Amber! [ by littleboodah1]

Your name is jonny you walk in to your room to see your fluffy, amber using your bed as a litterbox.

Amber: Hewwo daddeh!

You: Amber did you use my bed as a litter box.

Amber: Ambah did not use daddeh bed as wittah bawks

You: Amber i saw you do it.

Amber: Ambah am tewwin’ dah twuff daddeh!

You: Amber you are lying i saw you do it as soon as i walked in!

Amber: Ambah thinks daddeh am wyin!

You: I am not amber.

Amber: Yes 'ou am daddeh! ambah been gud!

You: Amber i swear to god tell me the truth.

Amber: Ambah am gud fwuffy! ambah didnt poopies in daddys bed! daddeh 'ou am wying!

You: Amber do you forget i have a camera going in here when I’m gone so i can go check it, i wont if you tell me the truth .

Amber: Nu cawe! ambah gud fwuffy! nebah teww daddeh wie!

You: you check the camera as you are right as you show amber

Amber: awh poopies… amber trys to run away but you out smarted her by shutting the door

You: out smarted you. your going to be disciplined.

Amber: Nuuuuh! wet ambah ouuut!!

you pick up amber my the neck scruff taking out the deck as you punt kick her in to the pool as she to stubborn to ask for help as she flailing about in the water the more she dose the deeper she goes in to the water drowning herself as you fished her out wit the pool net tossing her in the dumpster as you also toss your bed you would go back your fluffy free life

its been a while. my first story i wanted to do was posted by accident, might not restart it due to how long to too me to make it in the first place and i dont have a back up, but here have this comic? text post? idk what it is all i know its its a tad silly.


Solid, but could definitely use a lot more commas. The flow’s all over the place and sentences that aren’t broken up by periods, question marks, or exclamation points tend to run on and become difficult to comprehend.

Overall solid, besides that.

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