An uneasy agreement by(that1hugboxer)

You are Odis.

Ms Joey and daddeh are having a discussion.

“Come on Duncan , professor Löfgren is a very well respected individual within the field of fluffy research. All he wants to do is document Odis’s health and development.”

Daddeh looks nervously at Ms Joey.

“If anything happened to him while under thier care , I would probably kill somebody. “

A voice can be heard from the phone on the table. Low yet compassionate, like a Swedish mr Rodgers.

“Oh downt yew werry meestar Doonkin ahl thu tehsts wihl beyah non intrusive. If it makes you feel better we can arrange for you to accompany little Odis during every step of the process. “

Daddeh lets out a sigh.

“Odis has a non negotiable feeding schedule and litter box time ,His litter box is to be filled layered newspaper not sand! And if he gets overwhelmed/ overstimulated , the tests stop immediately….UNDERSTAND!?”

Daddeh and the voice talk for quite a while until they reach an agreement.

A few Days pass and suddenly you, Daddeh, Ms Joey, Ms Jill and Mr Skip take a long car ride.

You all arrive at a strange place with tall buildings.

A short, stout man greets Daddeh and the others. He had a long graying blonde beard mustache combo perfectly groomed and neatly braided, his eyebrows like two fuzzy yellow caterpillars. His nose is large with a rosy red tip, his facial features are blocky yet rounded like a stone statue. he was as wide as he was tall , with a barrel chest , very muscular arms and legs endings in large hands and feet respectively.

A receding hairline of gray and blonde hair capped his skull like a crown of gold and silver fleece.

Dressed in a long sleeve navy blue button down shirt ,light brown Corduroy slacks held up by suspenders and a pair of dark blue loafers on his feet.

“Welcome! I am professor Caspain Peik Löfgren. “

After introductions are made,
The professor adjusts his glasses and squints as he moves in closer trying to get a good look at you.

You (Cooh) and touch your front hoof to his nose.

The professor smiles.

“Oh my goodness this must be little Odis.”

The professor escorts all of you into a large classroom filled with students.

The professor begins to speak. Explaining to the class who you , Daddeh and the others are.

Daddeh takes you out of the baby carrier on his chest and changes you out of your diaper before cleaning you up with wet wipes before throwing both the wet wipes and the diaper in a trash bag he brought.

Daddeh places you next to a litter box lined with layered newspaper.

Daddeh begins to speaking to the class explaining the rules and conditions that they must follow while interacting with you.

After which the first two students come to the front and start inspecting you.

One of them starts asking Daddeh questions.

“How did you manage to litter box train an SBS? “

Daddeh answers.

“He’s not quite completely house trained yet ,but it took several months of trial and error. First I had to teach him how to walk, once that happened I had to try different materials to line the litter box with before I found newspapers didn’t cause tactile defense . After that it was a lot of just making Odis associate the litter box with pooping and peeing .”

“And how did you achieve that association?”

“ well i started putting him in the litter box about 5 minutes after feedings and wait for him to do his business.
Eventually he started walking to the litter box when he had to go. Like I said before it’s not 100% , he often times poops or pees a little on his way to the litter box, but as time passes those incidents have decreased. Even so I still put diapers on him when I take him out in public ,car rides and when he’s sleeping or eating. “

One of the students in the back of the classroom asks Daddeh.

“Odis seems very calm for an SBS how do you manage that?”

“It’s actually quite simple. Odis is no more well adjusted than an other SBS. I simply keep something aids on hand at all times to help calm him down when he does get upset.”

“What sort of soothing aids do you use?”

“Cotton buds to drown out loud noise, a thunder vest to act as his security blanket , a white balaclava with no eye holes for when he’s visually overstimulated . Things like that.”

The student examining you asks Daddeh.

“In the information you relayed to professor Löfgren it states Odis has very limited speech, could you elaborate?”

“Well Odis associates certain words in extremely limited capacity but it’s not something I trained him to do. For example I read him green eggs and ham , one day he just started saying GWN when I read him the book. I honestly don’t think he recognizes the color itself but rather the act of me reading the story to him. He refers to me as Dah Dah though it’s very rare for him to do so.”

The student examining takes samples of your drool, poop and pee before having them sent off to the lab for testing.

“What can you tell us about the tooth? It wasn’t mentioned in the report.”

Daddeh raises an eyebrow.

“Tooth? What tooth?”

The student examining you looks at Daddeh confused on how to answer.

“The tooth inside his mouth?”

Daddeh walks over and looks inside your mouth.

“That… was not there yesterday.”

The whole class starts whispering to each other.

The timer on daddehs phone goes off.

“It am nummie time!”

Daddeh stops the timer.

“And that’s my cue to feed him. You all are more than welcome to observe as I feed him but all physical examinations are put on hold until after I have fed him.”

The two students back away from the front of the classroom. Daddeh takes out a jar of baby food from his backpack and begins spoon feeding you.

“Have you always fed him baby food or is this a more recent thing?”

“Originally I fed him milk but as he grew I started making kibble slushy for more nutrition, then after a while I started feeding him baby food for one meal a day to make sure he got enough vegetables, then I started making my own baby food from the vegetables in my garden to reduce costs, slowly but surely I replaced all his meals with homemade baby food I kept the jars and lids from the store bought baby food and simply sterilized them for reuse. I even tried my hand at making kibble for my other fluffies but that didn’t go as planned.”

“You have other fluffies?”

“Yes quite a lot of them actually.”

“How do you keep them from accidentally harming Odis?”

“Odis has an adopted big brother named Atlas, he is the leader of the other fluffies under my care, I trained him to keep Odis safe . Now I don’t mean that I simply leave Odis at home unattended but during times when I’m cooking or doing other household duties that would endanger Odis I put both Odis and Atlas in the safe room for the duration of the task. Atlas holds authority over the fluffies and I hold authority over Atlas . It’s not a foolproof system but it works enough so that nobody gets killed while I’m on the toilet.”

“I noticed you have some kind of shield over Odis’s baby carrier. Why is that?”

Daddeh sighs.

“Because both people and fluffies have attempted to harm Odis in the past and up to the present.”

You finish your baby food and Daddeh puts you back down.

You climb into the litter box, but don’t quite make it all the way in before pooping.

Daddeh smiles.

He puts on a pair of disposable gloves and removes all balls up the poop covered square of newspaper , revealing a clean layer underneath,before throwing the balled up newspaper in the garbage bag along with his gloves.

“And this is why I also have layered newspaper in a radius around the litter box. Odis is making an effort ,So I give him a little bit of a buffer.”

You finish your business inside the box then climb out the litter box.

Daddeh cleans your bottom with a wet wipe before throwing it in the garbage bag.

“Usually I don’t carry a garbage bag and gloves around all day but for the sake of letting you see how he functions outside of a diaper I took some extra precautions .”

Now that you are out of the litter box

Daddeh allows the other students to examine you again.

One of them a woman with tattoos and a nose ring asks if she could draw some blood.

Swiftly and calmly daddeh tells her.

“Absolutely not.”

The tattoo lady attempts to draw your blood while Daddeh isn’t looking.

Mr skip grabs her arm in a vice grip.

“Ms you have been told in no uncertain terms that you were not allowed to draw blood. Back away from Odis NOW.”

Daddy turns to the tattoo lady.

“Ms what is your name?”

“Clover… Clover York “

“Well Ms York ,You are permanently barred from examining Odis ,return to your seat . “


I understand the need to protect one’s pet from someone who deliberately disobeyed an explicit command, but I kind of feel that Ms. York should be given a chance to apologize, and to explain herself. Jumping straight into a perma-ban, without a chance to “give me one good reason why I shouldn’t ban you”, seems a bit harsh. Reprimand, give one chance to correct the wrong, THEN ban if no correction is done. Just my thoughts, feel free to disregard this if you want.

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I’m just waiting for him to say, " And if you try that again I’ll be the one drawing blood."


SBS fluffies being given love and patience by thoughtful parents tugs on the hugboxiest strings in my shrivelled little heart.

Wonderful work.


She can still sit in on the lecture and take Notes and ask questions . She’s just not allowed to touch Odis.

Granted it may seem a bit harsh but if someone directly attempts to do the thing you specifically told them not to the moment they think you’re not looking. There’s a very high chance that an apology from them would be disingenuous.


you’re not wrong but that’s just not duncan’s personality


Duncan isn’t the most forgiving person. It’s mostly served him well.

Joey is going to catch Clover later and give her a verbal roughing up.

I still need to write that short about Jackie dancing with Odis. (I figure she’s working in Lubbock for a bit, to explain what she’s doing in Texas. Normally, she lives on Long Island. She’s an accountant, but gets brought in by companies to revise their methods and/or perform specialty audits.)

Joey is happier with it than she necessarily lets on, even though her mom turns up out of nowhere. Yes, the Stevie Nicks poster is still in the closet.


Duncan has become less forgiving as the series progressed. he’s just trying to find a balance after everything that happened with Femi .


Don’t worry about it just write as it comes to you/when you have the time.

Honestly I’m going to level with you. The reason I’m able to put these out semi regularly is because I use writing as a way to decompress after a long day at work/collage . Sometimes my stories are super long, sometimes they’re barely a few paragraphs.

The world this community has created makes my gears turn . The whole concept of Hasbio has so much potential, almost no one in these stories really grasp the sheer scale of what the incident at Cleveland truly implies.


Oh? She still has the poster….interesting.

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At this point, the poster is a matter of pride.

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Absolutely not. She was told No. She disregarded that No. That’s a full ousting. No trust. No second chances.


Nothing wrong with using fic as an escape. :slight_smile: I survived an entire abusive marriage that way!

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Ouch. I hope you’ve escaped it by now.

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Oh, yeah, long time ago. :slight_smile: TY!


Anyone else picking up vibes that Odis maybe isn’t really a SBS? Gives a great potential for a sequel where Odis has been abused/etc into “being” an SBS…

Nah, that’s like saying you’re not autistic if you can make eye contact. It doesn’t allow for natural variety or simple ability.

While that’s not what happened. Your idea is something i could definitely see a character like kora Schultz do for attention .

For context kora is a character that pops up from time to time in my stories, she’s very odd in her behavior . Like a child trying to live as an adult with their only point of reference being those early 2000s made for tv Disney movies

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