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I admire your taste, fluffy. You have been taught well

Spoke to Carpdime about this, and he said that its possible that both images may be related. Noting that they both depict a spoilt fluffy, they have been uploaded together.

Who pays twenty dollars for a pet toy?


That’s not even a good pet toy. It’s tiny! That owner got ripped off. And the first image I thought was a shop, but I think that’s a receipt on top, which means the owner bought $150 worth of pre-cooked spaghetti bolognese dishes?

I think we’ve got a neglectful and rich owner who does not understand the concept of money management. (Just make your own bolognese/carbonara instead of buying 20+ pre-cooked meals! Don’t just grab the first toy you see, that’s probably a cat toy filled with bells and catnip and that’s why it’s so expensive!) I’d be spoiled too in that situation.


Its actually $1.50, I believe. Also, the tag for the first image was “supermarket”, so this most likely was the fluffy following the owner to a supermarket. I also believe the “receipt” is actually the price labelling, like they do in some supermarkets,


[Zooms in on image]

Okay, that dot in the $1.50 is literally one pixel, so no wonder I didn’t see it. … Dang, that’s a steal for a pre-made meal.

But that means the fluffy’s not spoiled at all in that one, since the product isn’t bought yet. He’s just saying which pasta he’d prefer, which is the whole point of tagging along to the store? Maybe if there was another shelf showing that the carbonara cost $8 instead of $1.50…


Good point! It does make me wonder what this series should be titled. Maybe I’ll just leave it blank, and let Carp title it himself when he gets the chance to.

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