Amazing Alicorn (Fluffus)

I like it when some fluffies have versions of MLP powers. Magic, flight, the whole kit and kaboodle.


Lovely :heart:

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Could you imagine trying to control a naughty fluffy that can fly or use magic though? Yard invasions would be a much bigger threat with fluffies like this around!


For your own fluffy you’d have to set your limit of how much you wanted to invest in training and dealing with that. If they could fly into your yard or attempt to shoot sparks at you, it only seems fair you shoot back.


Fluffies could be made useful if they could fly! Send one out to pick up the newspaper from the front yard or to clean your gutters,haha. But it would be very easy for them to run away from home.


People train attack dogs and falcons and lions and stuff. And fluffies are good natured and social.

But yeah, a flying, magic alicorn would not be a good beginner’s fluffy.

Come to think of it a Celestia or a Luna could be problematic, what with their moving heavenly bodies around at will.

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A lot of people already shoot at fluffies, or humans, based on trespassing. Nothing new or remarkable there.

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Them shooting sparks out of a unicorn horn would be new to me.

Would it be yet another reason to blast them with a firearm, or would it be the definitive reason? Like, would this be where you draw the line?

For me shooting from them would be the definitive reason to shoot back as opposed to shooing fluffies away with a hose and water.


Time to break out the plate carrier.


Well if they start shooting that I am not even sure my adopted homeland’s free access to weapons and gear could help me lol. That would just level my house and wipe my family out in a single blast like a background DBZ house.


Came here to compliment the art and saw this.
What the hell is that from?

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Don’t ask me how I know this but it’s a SFM rendition of Twilight doing some DBZ shit against a fucker named Tirek (sp).

It was clearly the show creators leaning into the unintended audience at the time.

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@Karn Decided to do a little more research. Found an upload on Derpibooru.

The original can be found on Deviantart here:

I don’t think the animation itself is referencing the attack on Tirek, but there are similarities.

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Well I was looking for a gif of one of Twillights blasts either against Tirek or Starlight Glimmer, but I didn’t like how the easily available gifs looked, so I grabbed the fan art one.


Love it especially highlighting the horn ability.

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Thank you! I really enjoyed the horn flash your draak-fighting smarty used. Definitely an under used thing : )

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