Adopting a Good Toughie Friend (by: Biorb_McBiorb) {aka me!}

for a long time Clint had wanted a pet, something to love, to cherish, to just give the poor man some much needed joy in his life. Clint had heard of “Fluffys” these man-made pets, his coworkers said, Biotoys, he had heard about how needy and how much care it takes to love and raise even one, but after a some thinking, he decided. he was gonna adopt one

after parking his car, getting out, and walking his way to a nearby Fluff-Mart, Clint heard some faint chirping, a “pwease babbeh, pwease nu make noise, monstews maybeh heaw 'ou!” intrigued by the noise, he decided to investigate the noise, and to his surprise he finds a Family of Fluffies!

a Colt, a Mare, and four little children, the Colt had brown fur, with a dark green mane. the Mother was a surprisingly beautiful, albeit dirty, she had deep black fur, with a white mane, but also a horn and wings! she was a alicorn, as well were 2 of her children, the first was a large black baby, probably the favorite, no horns or wings, the next was a brown alicorn the next 2 were both dark green, but by god himself one of the green ones was the size of a softball!, not fat mind you, it was large in the sense he was well built, for a fluffy , that is.

“WEABE FAMIWY AWONE OW EWSE GET WOWSTES’ FOWEBAH SWEEPIES” the presumed father cries out, as he sees this new hoomin try to approach his family, all while the mother tends to her brood. “it am otay’ babbehs speshuw fwend wiww pwotect us fwom scawy hooman munsta. Pwease be quiet babbeh’s! nee’ to be quiet!” the mother hugs and loves on all her children, just trying to keep them calm and quiet, trying her best to hide her babys fro this new scary Human. to her credit, she is doing a decent job, all but one of her foals are remaining calm, a over fed fat fluffy, its scree’ing at the top of its lungs for more food, it doesnt know why its not being fed, but it doesnt care.

“Wow, you guys sure do make a lot of noise, huh? are you guys lost? where is your family?- oh uh i mean… your hoomin daddeh and mommy?” at the mention of a previous mom and dad the mother starts to tear up, the father sees this and replys to my question almost immediately.

“why ‘ou bwin’ up owd meanie munsta daddeh an’ mummah?! Dey gib owwies tu fwuffy’s speshuw fwend! towd hew that she was wowstes’ fwuffie ebew, buh that not twue! speshuw fweind am dah bestes’ fwuffie ebew!” as the Fluffy father said this tears began to collect in his eyes. the feral fluffy loved his special friend, a whole lot!

“so now you guys don’t have a home now huh?” as if to agree the father begins to sob quietly thru his angered expression. “no herd either?” and as Clint finishes the word Herd, the already distraught father beams with anger. “Owd hewd wewe dah wowstes’ ebah dey… dey make fwuffy do howwibwe thin’s! hope dey aww get foweba sweepies!”

this fluffy was very visibly miffed

“used tu be wun of dah smawty’s toughie fwiends, wiked bein’ a toughie fo’ a whiwe. Den, Smarty stawted… Smarty… S-smarty did thin’s to wittwe c-chiwpy babbehs! Smawty was munsta!”

the poor father was saddened by what he did for his, very fucked up, old leader. He only wanted to keep his family safe, his children, safe, he needed to be a good father.

and Clint saw that.

“well… i am looking to adopt a fluffy or two, it seems you guys have lived a hard life. would… would you guys like me to take care of you?” the sudden question threw off the fluffy father. Why would this hoomin try to take care of him and his family? he was an Outside fluffy, he didnt have pretty colors like his special friend, he was a poopie ugly fluffy, he barley deserved his amazing family… but life with a hoomin is the safest! As long as he promised to protect his family he didnt care! a life inside would be safe!

“otay’ wiww come wiff ‘ou, buh ‘ou nee’ to pwomise somethin’ to fwuffy.” the father responded

"Ok. name it "

“‘Ou hab to take cawe of aww babbeh’s, dey am stiww wittwe, nee’ to be safe, pwease nu sepewate us”

“Ok. deal!” as the father hear the agreement to his condition, he was ecstatic! His family was going to be safe! from his old herd, from the munsters, for everything! That feeling quickly changed to fear as he heard a familiar voice call out from behind the his nyu daddeh.

“Dewe 'ou am stoopid not-toughie!”


Pwease pwotect famwy!!