An Ai generated fluffy fic (by Rescue_9)

Ok so, I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t been able to do much artwork. But in this modern world there is a solution, robots!

Using AI dungeon I created an entierly AI written story with minimal input or editing. I had to write some sentences in order to keep it going, so those will be normal text while the ai generated parts will be italicized.

New Home
Written by AI dungeon and Rescue_9

two fluffy ponies, small in stature, walked amid the streets of some forgone neighborhood. One pink, one yellow. Both with empty stomachs and weary hooves. After a week of non-stop walking they had reached a bastion of humanity. Hope for a new home. “Sunny, aw ou ok?” The yellow mare lifted her head “sunny am gud, fwuffy hope dat hooman wiw be nyu mumma or daddeh”"Maybe dis pewson wiw be new Daddeh? "“Pewson?” Standing on the porch of a house with the yellow light illuminating him from behind, a man sat alone smoking a cigar. The fluffies hearts nearly exploded from joy. Hope! Love! The promise of a new home with blankets and blocks and all the skettis they could eat!

“Hello! We are lost shepherds, seeking shelter for the night.” The yellow pony gazed upwards at the man with pleading eyes. The pink pony slid to the ground, and brushed the dust from her hooves. “We’re sowwy for invading youw howsie,” she said bashfully. The sun had set and the man had yet to stand. The pink pony attempted to draw the man into the conversation by asking him a question, “Do you know where the nearest water source is?” Answering the question would be good. Not answering would be better.
The man continued to puff away on his stank cigar, never lifting his gaze from the porch floorboards. Ugh! Why was this taking so long?
“Daddeh?” The yellow pony nudged the man’s leg with her snout, “we bes 12 and gwit.” Her eyes began to tear up. The pink pony could not bare to see her friend in such pain, and trotted around behind the man. Reaching out to him, she whispered, “please, please, can you help us? My friend is gwit and she is sad.” Her large doe eyes implored the man. He sat in silence, staring at the floor.
“Snyderer,” you hiss under your breath. You hate letting them down but what could you do, it was either that or let the girl cry.
“Hello.” The man’s voice was deep and gravelly. He slowly lifted his head to address the two fluffies. “What’s your names darlin?” He asked the pink pony.
“I’m Muffin.” She responded, beaming.
“I’m Croissant.” The yellow pony smiled back. “But you can call me Cruella.” The woman frowned and shook her head. “No, no, you can call me… What’s your name darlin’?”
“Sunny.” The girl frowned.
“Well then, it’s a good thing you’re so bright then, because you’ll be working with my daughter. So, what are you best at?” The woman asked the yellow fluff shearling.
“I can b-b-b-bounce Muffin higher than you can, even while you w-w-walk on her.” She answered.
“Hmm, nice jump. Are you fast?”
“I can outrun you if you add a n-n-n-n-n -a-a-a-h!” The girl was cut off by her mothers angry nip.
“Ow! Wha…?” She looks up to apologize, but instead meets a stony glare.
“I said are you fast?”
“You sound posh for a sheep.”
“I am from a w-wea-a-a-rth.”
“Oh, so you don’t stutter.”
The woman snorts and turns to her daughter. “This is the widdle wahm of Zonah’s sheep. We can’t havve wahmet for a sheep that can’t FASTH!”
“But Mummy!” The girl whimpers pathetically. “I can’t FASTH if I’m stuufed!”
“Then you’d better get stuufed.”
“Hey! I’m not the bad guy here. You’ve decided you don’t want to work at the Grand Galloping Gala anymore right?”
The yellow sheep nods

the man takes out a pocket knife from his pocket. The ponies ghasp.

”I’m sorry darlin’, but it looks like I’m gonna havve to chop you up to bwieve Muffin’s weight." The yellow sheep shakes her head. The man closes his eyes and cuts. The two bwuffies disappear in a flash of blood.
When it’s over, the man nods with a sigh. “There. Part of me is still sorry that I’m going to have to wwrap Muffin up and put him in a freezer. But you have to remember that I’m a selfish sheep. I want what’s best for me. Do you agree?”
The girl nods her head slowly.
“Alright then.” He stands up from the porch and slaps his rear with a chuckle. “C’mon, I’ll take you around to the back where you can get your present. It’s not much, but it’s the best I can do.”
The girl smiles and nods in return.
The sun has set in the distance when you reach your destination. The man turns to face you.


I don’t know why, but right there is where I lost it and couldn’t stop laughing


New insult dropped


gotta love how new characters start appearing outta the blue, characters change name, sheeps are involved, someone died… i think… just like a human fluffy story :smiley:


It’s kinda like a dream, when you think about it.


you ever see those ai generated images and they look like they’ve got animal faces in them but not really, and you think you can almost see an actual face and then it just comes apart again? yea that’s what this story feels like. y’know. like this.


sheds a tear Beautiful.

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