I remember there being an artist who i really liked. one of the only things i can remember is one of her fluffies was named john f kenndy can anybody help me out? i cant seem to find her

I think this is who you’re thinking about


thanks so much

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is she only on reddit I found an acount on here with one image but i remember her posting a bunch also is there a limit to how many people you can folllow

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They seem to only be active on reddit.

I don’t think there is.

I genuinely don’t know

i keep following people but when i go to my profile there arent as many also thanks to you and elias you have been so helpful have a nice day

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Here some links that involve “Following”

  1. Main Page > Following Feed
  2. Network > Following

I hope this helps.

LMAO hallmark of a great fluffy content creator if I’ve ever seen one.

well i can remember more just hard to put into words

she was great