Archiving removed works

Hi, I hope this is the right category, I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t upset people who don’t want to hear about the anthro stuff.

Artists who’ve had pieces removed due to the rule change, if you still have the images saved, please consider allowing them to be archived on e621! I’m passionate about art archival and am happy to upload them to e621 for you if you like, obviously with credit and source links.

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Should They be DM’d to you?

Go ahead and archive my stuff :slight_smile:
I don’t have an e621 account, though.


Huh didn’t expect this.

If you want you can go ahead and Archive mine.


Yes please! DMing you

Thank you! DMing you

i dont have any anthro stuff posted yet, but did you have tips for uploading over there? i know they are persnickety about tagging. dms are open. :slight_smile:

Tagging is actually not that big a deal, any user can edit tags so if you miss some or get something wrong it’s ok, someone else will probably fix it. The only thing you really need to know is that the tag system is “tag what you see,” i.e. character lore doesn’t matter, only what’s visible in the image. So for example, most feral characters like fluffies without genitals showing in the image would be tagged ambiguous_gender instead of male or female.
(However there are also certain special lore tags for genders, ages, and family relations. You can tag male_(lore), female_(lore), trans_man_(lore), trans_woman_(lore), and nonbinary_(lore) for genders, adult_(lore) and young_(lore) for when a character’s appearance doesn’t match their canon age, and then there’s a fuckton of family relation tags)

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From what I’ve seen, 99% of your art is both applicable (i.e. not human-centric or non-furry) to the theme of the site, and also meets any sane approval bar on quality front. The human-centric images were from the fight scene in that (otherwise furry) comic.

For many, many things on this site, they barely qualify. Like, Ace’s intentionally down-efforted posts and some stuff I was thinking about posting where the entire point was it was too basic for e621.

As far as tagging, don’t pull a Brother Nod and forget controversial or explicit tags. Although most are obvious. LOL, a list of common ones: Wiki - e621:blacklisting suggestions - e621 Ironically, he got banned for what amounts to missing a stealth tag after all the other red flags and months of getting it right. That was depressing, to be honest.

Help: Ratings - e621 I’m trying to find a link to the list of tags which should always be tagged explicit or questionable. It’s apparently not easy to search for it.