Amongst the rubble by cabbage merchant

Amongst the rubble a mare pokes out her head. Once she comes to the realization the chaos is over she emerges with her child clinging to her fluff

She looks around seeing the dead. Thus she marches to her nest

She hasn’t seen a living fluffy in a good long while. She finds her way home

It is at home she sees a horror. Her neighbors. The father though a ass didn’t deserve his fate. He had a brick shoved into his stomach and out his ass

She hears a silent huu

She looks over to find the mother. Surrounded in her children. The mother turns over and reveals herself

She had done what the original mare couldn’t

She had eaten some poison berries

The mare looks on and watches her neighbor die slowly. The mare looks over to her nest before hearing it


She flips around so fast she wakes up her foal and causes it to almost fall off. She sees it

A small head poking out of the poop

She runs over so fast her foal starts asking if anything is wrong

She digs in the feces and finds it. A foal her neighbors had taken for granted

She pulls it out and sets it in her fluff. Her original foal asks her what this smelly wiggly bean is. Thus she answers

She asks him what they should name him

Her original foal responds with poop

She turns her head and glares daggers at her original foal until he responds with chocolate

She looks back and begins a walk to the river

Amongst the rubble a family grows