All Fluffy OCs (Lunch-Fluffy)

Beanie Bun

  • Hugbox, Implied Abuse

  • Rescue Fluffy

  • Very shy and skittish around others, but trusts her mummah Lunch with her life.

  • Absolute sweetheart

  • Fixed


  • original Design from @bogosbinted

  • Hugbox, Emotional Support

  • Service/Emotional Support Fluffy

  • Owned by Lunch, is her second ESF

  • Loves people but will focus when on task.

  • Commands for Caden are “Okay” (Job done for now), “On task” (focus/back to work!), Normal pet commands, and “Rescue” (Go get help!!)

  • Caden is trained to know that if words follow “Rescue” to not freak out, and to only take commands from his current master.

  • Excitable and bubbly baby boy!

  • Fixed


  • Neutral box

  • Failed Mudbriar attempt

  • Good Smartie, stoic.

  • Is owned by a breeder named Crissy Danielle with double standards when it comes to treating Fluffies

  • “Intact”


  • Head-cannon, Weirdbox, ect.

  • Can be any type of fluffy for head-cannons

  • Limits? What’s that?

  • Most likely to break laws

  • Genitals? What’s that?

  • Sometimes a jellenhiemer???


  • Abusebox, sadbox, Vent Fluff

  • Mentally unstable

  • Owned by Eda Jean

  • Skittish, scared of mummah but also scared of the outside world without being by mummah

  • Has trust issues

  • Never taught what to do, probably will not be able to survive on his own.

  • Vent fluffy

  • Fixed


  • Abusebox

  • Pegasus

  • Used to be owned by someone, now is a feral shitrat

  • Fucking narcissist with smarty syndrome. Ego the size of a mountain.

  • Probably will fuck any fluffy that allows her to. Hates Dirk but relies on his yard for winter so…

  • Aggression vent fluffy

  • Intact horny bitch


  • Abusebox and whatever else fits.

  • Owned By Jeffery Jefferson, AKA Dumbass.

  • Spoiled brat that Crissy tried to dispose of for being a jerk, didn’t work and now he thinks he’s above punishment.

  • Let’s Porky in his yard only because he thinks she’s pretty. Sometimes runs off to explore.

  • Strangers are usually the ones that dish out the pain.

  • Intact sad horny bastard with a close shave.

All my fluffies in one place. Feel free to ask any questions.

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I know that feeling.

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Love verdigris, just wanna pet em.


question: can you give verdegris’ owner superdeath


Eventually, yes