Artist styles as fluffy breeds?

Everyone draws fluffies differently, this much is true. I’m curious to how many of you guys see them as different breeds.

To those who do…what traits do you think they have? Which is easier to manage? Which breed is more prone to Smarty Syndrome? Gimmie your headcanons please I’m interested!!!


I see them all as different breeds, but with some of them being the result of crosses between others. Aside from visual distinctions, though, I don’t really differentiate. In my canon, differences in personality come from individuals, and breed is purely aesthetic.


@bad_roomie fluffies are exceptionally cute. But that is only to make the horrible things they do even more unholy.

@wolfram_sparks has some impressively sad ones. Liked they always seem kind of sad, even when happy. I like them. It’s like they’re pre broken.

@Carpdime seem like the most neutral and normal fluffy.

@Carniviousduck fluffies have the poop madness.

@Booperino fluffies are like the souls of all the fluffies on this site who were abused and went to heaven where they found happiness.

@ArisenLeaf and @Guodzilla fluffies are for booba enthusiasts.

To name a few.

Edit: I confused @artist-kun and @wolfram_sparks. Wolfram are the ones who seem all sad and broken. Kun’s are also quite sad, but it’s in more of a pathetic, melodramatic way.


I do know that in An Annoying Winter:Chapter One (story by Mcklauster—art by KerosineCannibal) the main character briefly talks about breeds based on the artists name (Carpdime, SchafferArak and Wolfram Sparks) but doesn’t go into much detail about their differences.

While the distinction both behavioural and physical is very useful in crossover stories as it explains the differences in head cannon I’ve never seen it outside of booperino’s comic about owning a ShafferAraks because fuck you.

Though you are more than welcome to try! However I would try and follow what the creators cannon is in terms of behaviour

Personally I do see them as different breeds though I just find it too much effort to write them in as useful as differently behaving fluffies might be for a story




i love the description you gave to my fluffys, thats so sweet!


I am impressed by the amount of effort you put into giving other people’s fluffies happy endings.


@Oculusfluffy has a fictionalized history series going over older artists from the Booru that’s well worth checking out. Stories have samples as well.

I’d note that some folks are offshoots of certain artists, so they’d be a descendent of them. Some are very unique (Micron being one of my favorites, @Eded_ted being another), then there are folks that kind of hybridize things.

@swiftbitches and @LostDauphin have very unique styles I adore.

@OtherCoraline does fantastic work, and hers are very cute and loveable providing an excellent contrast to sadbox.

@MossyFluff has a beautiful style but I’d frankly consider them less their own species and more genre because of the visual feel. I can’t imagine his art style in anything other than what he does.

Mine are muppet offshoots. It’s just how things worked out.


Looks like no one had an opinion about mine :sob:


Do note the folks being noted on are some of the most prolific and admired artists at the moment plus the past. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen a lot more than just them and totally can’t remember the artist’s names even though liking them.

And you’ll notice I brought myself up. Nobody mentioned me. Tis good!


Who knows. maybe I’ll end up in someone’s list one day.


Keep at it! Nothing quite like practice and output!


Yeah, i think of different artist as different breeds of fluffies. How fast our fluffies age is noticeably different.

I can only go by other comments on mine, but my normal fluffies seem to have the abilities to be smarter than the average fluffy. Also smarties are seem to be rarer.

Honestly i don’t remember people by their user names, just nicknames so yeah have fun playing match. None of them have been named.

So i think Redball has the fluffies most likely to go full smarty or worse.

Skeleton i feel there fluffies are more likely to be magical in some way. Don’t know why.

That all i can think of off hand.


I do like the “different breeds” headcanon, it’s a nice way to have variety without using sub-species!

As for traits, I don’t often think about them, I just listen to whatever other people say. I’d say SqueakyFriend fluffs are a bit tough to manage, not because they’re demanding or mean, but because they’re just clever enough to cause trouble in ways you don’t expect. You expect a mare to beg or throw a fit when it’s hot outside, but not to put her foals in the freezer.


XD oh gosh that’s brilliant. But at the same time I can see that cleverness be harnessed through training. So they’re kinda like German Shepherds in a sense.


Your fluffies seem to be much tougher than the average fluffy, with some even capable of magic. In turn they make for pretty good pets for intermediate fluffy handlers. Still have to be aware of smarty syndrome though.


there was an incredibly irritating asshole on the subreddit who bashed carpdime fluffies by referring to them as “carpdime breeds” and was just all around an irritating cunt.

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Yeah I don’t condone that bull. I live by the code of “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

That being said though I love their style. Their fluffies look very adorable and I just wanna cuddle with one of them because they just look so fluffy and soft. Their temperament seemed pretty even too.

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Since @Chikahiro mentioned me, I should take the time to plug my Sam Adams Guide
But yes, I do see different fluffies as different breeds, especially when rendered by different artists.


Carpdime and Foxhoarder art-styles are different, i consider them different breeds, although i haven’t seen much smarties in their cannon, yeah one in Carp’s daycare.
Carpdime’s (and Oculusfluffy’s) fluffies appear to be more complex in behaviour (Avocado is bright, but no smarty), wich IS a greater risk for mental issues, while Foxhoader’s Fluffies appear to be not to intelligent, their meant as pets, so a reduced chance of trouble.

I’am quite busy practicing drawing Fluffies myself for the last six months, have drawn at least a 50 to 100 fluffies; only 2 or 3 smarties landed on my paper…

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