Assassin diaries: prologue (Mcklauster)

Hi everyone! I am starting a series based on “Hitman”, , one of my favorite video games / films / show. As well as TV shows: How to Get Away with Murder and Inside JobSome aspects of the story are inspired from real-life events but all characters are fictional.

Please let me know your thoughts and share your ideas on what you want to see next.

“Breaking news: a series of strange disappearances of Hasbio bio toys known as fluffy ponies are on the rise in high end communities. Police and PETA advise families to tag their pets and make sure they do not leave the premises of their homes after dark and maintain constant watch”.

Alison sat on the beige sofa, tearful as she was consoled by her mother. Police are still searching for her fluffy pony to no avail… Till they had to call for their wild card.

36 hours ago

A birthday party is always an enticing celebration because everyone gets to celebrate a new year of happiness and success. Mellow, a lovely white alicorn fluffy turns 2 this year.

The adorable bio-toy waddled fast towards her owner’s bed, Alison. The 12 year old girl was in deep slumber, her ears receiving the muffled noises from her pet.

“Awison! Wakies wakies! It am Mewoo’s biwfday!” The bio-toy exclaimed happily as the girl groggily wakes up, hugging her alicorn lovingly - a smile stretching on her soft lips.

“Good morning Mellow… I know I know… Let’s go clean up.”

The young girl holds her alicorn closely as she walks to the bathroom, setting her on her bathroom counter as she proceeds to wash her face, Mellow trying to mimic her owner but shakes herself when water touches her soft fur.

After Alison finishes cleaning herself, she goes downstairs with her fluffy to see her family there:

Orson O’Connor (Dad) - 52 year old Irish-American, Master of sciences (security studies), ex Military captain, consultant / adjunct professor of international relations. Likes gardening, has connections in the U.S. government, and an old fashioned dad but extremely reliable.

Anita O’Connor neé Maxün (Mom) - 48 year old, High school Math teacher, Swedish-American, daughter of Swedish banking/ tycoon. Enjoys gardening, ballet, reading, and martial arts.

David O’Connor (Eldest brother) - 27 year old, Police Officer. Enjoys sports and women, and gyms. Wishes to follow his dad’s career path in government and dreams of becoming chief of police or mayor. A bit temperamental but trustworthy and reliable like his father.

Neville Karloff - O’Connor (Adoptive brother / protagonist) – [Norwegian & English] American / 26 years old. Adopted at 15, science prodigy, graduated from Princeton university with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering + Cambridge DELTA qualified. Works for the International Contracts Agency [ICA] as a Senior Handler & Intelligence Operations Team Lead.

Alexis O’Connor (sister) - 17 years old. Aspiring fashion designer, popular on social media as a part time influencer and runs an etsy blog selling her artwork + homemade accessories. Loud, inquisitive, may look like a stereotypical blonde bimbo but is highly intelligent.

“Good morning!” Alison pipes happily as she hugs her gruff dad tightly.

“Morning princess…” Orson responds mid drinking his coffee, hugging back his daughter. She leaps on her eldest brother’s back playfully, wrapping her arms and chimes loudly “Stop right there, copper! You’re going down!”

David spun her around and playfully lifted her over in front of her and locked her arms around her “not if I do it first, Miss criminal!” both siblings laugh happily as they sit down to eat. “You excited for your birthday, kiddo?” David asks with a grin – Alison nodding giddily. “Yeah! I do hope you can come, Davey!”

“Of course I will! I promise work won’t interfere…” David sighs sheepishly since work load has doubled for him since he is working his way for a promotion as detective

“Morning, I am going out early…” Alexis greets as she was busy on her phone as usual.

“Not now, Alexis… we’re celebrating Alison’s and Mellow’s birthday.” Anita replies as she picks up the pure white alicorn in her arms, the fluffy squeaking happily in her ‘mummah’s’ arms.

“Mom, seriously? Birthdays aren’t my thing…” Alexis rolls her eyes as her mother sighs and shakes her head disapprovingly.

“Is Neville coming?” Alison smiles happily while taking Mellow in her arms and stroking her fur. Anita feels saddened a bit, knowing how close her adoptive son to Alison. “I… I tried calling him. He’s not picking up…”

Alison’s expression changes a bit, her smile fading little but nods. “It’s okay, mom… I know how busy he can be.” The young teen sighs as she goes upstairs to change and get ready for a visit to the mall with her father and sister Alexis.

3 hours later

Anita stood outside in her home’s backyard excitedly as she had a lovely party set up for Alison and their fluffy Mellow. She had her daughter’s best friends come over with their fluffies, setting up a tasty buffet for both humans and a special large plate of “sketti” for the fluffies.

Orson pulled to the driveway with his daughters and pet fluffy Mellow, exiting the car as Orson takes Alison and their fluffy to the backyard, a big surprise there for them.

“Happy birthday!!” family members, relatives, and friends chime happily in unison, causing Alison to squeak happily, and Mellow urinate herself a little from fear, and luckily they were walking on grass. The alicorn hid behind her teenaged owner and squeaks “EEEP! Mewoo nu wike woud noisie!” whimpering a bit but soon calms down when Alison picks her up.

“It’s okay Mellow, it’s just how humans celebrate birthdays, hehe…” Alison giggled, comforting her favorite pet as Mellow smiles and is escorted by her human owner to thank everyone and dig in to some food.

The fluffies played around while the humans chatted, and Alison’s big surprise came when a black car with shaded windows stops at the house. Neville Orson-Karloff, the adoptive son of the O’Connor family, steps into the backyard as Alison spots him, immediately running to her older brother in a leap like hug “you came! You finally came!” Alison shouts happily.

“I wouldn’t miss your birthday for the world, Ali.” Neville grinned as he was approached by his adoptive family, Anita hugging him tightly. “You big doofus, I knew you’d come! Never scare me like that!” Anita playfully bonks Neville’s head. Orson and David crossed their arms at him, not exactly pleased to see Neville.

“Orson… David.” Neville greets calmly - passive aggressiveness disguised into a confident half smile at the two blond men. Oddly enough, Neville is the only member of the family with black hair, but that’s a story for another time.

“You shouldn’t be here…” Orson grit his teeth at his adoptive son, Alison looked at him with worried eyes. “Dad, not now…” The birthday girl meekly begged.

“I’m only here for Alison—” Neville was interrupted by a loud cheer to the clown that was brought to perform at Alison’s party, riding a unicycle around the backyard while juggling bowling ball pins. The fluffies and children cheered happily as the family stood and watched. Anita stood close by her adoptive son, worried that Orson or David may cause a scene.

“Okay kids and fluffies! Who wants to be a volunteer for my next trick?!” The clown chimes happily as Mellow stood on her forelegs happily “Me me me me! Pick Mewoo mistah cwown!”

The clown gestures for Mellow to come over. The clown asks for the fluffy’s name before asking her to pull away a series of colored tied ropes from his mouth, causing the kids and fluffies to cheer happily.

After the party is over, the immediate family sat in the living room, having coffee together. The room is as quiet as an anti-vaxxer’s empty head. Anita’s spoon clinking against the coffee cup’s interior, breaking the silence. “How’s work, sweetie?”

“Good. Very productive as of lately” Neville sips his coffee, Orson interjecting “you mean killing people for a living?”

“Funny coming from someone who carpet bombs civilians for a living…” Neville shot back as David adds “watch your fucking mouth, Neville”

“Oh? Shouldn’t you go fine people for jaywalking and shooting minorities for breathing?” Neville hisses back, causing both men to stand up and face each other.

David: “Wanna say that again, asshole?”

Neville: “Oh I will donut muncher”

Alison: “Stop fighting!”


The mother broke the silence as the three men briefly stood in silence, sitting down seconds later.

“How dare you revolve the conversation about work?! Especially on Alison’s and Mellow’s birthday! It’s bad enough the three of you fight every chance you get! You three used to be close, but since you enjoy being hypocrites, here’s my take! Orson, you’re the last person to talk about war crimes, and David, have a god damned personality for yourself instead of hiding behind your dad’s shadow and—”

“MUMMAH!! HEWP! MUMMAH! HEW—” Mellow’s screams were heard outside, soon muffled as tires screeched outside, driving away fast.

The family stood in shock as they saw the ordeal from the window. Alison’s tears formed in her eye ducts, gritting her teeth…



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