Ask bluey! Bluey ansers! Part 2 by:eded_ted

Btw, bluey is still open for questions at the first post about this.


Do you hate Weedy and want to hurt her for killing SGT. Dookie, Bluey? Because I miss him so much and why hasn’t Ted done any more experiments on WEEDY!

I’m going to feel bad for Bluey when he inevitably meets a gory demise


I look forward to my question on the next one

I love Bluey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gotta hand it to Bluey. He seems quite pragmatic. Experimental babies are better than no babies.

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Those crying eyes. My heart.

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What a positive view of things Bluey have :+1:


looking at panel 4
Stener: subway sexist starts here

question for bluey have you ever had lasagna and is you have do you like it

Mums mums maddafakkah.

I love this format so much.

so post the questions there, please.
Because if you ask em here, they will not be answered

I would put a link here to the thing where you can ask him, but im on my phone so i cant

I am so confused over “dad” for that and “dad” for well, dad


And daddeh = father

Could “dat” work? I’ve seen him say the hard T… just a suggestion

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Well, he Pronounces it “dad”
And well, if you write it “dat”
It could work

I’m more or less considering the reader’s view. Especially the question about alicorns; took me multiple reads to figure out what he was saying. I mean nothing against what you’re writing, its absolutely adorable and Bluey has to be one of the squishiest fluffies I’ve seen.

I only wish to nudge/guide in the right direction. The fluff speak generator is also a great tool for a basic premise.

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Was my question good? yes, it was.

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