Adoption: The Big Brother (TheBigBrother)

It’s been a while, glad to get the time to draw a tiny bit, Yall are as creative as ever, let’s think of some fluffy reasonable rules for the little dude to be held too. :smiling_imp:


I don’t know what the rules are but I sure hope it gets more hurties

glad to see you back!


Rule 1: Learn to shit properly because I will not be carrying you to the litterbox every time you need to poop.

I am not a cruel man, so I understand you will require some training to use your… are those your legs? To use those things properly. So I will give you three strikes, and if you use up all three I put a nappy on you and we take a trip to the All Mare’s High School.

Or the All Stallions. Whatever your preference is because I don’t want to judge but also I cannot tell what the fuck you are, you’re all kinds of fucked up.


1: Eat everything put in front of you - leave even a crumb of food is frown upon.

2: No means no. Ask again after being told no is worth punishment.

3: Behaving when around guests, asking them for things is worth a punishment.

4: Speak when spoken to when guests are around.

5: Shit and piss belongs in the litterbox.

6: Unless in pain or dying, whining about stuff (like food isn’t skikki) is frown upon.


Missed you fella! Glad you’re back

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List of perfectly reasonable, non-negotiable rules.

1. Shall use ALL eyesies to behold your new daddehs banevolent brilliance.

2. Shall have ALL weggies and not be a useless no weggie piece of shit.

3. Shall NOT be a garbage color like say, piss bile yellow, and instead be a pretty color.

4. Shall NOT be a Fluffy.

ANY rule breaking WILL result punishment in the form of a painful and very looooooong and drawn out forever sleepies.

So how’s that sound champ.


A fluffy may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

A fluffy must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Rule.

A fluffy must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Rule.


“Fwuffy sowwie daddeh, weesponsez am wimedted, ou mus awsk da wite quwestun”


Why does it look like it has a hard shell taco lodged in it’s back?:thinking:
Anyway now on to the rules.
Yapering about babies/special friends will result in incarceration in the sorrybox until attitude improves.
You eat what I put before you or not at all.
If you smear your shit across the floor you will lose your toy privileges, you obviously don’t need them.
Feral fluffies are NOT your friends, you letting feral fluffies enter my property for any reason will result in them getting killed by my hand and i will force you to watch.
Be thankful, everything you have you have because of me and as easily as I give it to you I can take it away.

This is the best rule set so fare lol, made me chuckle which is nice, I was debating how I want this to go, but this gives me some ideas.

Lmao, you’re a genius, nice reference

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Welcome back!