(Artist: Carpdime) ( Fb id: 26030)


This post left vacant as it is pending further information, whether it is from a retrievable archive or from the artist himself.

Now who’s poopy cowow?


Ironically, da babbehs could probably have squeezed through the gaps in those bars to be with Mummah if Mummah hadn’t overfed them and turned them lnto obese spheres incapable of even climbing a small cardboard upturn. And, of course, if they weren’t completely helpless little trash rats. Silly Mummah, this is what happens when you make ugly, fat, dummy babbehs! =)

Guess the green and brown foals are working their frustrations as shitty babies on the nicer colored ones. Let them.

Oh, they’re so pitiful in the top panel!

Normally I prefer natural colored fluffs but these two have an attitude I don’t care for. Ah well.


There’s a little dynamic in these two panels where the light green foal who was afraid of the encounter with the human was justifiable with its fear. Things did turn out for the worse.


i am just curious of what would happen if i open the mother’s cage during the time her foals are getting bullied, what she would do to those bully foals to stop messing with her childs? she would ask them to stop? she would scared them enough to leave them? she would punish them or even FIGHT them? there’s endless answer for this question.