Another in my series of fucked up things that happened to mice I found in my traps

Found a poor little guy folded in half in a trap this morning. I would use non lethal traps but the mice are not interested in them at all, I have had three out for a month and caught 1.

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Oh hes fine ,whats a little back and leg pain , like who doesn’t have pain in both these days


Now I want to see the version of this where they’re HeIping set the traps but the sIip and the thing catapuIts them. xD

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imagine if it just pushed him back just far enough to clap his junk

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Makes me wonder if extra-cruel mousetraps would exist in a fluffy universe


I love exploring babies. Absolutely the best thing and this one had a merciful end so a fantastic combo.


It’s hard for me to imagine a more cruel trap than a glue trap. But people are quite creative.


Put tongueless mummahs on one side of a sea of mousetraps. Put their week only babies across the sea. Pop popcorn.

A master of yoga

God I wish they were real

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I like seeing exploring babies because it’s an even dumber and more fragile adult fluffy.


Oof that ones rough, but at least it was dead.

I remember i found a mouse at my place of work. For whatever reason, i didnt have it in me to finish it off, so i ended up tossing its crippled self outside for the owls to munch.

I felt bad for a bit, but then the other mice started pissing and shitting all over the shelves and damaging a shit ton of product, so now i say “fuck em”