Adrian's Tough To Fluff (By: BrainStemScoliosis)


Hi all! I wrote a second story and this one is much longer though unfortunately that also means poorly editied. I hope you’ll enjoy it, I do plan to make this a multi-part project so hopefully the next parts will be smaller and easier to digest

Edits Notes

If you can read this I am or will be editing this to make it more legible and correct any errors. For you enjoyment of the story please check back soon when this message is no longer here

Your name is Adrian, you are the founder of tough to fluff, a fluffy control company in London Ontario. This was a part time hustle you started in your last years of your engineering degree, at first it was simply word of mouth and posters that would advertise your fluffy removal service. After the whole fiasco in Cleaveland fluffy exterminators had become a job in high demand so you decided to incorporate into a registered business and spend a few years working a your own company. That being said business was never great, despite the fears and rumors of feral herds growing larger and more destructive in recent years there was little work to do. So little that you inquired with the authorities of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York about offering your services to the other side of the border.

Canada like Mexico is spared from the troubles of feral herds even in the cities, that plague a lot of American states. The hostile climate, lack of food available to fluffies and local wildlife all seem to exist just to torture fluffies. It would seem that way if you were a biotoy so fragile a fucking beetle can maim you.

Regardless Adrian wasn’t in it for the money, the real reason he had started this job was because he enjoyed the power as well as the cruelty that was often requested by customers in this line of work. While most people calling tough to fluff wanted only but their lawn to be free of fluffies, fluffy owners especially hugboxers as Adrian had noticed often had “requests” of him. This would happen when invading fluffies had assaulted the owners fluffy, physically or otherwise. While most people would take great satisfaction in enacting revenge themselves it seemed some people couldn’t bring themselves to hurt fluffies even the evil ones. Adrian didn’t complain far from it, while he did not really enjoy having an audience to watch him delve into his depravity of torturing living beings that could talk, it did have its advantages, specifically as a torutre method. Adrian would make sure he current victim could see the owner of the house and would taunt the fluffy or tell it that the owner was going to give them a good warm home with skeetties and toysies and that the owner was a really nice mummah or daddeh but that by hurting their fluffy they had lost that opportunity.

Adrian loved this seeing the pupils of a fluffy dilate as the reality of their situation struck them and they would often try to fight their fate by pleading, promising, denying or his favourite; fighting it. There was something so damn satisfying about crushing those little things world, seeing them utterly break down and in some cases revert to the mental state of a foal. Of course Adrian could not get carried away, even if the majority of people identified and agreed with abusers more than hugboxers he still had an image to maintain and his business was centered on being as humane as possible to deserving fluffies.


Adrian snapped out of his daydream, he had nearly fallen asleep at a red light and was blocking the left lane. Carefully turning and cursing under his breath for blocking traffic Adrian continued driving his pickup to his next destination. He had gotten a call quite unlike any other, a child whos parents were presumably out to work or something had called him in a panic, babbling about intruders in his yard. Adrian ran to his truck still talking to the child getting an address and any relevant information. Fluffies were far from harmful to humans, in fact they were more prone to injuring themselves by attacking a human that doing any damage, yet they were not complete pushovers and small children could be somewhat overpowered by a single adult.

Not even taking the time to properly park on the curb Adrian jumped out of his pickup grabbed his duffle bag from the back seat allong with a hard shell case tied down to the truck bed.
The house was quite nice for the neighborhood, victorian style with two stories and dull but pretty colors made quite the gradient against the row of monotonic neon colored bungalows that lined the street. The house was surrounded by a rather tall fence at least five feet tall but in poor condition, with the blue paint flaking and buckling from the rotten wood below. Adrian pulled out his cell phone as he entered the yard and called the last number in his phone. The child picked up again still talking hurriedly but clearly calmer in his tone and without punctuating his sentences with deep gasps for air. Adrian told him to stay put in the house, that he was going to deal with the fluffies and in the meanwhile to call his parents and explain the situation. Adrian finished the call by telling the child not to look outside while he worked. The child mumbled yes and Adrian hung up.

‘Now time to get to work…’

Adrian began by opening his duffle bag, there would not be any need for any of the intruments in his hard case today, but it was useful to keep around anyways. Considering how nice the yard was and the abundance of fruit bearing bushes and long grass, the intruders would likely make a stand instead of simply running away when confronted. None the less he assembled his snare baton [authors note: I have no idea what those things they use to control and guide dangerous animals are but just think a metal pole with a loop at the end for holding onto necks], in case one of them made a run for their entry point. As he dug out his cleaning suit Adrian heard the distant chatter of fluffies and cheeps and peeps of foals. Donning his water and more importantly shit proof outfit adrian grabbed his snare and a garbage bag before walking towards the source of the noise.

Rounding the corner Adrian was faced with a decent sized herd. Two mares nursed foals near the wall of the house, making the most of the shade shielding them from the summer sun. A bright green pegasus was greedily eating berries from a bush despite being probably the most nourished of the group. Four our five walkie-babehs were playing some kind of game near the mares, hiding under bushes and climbing the small wooden fence that outlined the garden. Before Adrian could finish his tally, a barely noticeable poke came from his calf, it was a white unicorn with a gold mane. Poking at his lower leg while being flanked by two other adults, one dark blue with a black mane and the other a ligh yellow with an orange mane. Both puffing their cheeks and making direct eye contact with Adrian.

“Ah so you must be the smarty of this herd”

Adrian said squatting down so he could be closer to the unicorn, still towering above him but not by half a dozen feet anymore. He did this to make himself less threatening, that way the fluffies were more likely to overestimate their chances against a human which to him was hilarious.

“Dat am wight! Dis am smawty wand, smawty hewd and smawty nummies!” The while unicorn exclaimed angrily clearly unhappy at the lack of reaction from his pointy hurties “Ou’ dummeh jus wike dat babbeh hooman, leave smawty wand nao or git fowevah sweeepies!”

The smarty bucked and puffed his cheeks while the blue and yellow tougies stomped their hooves adding “Ou wisten to smawty dummeh hooman” and “weave now ow ewse!”

Adrian was clearly agravating them but he would not have his fun if they were not absolutely enraged, that way they would fight the very end and give up. Not nearly as fun to torture, that being said Adrain didnt want to waste his time aggravating them here, the ride to his building woud do that and if not he more than likely had the whole day left. Without saying a word he stood up and opened the garbage bag, walked to the green fluffy who was still fe feasting on the bush and without warning grabbed the fluffy by the scruff, causing the fluffy the chirp in surprise before exclaiming
“Bad upsies! Bad upsies! Nu want! Hewp fwuffy! CHRIP
Adrian pinched the green fluffies scrotum, not hard enough to cause dammage but firmly enough to elicit a second louder chirp and some laughter from himself before dropping it into the first garbage bag. The other fluffies were alert now, the foals were no longer playing near the garden and were now all running towards the mares peeping and chirping in fear while crying out

“Munstah! Munstah! Mummah save babbehs!”

The other foals unlatched from their mother teats and began crawling into their fluff, chirping and peeping in fear as they had heard the green fluffy cry out in pain and were now in full panic mode. Adrian left the mares and foals for now, he would need a separate bag for the mares and one for the foals. As he spun, Adrians left shin was slammed into by the dark blue fluffy. The toughie had barely enough time to recover from the impact with the leg before Adrian reached down to grab him, to his surprise the fluffy was fast and recognized the approaching hand as an impending danger. However, instead of running away the blue fluffy steeled itself, screamed
before biting down on Adrian’s hand with all the strength it’s jaws could muster.


Exclaimed Adrian as he dropped the garbage bag eliciting more chirps from the terrified green fluffy inside, using his now free hand Adrian grabbed the blue toughie by the scruff and pried its jaw from his fingers. Holding up the foal to be eye to eye Adrian stared into its wide, hazel eyes

“You’ve got some fight in you, I like that. I think I’ll keep you for last.”

The fluffy struggled in his hand trying it’s best to free itself from the grips of Adrians finger

It was no use, Adrian opened the garbage bag with his free hand and dropped the toughie on its brother, eliciting a chirp and the distinct noise of a fluffy shitting itself. This was taking too long and Adrian was anxious to get started on “disciplining” them, after all the unicorn had very good colors and could be worth a lot one Adrian had trained it. Violating his own rules of never putting foals with adults in transport, Adrian quickly grabbed the two remaining colts and dropped them into the bag, eliciting the same amount of protests and some sowwy poopies from the unicorn. Thank god for the cleaning attire that was easy to wash. He could hear all four of the fluffies struggling to get out of the bag and thought it may be a bit too weak to carry all these fluffies. So Adrian left the mares as they were, sobbing at the loss of their herd and terrified of their impending doom. If only it were so easy…

Adrian quickly dropped the garbage bag in the back seat and brought out a kennel and an other garbage bag. The foals were bound to get injured if they were just tossed with the adults, not to mention there was the very real possibility of the smarty taking out his frustrations on the foals. Hurrying back to the yard, Adrian approached the mares calmly and slowly, they were still sobbing and held all their foals very close to themselves, even the brown ones which was surprising since they all seemed to be pure ferals.

“I’m not going to hurt you or your foals” Adrian said calmly slowly reaching his hand under the bush the mares had commandeered as a hiding spot. “I can’t leave you here so im taking you to a new housie!” Adrian hoped the implication of adoption would cheer the mares up and perhaps make them more docile. As expected the mares and even the foals immediately went from sobbing and pissing themselves to excitedly cheering and exclaiming their happiness for their nyu daddeh.

Adrian smiled, so foolish and naive, so trusting of humans. Perhaps they didn’t know better or their pre-programed instincts were stronger than their fears of him, either way it would be the last time these fluffies would be so trusting of strangers. Adrian opened the kennel, it was made of clear acrylic as to not give fluffies the impression of being in a sorry box while also allowing Adrian to check on the fluffies easily. “Okay now all your big walkie babies can go in this fluffy box with the rest of your foals”.

“Whewe am mummah go? Babehs need mummah”
The lavender mare asked, softly as she stood up and stopped the eager foals from entering the kennel with her hooves. Adrian did not know what to say, he couldn’t simply tell them they were going to be tossed into a dark, warm garbage bag for the ride, but if he didn’t say something now the fluffies may not go into the kennel of their own will. Glancing at the other mare, a dull red with barely visible white spots, he saw his silent hesitation was eroding her trust as she also began holding her foals back.

“You’ll get upsies from me!” Adrian exclaimed a bit too enthusiastically “I know your foals need you but you cant fit in there, but you’ll still be able to see them until we get there” Adrian turned the kennel to show the mares the transparent side “It’s not very far anyways, and if you behave il make you all sketties” the mentioned of the venerable dish sealed the deal for the fluffies as they hurriedly began ushering their foals into the carrier before both sitting on their hind legs and adopting the upsies pose. Adrian closed the kennel before grabbing the lavender mare and caring both in his arms. “Now I can’t carry you both and your foals, so I need you to stay here and be a brave mummah while I bring your friend and the foals home, il be right back” The red mare seemed like she was about to protest but only let out a sigh before dropping her front hooves and saying “Yus daddeh, cwimson wait fo ou hewe”. Strange, this one had a name and had referred to itself as such, normally ferals didn’t have names and used fwuffy to refer to themselves and others. He had no time to ponder about that, Adrian hurriedly made his way to his car where the lavender mare became extremely agitated and began to struggle. “Whoa, stop it. I cant hold on to the foals and you if you keep moving like that” She immediately stopped struggling once Adrian reminded her of the precious and frail cargo that was in his other hand. The fluffy was scared, something was wrong, her new daddy said he’d be taking her home but right now he was placing her foals in metal monster! What was worse is she recognized the smell of her herdmates emanating from the black garbage bag that was on the seat adjacent to her foals. “Now stay here and be a good girl until I get your friend okay?”

Adrian carefully set the mare in the rear of his truck and hurried back to the house, he took apart his baton-snare [seriously if anyone knows what theyre called il owe you so much] and placed it in the duffel bag quickly taking off his cleaning pants before setting them in plastic foal mart bag to be cleaned later. Once he had the strap of the duffel over his shoulder and the hard case in hand, Adrian went back to where he had left ‘Crimson’. She was still there, if Adrian had a better memory he would’ve swore she hadn’t even moved, so still and unmoving was the mare that Adrian wondered if he was looking at a newly petrified fluffy or a real one. The excited chirps and cries of “daddeh!” proved the former wrong as Adrian put up his warmest smile and picked up the happy red mare. “Im sorry I was gone for so long sweetie, now its your turn to go home!” He said eliciting even more cheers from the mare, in fact she seemed so happy she was now cring and soaking his top with tears of happiness. Adrian carried her to the car dropping the case in the rear bunk before opening the back door, tossing the duffel on the floor and rather unceremoniously dumping crimson besides the lander mare who, was now sobbing again, pawing at the garbage bag and pleading “Pwease no-see munstah wet hewd go, babbehs nee see daddeh, and mummah need smawty fo find nummies”. As crimson eyed her surrounding, she was overcome with fear. This wasn’t a house it was a metal monster! It had eaten her and her foals, and turning arround she saw her herdmate trying to free other fluffies from a no see monster. Oh fluff oh fluff, she should have known better. Now her and her babies were going to die and it was all her fault. As crimson began to wail on the backseat about her fate, the lavender mare looked up at Adrian with pleading eyes expecting to see the same warm smile as before, only to be greeted with cold squirting eyes and a frown that nearly made her shit herself. She opened her mouth to ask her new daddy to save her but was only given the loud slam of the truck door, which startled all the fluffies, causing a cacophony of chirps and the rancid smell of scardie poopies.

Adrian went to the truck bed, tied down the hard case and jumped into his truck, ready to drive back to the facility for what would be a very, VERY fun day of work.


And thats it for today! I hope you enjoyed this story, I aimed to include some worldbuilding so its not just joe mama doing shit to fluffies because funni, while also giving a little bit of action. Feedback, comments and criticism are much appreciated


Solid start, I’m liking Adrian and his knowledge of Fluffy psychology, gonna be interesting to see how he fucks with the herd now.

The tool you’re looking for is called a ‘Grasper’, at least that the name I could find. It’s used to pull dogs in a certain direction with a Quick Release so it doesn’t choke them too much. Probably not great for Fluffy necks but if you could get it wound their middles you might be able to pick them up.

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The pole you’re thinking of is (in the USA) called a “catch-pole”, and is used most often on dogs by animal control.


I was a little confused with the green one in bag ->blue toughie attacks sequence, why was he eye to eye with a foal? I thought he grabbed the blue toughie that slammed into his shin, who are the two colts you’re talking about? they weren’t mentioned before.

Also he should calm down the mares instead of revealing his true colors right away, they could fill his car with shit and try to run away.

One last thing why did he change his clothes? he wasn’t pooped on, he just carried the mares to the car.

Other than those small gripes, good story definitely wanna see more

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First off thanks a lot for the feedback, I know it’s not easy to criticize without feeling like you’re shitting on someones work.

About the eye to eye with a foal that’s a typo! It’s supposed to be fluffy as I was reffering to the blue fluffy specifically.

Also excellent catch with the calming the mares, not only did I overlook the fact that a fluffy in a car, especially a truck will more than likely shit itself when an engine turns on. Furthermore, because I was lazy I also didn’t write Adrian putting the mares in a bag as he planned to, so pretty big plot hole there.

I made Adrian change his clothes due to the hot weather and the fact the suit is not exactly comfortable, though I should have included that in the story.

Once again thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it and hope not to make these mistake again

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