OKAY FOOLS! Adoption time here at Uptown Fluffies!

A. Bowl Fluffy, Female, born and raised at the Mill. Rarer Pegasus breed. Like Bananas, amd is an all around sweetheart! Has the Sparkling Mane gene in all that mane of hers. Abnormally large tail. No signs of baby fever and was relegated to Nurse Mare after she refused the option of breeding. No name.

B. Alicorn, Male, born and raised at the Mill. Prime breeding stud, loves babies, but has a strange fear of the color Blue and Orange. Genetically short tail, asked for it removed, simply docked it. We think he likes Stalions but we have no confirmation of this yet. Natural Shiny Mane and Tail. Could possibly be able to pass to offspring if ever breeds. No name.

C. Tyson. Tyson was a rescue who showed great signs of health and pedigree, having a strange and unique tiger pattern on his coat. Retired fighter Fluffy, undefeated, and has unfortunately become derped due to the multitude of head injuries. Likes play fighting, and loves the idea of protecting foals from danger. Loves Peaches and Cream. Unicorn. Male.

First come first served! And if and when ya decide to use em, pls @ me cus i love reading and seeing the stories and comics you all make!



Can I have A? Can give her a nice home with other fluffies with no pressure of breeding her.

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Tyson looks and sounds kinda like fun.

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Pog, shes your numnuts

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Yeah he was a fucking fever dream creation ngl

I would like to adopt B. I already have a few ideas for him. No abuse, promise.

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Well if nobody wants him, I’ll have Tyson.
I don’t have any ideas for him yet, but my original ideas for Minnie have taken a U turn.

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