother had died on impact from Clint’s swift kick, launching the poor toughie at the wall, smashing his head.

“Wotta stuff happened since ‘ou went to sweepies! dah whowe hewd got biggest home ebew! Oh, and whowe hewd got namesies too! Nao am cawwed Coowew! An’ ouw wittwest bwuddah? Now he’s Cwush!” Continued the melancholy Fluffy. Clint felt a heavy feeling weigh on his heart. He felt bad for what happened to Cooler’s Brother… But when he Killed Bubblegum, and left Pedo out to die? He LOVED that. But was it because he felt justified in his actions? He didn’t feel any joy from what happened to Jarrito. In fact, he felt even worse now then he did then.

“Nicest mistah Cwint fewt su bad about what happened dat he decided to awso gib 'ou namesies too bwuddah! Nao… Youw name am Jawwito! it weawwy gud name! Mistah Daddeh has been weawwy gud to dah hewd…” Clint kept thinking about what brought him that joy he was beginning to crave, was it really just as simple as hurting a Fluffy? No that couldn’t be it, If that were true then he would be smiling at the thought of this poor orange dumb-ass talking to a brick wall, literally!

But even thinking about calling Cooler a Dumb-ass made him feel bad, maybe he only enjoyed hurting Smarties? He did get quite a kick out of it. But it was something else, He didn’t enjoy the idea of hurting these… things, but he didn’t much enjoy the idea that some Fluffies would go out of there way to hurt, kill, rape, and steal from others. Maybe it was Congac’s death that fueled such hate outta him, because try to think as he might, he did love Fluffies.

“Then! Mistah Cwint sent Pedo an’ Bubbwegum 'way! nao Daddeh am dah Smawty!” Cooler was having a full on conversation with… nothing. But Clint knew damn well it was making Cooler feel much better. Clint was staring into space as he kept thinking about what he was as a Fluffy Owner… Was he a abuser? No he liked Fluffies too much to outright hurt one with no just cause… Was he a Hugboxer? Maybe, But after what happened to Pedo and Bubblegum, he wanted, nay, NEEDED that rush of adrenaline again. Then it hit him, no really, something hit, well tapped, his legs.

It was Cooler, he was trying to get his daddies attention. “Oh, sorry Cooler, my bad, i kinda got… Lost in thought is all, something wrong?” “No daddeh, Coowuh was just wowwied about ‘ou heehee, Coowah done tawkin’ wiff Bwuddah Jawwito, buh daddeh? Coowah know dat fwuffy awweady asked fo’ wot, buh can ask one mowe thin’?”

“Well, because you asked very nicely, sure.” Clint responded. “What’s up?”

“C-Can… Can Bwuddah Cwush come to awwey pwace next time? Think that wouwd be good fow jawwito to see boff bwothews.” Clint responded by picking up Cooler and hugging him. "Sure buddy, next time we’ll bring Crush. Cooler hugged his daddy back, He loved daddy Clint! And Clint loved Cooler, he loved ALL his Fluffies.

Clint, with Cooler in tow, walked into the Fluffmart, were greeted, and began looking for Cooler’s new Special friend… and maybe a Nurse Mare or two.

Your name is Lucky, and you hate being alone. You don’t know why your old mummah didn’t want to keep you, something about “being annoying and clingy” but… You didn’t do anything wrong, right? surely your mummah would come back and take you home! After all, she said she was getting a NEW Fluffy to play with! That means Lucky was going to get a new friend!

It never dawned on you that your mummah would never come back, or that the other Fluffy was your replacement. You had to keep thinking positive! Just like big daddeh used to say

“Think positibe, be positibe, an’ positibe things wiww happen!” You say to yourself, earning you a sorry hoof from one of the other Fluffies. “Shuddap stoopi’ Wucky! Positibe things dont happen to dummeh fwuffies, wike ou!”

That gave you some very nasty heart hurties… But maybe if your just did it anyways and said the thing to yourself, maybe it would happen!

You went to go play, eat kibble nummies, and take good naps! You go make good poopies in the litter-box, and you make sure that the Babbehs without mummahs don’t fight. You watch as lots of hoomins come thru the Fluffy part of your big house. Some look at you and say cute things! Others say meanie things that give heart hurties.

But, the next one doesn’t say a mean thing! He even has a Fluffy with him! You hear him say “The green one please.” You don’t take your eyes off of the fluffy, hes so…So handsome! So many things were racing thru your mind as a attendant came over and picked you up out of your large container! You didn’t even notice!


You were green… WAIT HE CHOSE YOU, he picked You! YAY! Finally! Someone who wanted you! Even if you were annoying! It didn’t matter, He didn’t care!

When the nice lady set you down in the play area, you saw the other fluffy, he was bright orange! And he had a bright yellow mane! He had some weird thingy on him but you didn’t care! You ran up to him, You played tag! You played with blocks! You did all that your heart desired! He said his name was Cooler! Such a nice name! You told him Yours and he liked it!

Then he asked you something you never thought another fluffy would ask you…

“Does Wucky wan’… to be Coowew’s Speshuw Fwend?” You never felt so happy before! You said yes! You hugged, and it was amazing! No Special Hugs though, have to wait for New Daddeh to say it’s ok.

Speaking of! You got to meet the nicest mister ever! Your New Daddeh! He was so big! bigger than any other fluffy she had ever seen! even bigger than the nice hoomins who worked in the housie! When you tried to look up and see his face you almost fell! You almost went wrong way upsies! But they caught you! New Daddeh Clint and Special Friend Cooler! they were so nice! You couldn’t help but make happy wawas!

This was the bestest day of your whole life!

You’re Clint, and you just spent a nice sum on a Special Friend fro Cooler, Lucky. Two Nurse mare, Jolene, and Hera. Both had some very decent colors, Jolene being a Light Grey with a Yellow curly mane, she wasn’t Spayed like most nurse mares, mostly because she had no interest in babies, she loved to care for them but never got that itch, even with the FluffyTV playing on a nearby wall. She liked em, but didn’t like the idea of making them. She was trained as a Nurse mare but Clint was told to just be weary, and to maybe get her spayed just in case. Clint assured the Attendant that if she got that itch he would take responsibility for her, and also promised that he would come back for another nurse mare, just in case. When Clint asked why Jolene didn’t want to make babies, she responded with a very shy “c-cos Jowene wike… wike mawes.”

Huh… Neat, didn’t know Fluffies could be into each other like that.

Hera had been Spayed, but more importantly, she was actually a Cow Fluffy, she was the most expensive of the 3 but Clint knew she would be a fine addition/investment to the Family, besides, having four Teats is better than two. Clint had heard about Different species of Fluffies but man, this cow fluff was a sweetheart! her Attendant who cared for her told you she was great with babies. She knew never to encourage Bestes behavior, and knew all the tricks of the trade. She was polite, kind. his foals would love her… Clint just hoped they didn’t call her a monster and run away.

With the four Fluffies in tow, Clint began to leave the store, until he heard a familiar noise. A shrill yell, that only a Fluffy could make. It was coming from The alley as he passed it. “OK guys, I’m gonna be right back, while I’m gone, Cooler is in charge, so no bad poopies and no bad wawa.” The Fluffies responded with “Otay!” And “Otay New Daddeh!” And with that Clint closed the Door, Locking it, and opening his Truck bed’s attached toolbox, he grabbed a Crowbar. And headed towards the noise.

Clint approached the Alley, trying to be as quiet as he could. The walls stretched for a bit until it hit a opening to another along the back of the FluffyMart. As Clint drew closer he could hear the noise more clearly now. It was definitely a Fluffy, but it didn’t sound like his sweet Gwen like when he had picked her up around here. No this one sounded male, and it sounded mean.

“Stoopi’ mawe wied to Smawty! dewe am nu othah fwuffies hewe! 'ou twied to twick Smawty!” The proclamation was followed by a order that made Clint beam with that rage he oh so craved.

“Cos ‘ou wied, Smawty gon’ use youw Wastes’ Babbeh fo’ Speshuw Huggies”

A mix of Cries and begging came from he mare, but were all bu silenced when the Smarty’s Toughie Friend jumped on her, trying to force himself on her.

That’s all he needed to hear, Clint turned the corner to see said Smarty, who was WAY to fat, while the Toughie was having his way with the poor mare, The Smarty was trying to get the baby, cursing it as he ran, well waddled, after it. It wasn’t until the Baby ran right up to you that the Smarty saw you.

“Dummeh Hooman! gib dummeh Mawe’s wastes’ Babbeh! nee’ it fo’ speshuw huggies!”

Music to Clint’s Ears.

You are Cooler, And you have been waiting for your daddy for a LONG time! You were starting to get worried, but Lucky was there to comfort you. Lucky was so nice, You couldn’t wait to have babies! you were going to love all of them! No matter what they looked like, or what kinda Fluffies they were!

Your thoughts stopped as you saw your daddeh coming back! Yay! B…but hes covered in boo-boo juice!

You begin to panic and try to get the nice metal munster to let you out, but it doesnt!

Daddy Clint opened the Munser and to Cooler’s Surprise he was holding a baby! One of it’s See-Pwaces had bad cutties! Daddy’s other not weggie was behind his back, bu tyou smelled another Fluffy…

Daddy Cwint explained he had found another meanie Smarty! He was trying to give bad hugs to the pretty baby, that made you so mad! You wanted to ask Daddy to let you go give the worst huries to the Smarty! But he told you he already though of that! Daddy is so smart!

Daddy Clint showed his other not weggie and he was holding a really pretty Fluffy! That Fluffy was so Fatties hehe! Daddy explained that THIS was the Smarty!

You asked to give him hurties, but he said no. That made you a little sad. But you never begged before, and you weren’t going to start now! Daddy said he was going to bring the Smarty back home so he could make it not a Smarty. Cooler didn’t know Daddy could do that!

Daddy then gave he baby to New Moo-Moo Freind Hewa, she was really nice! And she began to give that babbeh miwkies!

Daddeh threw that dummeh Smarty in the back of the Metal Munstah, and hen we started going back home! Today was great! But you didn’t know why daddeh had wawa on his face, but you didnt ask, you just kept hugging your special friend!

Today was great! No matter hoe much your worried, Your Daddy would always be there to help and keep you safe! You loved Daddy!

Today was great, Clint thought to himself, getting into the truck. He had gotten all he needed, some nurse mares, a Special friend for Cooler, and even a Outlet for him to figure out what he liked and didn’t like. And a motherless baby…

He had lied to Cooler to save him he pain of knowing what really happened to that poor mother.

About what happened back in he Alley he told Cooler he would take him and his brother back too…

Clint had scooped down and picked up the baby, he was a Unicorn, and he was still probably drinking milk, nothing solid. Clint set the baby in his Coat pocket, while the baby seemed to protest, the warm pocket was just so nice, the foal seemed to calm down almost immediately.

The Smarty was pissed that you stopped him from getting special baby hugs. He began to do the Smarty tirade. “Dummy” this, and “Poopie” that. Clint didn’t care, he toned the Smarty out as soon as the foal was in his pocket. Clint responded to the Smarty’s Demands and threats with a example.

In a swift motion Clint went over to the Mare who was fighting to get he Toughie off of her, a Bash to the head from Clint stopped he Fluffy Rape from going on any further, but the damage was done, the Mare’s Legs were broken, she was on the verge, and didn’t respond to Clint’s rescue. She just… Derped, right in from of him, Eyes asque and chirping like a foal. Clint felt horrible for the poor thing, she was a beautiful mare, a Unicorn like her baby, but she had a Silver colored fluff, and a Dark Red Mane, Natural Curls just like Jolene.

Clint was pissed but did the merciful thing, he knelt down and began to pet the distraught mare.

“Your Name… will be Suzie, and your baby? Ill take good care of her… I promise”

Suzie began to coo and nuzzle Clint’s Hand as he stroked her mane, such a nice hoomin, she thought, blissfully unaware of he fact that Clint had moved his hand up to her head, moving closer to her face.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

Before she could exclaim any sort of pain, Clint had placed his Hand over Suzie’s muzzle. cutting off any oxygen to her. She began to panic, and as she tried to look at Clint, tears began to well up. She couldn’t do anything. And neither could Clint. As Suzie’s breathing came to a halt. Clint kept his hand over he mare’s muzzle. Once he was sure, he waited a second to see if she would snap back to life…

She didn’t.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

Clint’s well of rage had been filled and he turned to see the Smarty was gone, but not too far away. He was hiding behind a box along the wall of the Alley, covering his eyes. He kept repeating the phrase “nu can see, so Munstah can no see Smawty.” He was wrong, and to his surprise Clint found him.

Clint began to beat into the Smarty with a fury he never knew he had, he started with the fucker’s legs, breaking each of them, then beating the broken legs over until they looked like socks filled with sand and blood.

The Smarty was a Pegasus. He was fragile too. If Clint had taken a second to look over the Smarty, he would have realized he had another prized Smarty on his hands. The Shitrat’s Fluff was a Deep Green like an Emerald. His mane was Silver, Metallic looking too, Like hundreds of strands of Steel wire had replaced his mane as the Smarty developed. But right now? Clint didn’t care about the Smarty’s Colors, or his mane, he only cared about beating the shit out of this fucker.

the Smarty begged and pleaded with Clint, only to receive smack after smack to the face, soon he laid Unconscious at Clint’s shoes. Still breathing. “Good” Clint said. “Because your going to get whats coming to you, a thousand times over” Clint picked up the limp Smarty and brought him to his car.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

He was covered in blood and viscera, he didn’t care, his Fluffies would care tho. So he lied to them. He was a Abuser, hiding behind the facade of a Vengeful man. The realization came to him as he was driving back o he house with his new Fluffy additions.

He would only hurt the ones who deserved it, he told himself. He never wanted to to come to the realization that he would absolutely tear a foal in half, because he would. God it would be so easy. and the thought of doing gave Clint butterflies.

So he lied to his Fluffies, and he lied to himself. He Loved Fluffies. He truly did. He loved everything about them! The care, the love, the way they talked… they way they screamed… the way they cried as their legs broke in wrong directions… He love it all. But he love his Fluffies more than his desire to hurt.

So he swore he’d never cross that line. He would never Abuse a innocent Fluffy, he swore to only hurt the ones who deserved it. As Clint drove he was quiet. He looked a Cooler and Lucky, they were happy, and that made Clint happy.

And as long as they were happy. He was happy.


As long as his Fluffies were happy. He was happy


Clint looked back to see the Emerald colored Smarty.


He was going to be even happier when he woke up.


I’m like… 90% sure I’m gonna change the name of this story to like

“The Nice Mister Munster”

What do yall think?


Oh man with the itch sound making it scary that Clint might or not turned hope he keep control and not to have his fluffies sees it.

Nice ending its almost feels and open ending,it can go any paths from here.


Such is the way with Fluffies, you learn to love the good ones, and you learn to love hurting the bad ones.

It’s a strange balancing act, but I think Clint can manage it.



Jests aside, I loved the series!


thank you so much man! I was beginning to worry that people wouldn’t like this series


well its a good thing i plan on making more stories!



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sorry i dont speak italian


It’s German… Anyways Google translate says “Help! The monster in me will explode!”
I don’t know where I could get such chair but I need it


Could always paint the porcelain of your toilet tank. :slight_smile:

I laughed but someone beat me to the correction. It’s from an old anime/manga classic, Monster (by Naoki Urasawa).

It was one of the first anime that made me feel the genre was actual art/storytelling.

Definitely a recommended. :slight_smile:


chef’s kiss

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