An Alleyway Fluffy family (FluffyBooru ID: 39290) (Artist: Titanfluff)


Yeap typical dumb programmed parents😤


Ah, alley fluffies. There’s so much we can do with them.


I would just get the poopie babbeh and dancing babbeh…and let this family live their life


Another prime Fluffy family that should be all killed, except the for the “poopie one”


What I mean is, there’s a lot of potential for stories. It’s a great jumping off point. I mean, look how many of my stories start with a boxful of alley fluffies.


A cycle of bad values they’ll just keep passing on, unless they suffer the cyclical death in they typical alleyway fashion.

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This makes me just want to kick those fluffies


Their nummies aren’t even a foot away from the poop, but that’s not what they’re concerned about.
Friggin’ fluffies.

What did Dancie do wrong? Also they’re still Chirpies, Bestest and not Bestest haven’t brutalized their siblings yet.

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Awww. The things I would do to the parents. War crimes is a nice term for it.

I wonder, if I grabbed the parents by a ear and did the towel snap motion would the ear come off or would the neck break?

These are good fluffies. They know to seperate the wheat from the chaff, and the chaff from the poopy.

Hmmmm better idea. Get a crazy feral herd, steal the babies, and let them go to town on the parents.

Thats is what always stood out to me on this picture as well.
Surely even fluffies wouldn’t be that stupid* not to separate the poopie place from the food place and would shit behind the trash can.

Other then that its great art and a memorable piece of how easy some fluffies are too hate.
Titanfluff is one of those great artists from the booru era.

(*yes they would be)

My guy managed to get half a hotdog in its bun, thats a big score!. say what you want about his parenting but hes being a good special freind.


I hope the mare dies from eating it

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Absolutely love the colors of the daddeh and indeed the mare is gorgeous as well but I do not think these are the cleverest fluffy ponies in the world. Why would you make your shitpile immediately adjacent to your box house?