An animated short that might give inspiration

I’d like to share an animated short called “The Runt”, which, though about rabbits and not fluffies, I think still could provide some inspiration for some people on here. Or, at the very least, it may be interesting if looked at through a fluffy lens.
For context: this animated short is about a boy whose family (his father, and uncle) raises and butchers rabbits for meat. One of the rabbits gives birth to a litter containing a runt, who is almost culled, but the boy pleads against it. The uncle relents, and gives the rabbit to the boy, telling him that he will be responsible for taking care of it, and for killing it when it’s time, which the boy agrees to.

If ya want it to be “hugbox”, stop at 6:40.
This is neither a positive or negative story, but I still think it’s good to offer the time thing, in case the continuation would be too distressing.
I don’t really count sharing this video as sharing a thing on the subjects of animal abuse, because the meat rabbits here seem to live a comfortable life up until the slaughter, and there is never the intention of being cruel to them. Meat has to come from somewhere, and though most families in the country I live don’t have a close relationship of where their meat originates (though I do live in an agricultural state), for many other families today, and certainly more so in the past, being familiar with all aspects of farming was simply a part of life.

On the subject of fluffies, there are a lot of ways to think about how fluffies can/might be used in the context of agriculture. The specifics really depend on the individual creators’ preferences, but I thought that this still might be good for possibly providing some sort of inspiration for stories either way.


I love this. I come from a long line of farmers and ranchers and it’s a different way of seeing the world. Thank you for posting!!


I’ve never lived on a farm, but my dad’s grandparents were farmers, so I suppose he’d know more about it than me. I do like stuff such as veterinary shows though, The Incredible Dr. Pol has featured a ton of livestock. Plus, ever since I was a kid about once a year my mom would rewatch All Creatures Great And Small (there’s a remake being made, but I haven’t ever really felt like watching it), which had actual cows giving birth. So… I suppose I’d say I don’t know as much as farmers, but know more than people who don’t live anywhere near farms.


That was a great piece of animation. Beautiful art.


I like at the end how the uncle puts the rabbit out of it’s misery. Very neutral box.


Yeah, like I said, the intention was never to be cruel, and the critters lived decent lives. I am actually planning on making a fluffy farmer/butcher character.


I’ve been pondering my own take on that, too. Especially in areas with bad food availability/quality. Buy then the idea of integrating them into even a small farm makes a lot of sense…