After The Accident (FreshlyPillowed)


WORD OF WARNING: this came out a little heavier then i intended, if you or a loved one has been involved in a road related incident, might want to skip this one

Your name is Plum

you are a fun loving and lively colt who is soon to be a fully grown fluff!, you and your brother Sky live with a lovely daddeh and mummah who adore you and would do anything for you, you see mummah was always the strict one, she would make sure you eat in certain areas, make sure you were always disciplined if you ever went poopies outside of your litterbox but she was fair, she just wanted what was best for you and she didnt want daddeh to deal with the extra work and mess at the end of the day.

Daddeh… daddeh was special he was the best owner a fluffy could ever ask for, he would always make time for us both, while my brother had grown up and was the best example of what a perfect pet should be, i… i was still young and was full of energy always wanting to run and play i didnt have time for silly things like leashes and quiet time. but daddeh understood and he would play with me all the time, we would play ball, we would do silly dancies together and he would even draw me pictures of us just so he could give me heart happies, we had a perfect life, the type fluffys dream of when they sleep.


another day, another trip to the park daddeh would always take us for a run around and treat time on the benches before he had to run off to work, this time it was different daddeh had to leave earlier then usual so he said he coudnt take us today, my brother didnt mind mummah would take us and although she woudnt do as much play as daddeh sky understood that daddeh needs workies so we can have nice things… of course i didnt take the news so well

“Nuuuu buh daddeh you awways take Pwum tu pawkies!”

naturally after a tantrum which mummah tried to scold me for, daddeh folded as he always did
“Okay okay little guy, but we have to be quick i dont really have time”

he attached skys leash and tried (as he always did) to put on mine, but no… i woudnt have it i was too energetic and the idea of being tied down and not able to move free was a horrible thought, daddeh walk briskly with us both on our way to the park, i of course was running ahead jumping at people who were passing by and circling round daddeh till we would both get dizzy, my brother would always try to calm me down (he knew it was a wasted effort, as did daddeh)

we finally got to the corner between 7th and 9th street, we stood while the red human man appeared, i didnt like the red human on the sticky, he would take many forevers and would always summon the scary vroomy monsters, 1 forever turned to 2 forevers turned to many forevers (about 15 seconds) waiting for this dummeh red man to go away, i like the green man he was bestest!, i looked ahead of me, the park was right there a place i adored a place i could run free, where mummah coudnt tell me no, where mummah woudnt yell at me for being too loud i wanted I WANTEDI WANTED NAO!



i dont go to the park anymore… i dont go anywhere anymore, mummah said after the accident i cant do what a fluffy should do, i still cry and screee for my brother and daddeh even now, mummah put on old videos daddeh would record of us doing walking and playing, she thinks it will help me deal with what happened… i doesnt, it just makes it worse… sometimes she will drink funny water and shout and scream at me, says its all my fault, says i was the one who ruined this family, says was the one who caused nothing but misery for everyone i loved…

its been a long long time, mummah doesnt play with me anymore, doesnt feed me herself, she doesnt change my litterbox she struggles to even look at me, i have a terrible life now and i dont know what im going to do, worst thing is.



Wow that’s a lot of tolerance for losing your husband to a stupid fluffy. I’d be cutting a new piece of flesh off every day, cm by cm.


Fuck Plum. He got what he deserved.


This is why you wear your lead, kids!

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He deserves far worse. Sell him as an Enfie pal to a well endowed stallion.

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It’s probably because the fluffy was beloved by her husband and the brother fluffy who was apparently the perfect pet. A living reminder of happier times she can’t part with

its kinda like a bittersweet “i have to keep you around because my husband woudnt want me to blame you but deep down i know its all your fault and i cant possibly forgive you for what youve done to us”


More torture than old videos then at least. Put in a box lined with foil or something basic but mean.