As Above, So Below: Chapter 1: Ascension From Hell: Part 2 (By: Anesthesia)

Ascension From Hell PT 2


Jason opened the door to his house, dragging in a few big boxes, with Sol’s carry box on top. He stopped to catch his breath after closing the door. Why wasn’t he told Fluffy Ponies were apparently more high maintenance than a fucking billionaires daughter?! She needed a safe room? The fuck?

He placed the carrying box on the ground, and let Sol out. She slowly took a step out. Then another. Then another. And the last. She marveled at the amazement that was his house. He didn’t get it. It was bland. But to her, it was everything… It was so big and roomy! She could go anywhere! It was so much! A bit too much, as she proceeded to let out a small torrent of near liquid shit right onto his laminated wood flooring, also releasing a small stream of pee.

“Aw! What the fuck?! Why would you do that?!” He yelled in anger, clutching his fist. His outburst made Sol jump, causing her to make scaredy poopies and peepees, doubling the waste.

“Huuhuu! Am sowwy! Onwy wittew babbeh! Nu coud howd it! Is assident!” She cried, rushing back into the box, releasing small ‘huuhuu…’s and ‘Sow sowwy…” again and again. She was somehow cowering so much that she was shaking the box.

Jason closed his eyes, and let out a few shaky breaths. He slowly opened them, with a newly blank expression, and went to grab some paper towels,knelt down, and started cleaning up Sol’s waste.

Sol slowly peeked her head out, looking ashamed. She carefully made her way towards Jason, the small ‘clip clop’ of her hooves hitting the ground being the only noise in the house. Well, besides the occasional sounds of him throwing a piss and shit soaked paper towel into the trash can. When she got close enough, she cautiously put one of her front hooves against his thigh. He finished and sighed, turning to look down at her.

“S-Sow is sowwy fow makin bad poopsies on fwoow… Sow weawy wub nyu homsies wif nyu daddeh… Nu mean to happen.” She rubbed her hoof on his thigh, then moved closer to muzzle her head against him.

He leaned back and stared at the ceiling, clicking his tongue a few times as he tapped his leg. Sighing, he looked back at Sol, and rubbed her head a bit.

“We’ll, don’t do it again, or this isn’t gonna last long. Look, I’m gonna set up a litter box, and I need you to sit in it for a bit. I need to get your safe room ready, and I can’t watch you while doing that.” He grabbed the litter box, and placed it down, filling it up with litter.

“Sow nu wike sittin in wittew bawks wen nu takin poopsies. Make poopie peace scwatchy… Bu Sow wiw be bwave an wait fow daddeh!” Sol got onto it, and sat near still, with a determined look on her face.

“Uh-huh, that’s nice.” He sighed, as he got up and turned on the TV, changed it to FluffyTV, and went to clear out the guest room he never uses.

“HOH! Teebee!” She started wagging her tail, watching intently.

An Hour Later

Sol was having a wonderful time watching Mummehs feed their foals and sing to them. It reminded her of her Mummeh, before she went away forever. She started closing her eyes as she laid down, listening to the soft sound of mummahs singing to her babbehs.

Then, it suddenly got loud, and Sol perked her head up, to see flashing colors and catchy music.

“Dis time on FwuffyTeeBee! Dancie Babbehs! Wawch babbehs dance, and join in too! Fow ou am bestest babbehs, an desewb to dance!” The deep purple mare gleamed brightly, before the screen changed to numerous colored foals dancing to ‘We wub da wittaw bawks!’, with other foals playing in the background.

“Yay!” Sol started grooving to the music, unintentionally tossing litter everywhere! (At best maybe a foot from the box.) As the song ended, and the program changed to foals playing, Sol calmed down. If only for a second, as she soon realized she shook litter everywhere.

“Nu! Nu make messy wittah bawks! Daddeh gon be angwy! Nee to cwean up wittah! Bu… nu can weav bawks… huuhuu…” She laid down, and covered her eyes, crying.

Suddenly she felt something. What was this? C-courage? She had to clean it up! No, she must! “Nu! Sow wiw cwean wittah, an make daddeh pwoud!” Sol then got off the litter box, and started nudging the litter with her nose, slowly but surely getting as much litter into a pile as she could.

A few minutes later, Jason walked out of the guest room, and walked towards Sol. He stopped and looked at the pile of litter almost neatly made next to the box.

“Uh, Sol, what’s this?” He pointed to it, confused.

“Weww… Sow was wawchin Teebee, and Dancie Babbeh cum on, an Sow stawted dancin wif babbehs. Sow assi-as-assidentwy make wittah go EBEYWAWE, so Sow hab to cwean it up. Becuz wub daddeh!” She smiled, her wings flapping quickly.

“Uh…huh. Okay, thank you? Just, try and be more careful, okay?” He started sweeping up the litter.

“Otay daddeh!” She giggled, and went back to watching the TV, as Jason went back to finishing the safe room.

5 Days Later

“Sol! I told you to make good poops in the litter box! What happened?!” Jason groaned at the pile of shit and piss in the newly made safe room.

It was a bright yellow colored room, with hand-painted foals running around, and mummahs feeding. He hated the way it looked. It made him sick. But, Sol extremely liked it, so he’ll just have to deal with it. It had everything a fluffy needed to survive. Bed, a litter box, feeding and drinking station, though she was still too young to eat solids, and drink water, so they were empty for now. It even had toys and a small TV mounted to the wall. He also put a camera on the ceiling, to keep watch from his phone. Better safe than sorry.

“Fwuffy sowwy! Wittah babbeh nu was fast enouf! Nu mean to make bad poopsies!” She laid down, with a sad look on her face, and gave him big wide eyes.

But that wasn’t going to work on him. He saw right through her.

“You’re not sorry, you’re not even crying. You always cry when you’re sad… I’ll give you something to cry about, since you need to be punished.” He sighed, as he grabbed a small twig he found a few days ago. It was small, and flexible. Hard enough to sting when whacked, but not enough to deal any lasting damage.

“Nu! Nu gib Babbeh sowwy stick! Babbeh sowwy!” She tried to run away, but Jason was able to grab her quickly. She wasn’t that fast. He placed her on his knee, and half his left hand on her back, keeping her in place as he used his thumb to hold up her tail.

“3 strikes. 1 for making bad poops, 2 for making bad pees, and 3 for lying.” He said sternly.

“Nu pwea-SKREEEE!” WHACK! He slammed the twig against her asshole. She immediately emptied her bowels, spurting shit all over the floor and his other leg. It was disgusting, and he hated it, but it had to be done, so it wouldn’t happen in the future.

“One.” He pulled the twig back.

“HUUHUU! BABBEH HAB WOWSTEST POOPIE PWACE OWIES! Why daddeh huwt babbeh- SKREE!” WHACK! A thin red line was forming across her butt. A small trail of urine stained his pant leg as she peed on him.

“Two. That’s not your name. It’s Sol.” He pulled back again.

“SOW AM SOWWY! NU HUWT NU MOWE! NU-SKREE!” WHACK! Sol was really crying at this point. In only three whacks, her butt had a bright line across it.

“Three. Now go lay down. I need to clean up your mess, and change my pants…” He sighed.

“O-otay daddeh… Sow am sowwy. Nu twy to make bad poopsies ‘gain… huuhuu…” She slowly trotted off, and laid down on her bed, as Jason started cleaning up.

A Week Later

Jason groaned as he was woken up by the sound of screaming from the baby monitor. He groggily looked around, hearing the sound of thunder, before looking at the baby monitor, to see Sol crying and screaming in her dark room, a small bit of what looked like excrement behind her, as she slammed her hooves against the door. Why was her room so dark?

He got up, and flipped his bedroom light on. Nothing. He flipped it again. Still nothing. Ah, the power must’ve gone out from the storm, and caused her lights and TV to go out. He stretched, grabbed his flashlight, and made his way to the safe room.

As he got closer, he heard the muffled screams of Sol.

“DADDEH! DADDEH HEWP! NU CAN SEE! BIG BOOM MADE SOW MAKE SCAWDIE BAD POOPSIES!” He heard her slamming her hooves against the door.

The second he opened it, Sol dashed out of the room, and latched onto his leg tightly (for a fluffy), and refused to let go. Jason sighed, as he lent down, and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, lifting her up.

“Owies! Why daddeh gib Sow bad upsies?!” She whined as he brought her back into the safe room, and placed her on the bed.

“You need to go back to bed. I’ll excuse you for making bad poops, and I’ll clean it up in the morning, but you need to be quiet, and sleep.” He walked towards the door.

“B-b-bu daddeh! Big boomies make Sow scawdies, and nu can sweep! Nee be wif daddeh!” She got up and chased after him.

“No. I have work in the morning. I need sleep. You’re gonna be loud and constantly annoying. Just lay down, and go back to sleep.” He went to close the door.

“Pwease! Sow nu be wouwd! Be sweepsies aw quiet wif daddeh!” She stared at him with big eyes, tears daring to burst out of her ducts again.

“I don’t have time for this… Fine, but if you keep me up, I’m putting you in the sorry box for the rest of the day.” He sighed, as he scooped her up with one arm, and held her like a baby.

Sol cowered slightly at the mention of the sorry box, but held firm, as Jason brought them both to his room. He placed her on his bed, after placing a towel under her, in case she needed to go.

She walked around in a circle for a bit, before plopping down, and closing her eyes, Jason laying down next to her.

“D-daddeh?” Sol asked quietly.

He sighed. “What did I say?”

“Sow know… bu is tu dawk… ou hab dawk sky wities?”

“No. But the storm is quieting, so the sky’s probably clearer…” He got up and opened the curtain, letting the natural light from the stars and moon wash over them, before laying back down.

Sol spent the rest of the night sitting up as she stared at the stars. They looked so… beautiful. Nothing like the pointy blobs on her safe room ceiling…

A Month Later

Life had been… good. Yeah, good. Jason sighed as he leaned in his chair, watching the TV, his hand softly stroking the long orange locks on Sol’s head, as she laid on his lap. She had learnt to not be so… loud, when she’s out of her safe room, the only real noise she was making was her quiet rhythmic breaths, as she watched the show admittedly more than he was.

Life has truly been good this past month or so. He started talking to Lucy, the shelter worker, some more. Sure, it’d mainly been to pick stuff up for Sol, like food, or cleaning supplies that are, well, actually safe for fluffies to be around, but there had been a few times where they stopped and just… talked.

Sol didn’t really mind, he hoped, as she would usually be standing over by the glass walls, and idly talking to the other fluffies who were waiting to be adopted. Or what passed as talking, when it came to a fluffy.

It kinda made him sad sometimes, when she would quickly patter up to him during a conversation, and stand on her hind legs, as she begged him to get another fluffy that she was talking to… And it hurt to have to tell her no every time, watching her do her sad little walk back over, and tell the fluffy no, which usually ended with the other fluffy crying, or yelling at Sol.

He honestly thinks Sol is one of a kind, and that he’d have nowhere near as much luck training another fluffy like he did her…

A Couple Days Later…

Jason had some errands to run, and he didn’t want her cooped up in her safe room all day, so he decided to let her run loose in the back, making sure to double check any entrance. Though, he had faith in Sol.

He taught her well.

Sol was napping peacefully in the backyard of Jason’s home, giggling every now and then when she felt the occasional bug crawl over her nose, or grumbling when the grass made her all itchy, causing her to have to roll around to satiate it.

Her ears perked up at a sudden crash coming from behind the shed. Sol stood up, and waddled over, peering over the corner slowly, giving a soft “Hewwo?”.

Her eyes widened, as she gasped. Friends! There were two other fluffies! They seemed to have crawled under a hole dug in between the fence, the crash having been a stack of boxes they knocked over.

Sol was so happy! She had been asking her daddeh to get her a friend for so long now! And now she has two! That’s way more than one! She thinks… She rushed over to the other fluffies, apparently startling them with her presence.

“Hewwo fwinds! Am Sow! Who is u?” She said, her face beaming with happiness. The two fluffies turned to her, and started to smile.

“We no am fwiends, we am wowst nightmawe…” One said, as the other started walking over to her. Sol looked confused, and started to get scared, realizing that the two fluffies didn’t look particularly… friendly.

“N-nightmawe? Bu… bu nightmawe awe bad!” She said, getting more scared by the second.

“We knows…”

Chapter 1: Ascension From Hell: End

So… sorry for the insane gap in between updates. Stuff happened. Got a job, lost my job, family members got stuck in hospitals, and just a whole bunch of shit happened. This came back to me in the middle of the night, so I spent the rest of today making the rest of this. I got ideas, that hopefully I’ll remember to share in coming chapters. Till next time. Bye.


what a fun read. hopefully life quits kicking you in the nads enough to give you the time to write more

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