Anomalous Object Registry (fluffsplosion)

Not quite an SCP article, but it does explain some things about the pink fluffy pony that keeps showing up in my drawings. Her name is Sprinkles. She doesn’t know her own name, and it never really comes up.
I chose to go with a unique format, mostly because it lets me do what I want without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Item #: AOD-8206
Object Type: Live Specimen
Object Classification: Gasheklah

Object Storage/Handling Procedures:
AOD-8206-1 is to be kept at Site-?? in a standard low security containment cell which has been retrofitted to comply with standards set forth for safe rooms by the American Fluffy Pony Fanciers Association. The containment cell is to be monitored remotely by means of cameras and microphones. A litter box shall be provided and the litter changed on a bi-weekly basis. AOD-8206-1 shall be fed 114 grams of fluffy kibble twice daily. AOD-8206-1 may be given 114 grams of boiled pasta and tomato sauce on Friday evenings as a reward for good behavior, as deemed by Dr. ████ ████. Any uneaten food is to be removed from the containment cell between scheduled feedings. A fluffy pony-safe drinking bowl with a gravity fed reservoir shall be placed next to the food and refilled as needed. A toddler fence must be secured across the doorway to prevent the subject’s escape during feeding and routine maintenance.

Object Containment Procedures:
A pet carrier, a stun gun and Three(3) Two(2) wood-handled brooms must be kept in a storage locker outside AOD-8206’s containment cell for use by staff in case of loss of containment, as well as for general behavior modification. In the case of a containment breach, any fluffy ponies found roaming the site shall be apprehended by the most convenient means available. Corpses and live specimens of fluffy ponies shall be placed in AOD-8206-1’s containment cell. Any corpses that do not reanimate after twenty-four(24) hours will be removed and placed in the incinerator. Live specimens not matching AOD-8206-1’s description will be tested for anomalous properties by means of procedure 8702-Stanley. Any specimens not exhibiting anomalous properties will be disposed of via the incinerator.

Revision 1:
A red rubber ball and a set of plastic building blocks have been provided for AOD-8206-1’s use. Removal of these items has been authorized as a means of assuring AOD-8206-1’s continued cooperation and has proven highly effective in this regard.

Revision 2:
As of 07/04/20██, interactions with personnel are limited to assigned research staff following an incident which occurred on 30/06/20██. Unauthorized personnel found in AOD-8206-1’s containment cell will be subject to a formal reprimand. Personnel who injure or kill AOD-8206-1 outside of approved testing or handling procedures will be reassigned.

Revision 3:
As of 13/07/20██ Research on AOD-8206 has been deemed as low priority. Assigned staff have been reduced to Dr. ████ ████, an unarmed security guard, and a single aide.

Revision 4:

As of 10/10/20██, staff assigned to AOD-8206 has been reduced to Dr. ████ ████ and an unarmed security guard. One of the brooms has been requisitioned by Site Maintenance and research budget allotted to ████ has been reduced to $1000 per year.

Revision 5:
As of 15/12/20██ , Station Task Force Zeta-8206(“Hugboxers”) has been formed to assist with containment, following request by Dr. ████ ████. STF-Zeta-8206 shall consist of Dr. ████ ████ and one unarmed security guard.

AOD-8206-1 is a female Hasbio brand fluffy pony of the earth pony subspecies. The subject has a pink coat, tail, and mane. AOD-8206-1 refers to itself as “Fwuffy”, though will respond to any name it believes refers to it (including but not limited to any name, or phase that believes might be a name, spoken in its vicinity). AOD-8206-1 conforms physically in all regards as a standard member of its species and displays no anomalous properties while alive. Upon dying, AOD-8206-1 will spontaneously reanimate after a period of between three minutes and three hours. During this time, any injuries sustained will gradually heal. AOD-8206-1 has managed to resurrect even after complete dismemberment on several occasions. In such instances, the largest piece of mass from AOD-8206-1 will gradually form itself into a complete version of the subject. Upon resurrection, AOD-8206 will display signs of confusion and will inquire as to the location of an entity it refers to as the “Bye-bye friend” (AOD-8206-2}. AOD-8206-1 was acquired on 09\01\20██ from the Discount Veterinary Clinic in ████, MA following its resurrection after a failed spaying operation. Agent ████ ████ was on site at the time to have a routine check-up performed on his cat. Object was secured and a Class A amnestic was administered to the owner and clinic staff.

AOD-8206-2 is a non-corporeal entity which AOD-8206-1 claims to interact with postmortem. Repeated attempts at interrogation have yielded very little information as to the nature of AOD-8206-2. AOD-8206-1 describes the being as a skeletal humanoid possessing a fondness for playing board games. To date, all attempts at confirming AOD-8206-2’s existence have been inconclusive.