Alleyway blues [by dunnomaybe]

Wanted to do something different, there it is. Drawing scenery will never be my forte but I do like this.
Yesterday rained the equivalent of 30 days here and everything is hellish, I’m lucky enough to live in an apartment complex though.


Fwuffy pwefer bowognese buh Yewwow daddeh sketties am tastey too. How am cown dis smow?

I she crying because she’s hungry too?


Probably a mix of things.

Noble hunger for one ; missing their previous home ~gestures to the runaway tag~ that she probably ran away from to have foals being another. Potentially knowing their old owners are looking for her but she cant find her way home (assuming thats her on the missing fluffy poster) and so on.

Lots of little things.


Aw how sad, thank you!

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It’s the classic choice: liberty, or prosperity?

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Absolutes are easy, balance is necessary…



Sure, but both isn’t always possible.

Here, the choice is prosperity (fluffy stays at home, needs taken care of, but a human calls the shots) or liberty (fluffy runs away, is free to do as she pleases, but food/shelter/safety/etc. isn’t a certainty).

How do you reconcile those two things so she has the best of both worlds?

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God I wanna squish that cheeky babbeh so badly. Like angrily but also with love.

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Let the foals eat, or eat a foal and all the food thus having enough milk to give? Choices, choices.