AI Prompt experiments

Note: I found I had to avoid using the word “pony / ponies” as Midjourney tended to dip into MLP art, presenting creatures clearly based on known characters. I experimented with describing the species but honestly I think an LLM would be more responsive to this… I found different results using “Furry-horses” “fluffy-horses” etc. I found also no matter how specific I got with a description of the scene (Three blocks, one ball, one kibble dish, one litter box) objects in the room seem to be scattershot.
Varied prompts based on the following:

Cartoon illustration. Indoors, a playroom for pets. There are two miniature furry-horses, one purple with a yellow mane, the other blue with a pink mane. Two of these fluffies are playing together in a “safe room,” which is actually a fluffy nursery. There are simply-colored toy blocks, a fluffy-sized rubber ball, and a litterbox in the corner where there are some piles of excreta. The overall vibe of the picture is wholesome, kawaii, and very reminiscent of a preschool.

Cartoon style, color, light colors, several cute little pony characters, including one that is purple, in the style of furry art, hand-drawn animation, light red and light blue.

Furry-horses are biotoys created by the company Hasbio, as popularized on the websites FluffyCommunity and the late Fluffybooru. These fluffies are genetically engineered to be as cute and appealing as possible to children and adults, but mostly girls. They resemble miniature squishmallow horses - their ears resemble goat ears, their snouts are smaller than a horse’s, they have puffy cheeks and front-facing eyes and short stubby legs and very expressive faces. Their hooves are soft and leathery. They can sit up on their rump and even stand (or dance) for a brief time on their hind legs. they have a tall mane which looks and acts like a human’s hair. Their body fur will be a different color from their mane. They contain the DNA of horses, dogs, cats, birds, chimpanzees, and proprietary code that interfaces with actual high-level programming language compiled into a quantum trinary state system chip. The programming gives the Fluffy the power of speech and the general intelligence of a 4 year old. They are programmed to need love, hugs, attention, and interaction, like any pet.


Seems like it would be easier to just draw


Jesus i hope one day we can get an A.I i just abuses fluffies being fed fluffy abuse and makes new and creative ways of abusing fluffturds, i want that .ai being fed so much abuse it would go insane and demand that fluffies would exist so it can abuse them out of pure malice and hatred that would be nice

At some point ostensible AI users could just post real guinea pig abuse pictures and say they’re AI-generated photography, and how will we know the difference?


unm… there are some types of images that would horrify me to see abuse, but because it would be like seeing a real animal, also if they don’t have that “humanity” in their eyes, it’s not funny.


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The cartoon ones are fine, but the Guinea Pig looking ones aren’t.

I mean, at least theyre not getting hurt?


Can’t. I can compose music, I can write fairly well, I can paint what I’ve traced, but I can’t draw. But I’ve been working for an AI related company and the scripting process is fun. None of these models are worthwhile.

So, try to get the AI to produce a “real world” or flat cel-shaded cartoon style ? The problem I have with these results is I don’t give a shit about any of them. Each of them tick a couple of boxes but none of them have any personality. There are like ten artists on F-C whose work I download and save and not one of them is particularly alike. Each artist has a style. If they didn’t, if there was homogeneity and a “series bible” that dictated exactly what they look like, it’d be a shame. You can’t just Frnkenstein blend four artist’s fluffy designs and come out with anything useable or worthwhile. I know, I tried, tried to pare it down to the basics, and it was a disaster. I tried to play God, hubris was my downfall … Midjourney knows what to do with imitating hair and natural light and depth of field etc. but it really doesn’t know how to Keep It Simple Stupid. It can’t concentrate like a real drawer can. And it does borrow and steal shamelessly, and there are going to be infringement cases about it soon,… I don’t know, legally we’re in total blue sky area here.

Some of these actually turned out really well

These are surprisingly good
To my mind, these two specifically are damn near perfect


And big fwuffies

This is almost exactly how I see them in my head

Could I use these as illustrations in my stories?

I have no fluff and i must scream